0nly WordPress free online course you should ever read

What is unique about this course?

I know there are hundreds of WordPress online courses out there. Some offer Audio courses , some offer Video courses. I am not saying they are not good. But mine is better. The reason I say this is

  • The course gives you complete step by step details of WordPress framework
  • It is designed for beginners as well as advanced users
  • The course is broken into multiple sub courses for better targetting
  • You can develop all kinds of site with WordPress after reading this online course
  • The course is not an How to tutorial. It is rather do in parallel tutorial teaching you the framework
  • It is absolutely free.

What the course contains?

The course is broken into multiple sub courses. So you do not have to waste your time reading stuff you already know or want to skip. Below are brief details about Sub courses and lessons of them. This page will get updated with time as new courses and lessons get added.

WordPress Basics for Beginners

WordPress basics provide in depth coverage things WordPress users should be aware of. This covers WordPress installation and explains every single  option of WordPress dashboard. So if you are completely new then this is the place to get started.

Course Contents

Lesson 1 – Click here to read lesson 1

  1. What is WordPress?
  2. How to create free blog on WordPress.com?
  3. Comparison of WordPress with other PHP based CMS system like Joomla and Drupal

Lesson 2 – Click here to read lesson 2

  1. Step by step WordPress Installation on your system

Lesson 3 – Click here to read lesson 3

  1. How to create Categories and Tags?
  2. When to use them and how to use them?
  3. WordPress Dashboard Posts menu option

Lesson 4 – Click here to read lesson 4

  1. How to create pages and posts?
  2. Each option of Visual Editor explained in details

Lesson 5 – Click here to read lesson 5

  1. Each option of WordPress Dashboard Settings menu explained
  2. Decide best permalink structure for your site
  3. Understand different setting and their power

Lesson 6 – Click here to read lesson 6

  1. Media Gallery
  2. Comments Management
  3. User Management
  4. Back up and Restore

Lesson 7 – Click here to read lesson 7

  1. Plugin installation
  2. Plugin Management
  3. Identify Bad plugins

Lesson 8 – Click here to read lesson 8

  1. Theme installation
  2. Understanding Elements of Theme like Widgets and Menus
  3. Identify Bad themes

Deploy WordPress on Domain

Deploy WordPress  on domain course helps you run WordPress site. It contains list of General tasks you should perform after installing WordPress on your domain.The course is step by step and can be read by new users as well as experienced.

Course Contents

Lesson 1 – Click here to read lesson 1

  1. What is Domain and some domain name mistakes?
  2. How to choose good domain name?
  3. Where to create domain name?

Lesson 2 – Click here to read lesson 2

  1. How to add Coming Soon page?
  2. Cleaning up WordPress installation

Lesson 3Click here to read lesson 3

  1. Super Secure your WordPress Installation
  2. How to use Two factor authentication?