YouTube Subscribe to Download Pro

YouTube Subscribe to Download Pro features

You can place unlimited number of YouTube Subscribe button with file download on your website.You can configure each button to have

  • Different Channel names
  • Different Styles
  • Different Files to offer for download

So the plugin works even if you have multiple YouTube channels.You can offer different files to visitors for download after subscribing to your channel.You can also use the buttons with any file download on offer.This gives you luxury to have normal YouTube subscribe button along with file download one.

You do not need to learn and edit any CSS rules.The plugin comes with builtin style options.There are 12 style options.Different color combinations are included to match most website look and feel.Also if you want custom style option for your website you can get that too as well.

All the style options included in the plugin are responsive.They look good on desktop as well as mobile devices.There is no action from your side.You can add the buttons and forget.The resources are optimally loaded.As website load time is important for mobile websites.

The plugin does not hurt your website load time.The plugin resources are only loaded on pages on which button is added.None of the resource is added on other pages.So you will not have to worry about your page load time getting slow.

Also on button pages plugin loads JavaScript in footer.This also helps in improving page load times.The plugin resources are minimized and optimized for optimal page load time.

It is important to track performance of button after placing it on your website.I understand need of it as a website owner.So the plugin tracks interaction with your YouTube Subscribe button in Google Analytics.This helps you measure performance of your buttons in Google Analytics.

You should have Google Analytics tracking code added on your website for this feature to work.

The plugin is easy and simple to use.There is no configuration option.You can easily configure each YouTube button using simple pop up from Visual Editor button.Each of the options are self explanatory.You also have detailed documentation as well.In case you have any questions we are here to help.

Every customer is important and given priority support.In case you have any queries you can browse through the FAQ section or raise a ticket.You will get a response as soon as possible.

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Plugin Customization Service

The plugin works out of box without any need of customization.But you want want new style option added as per your website requirement.As stated above we have already provided 12 style options with plugin.They will be enough for most websites out there.

But there are too many color schemes out there.You may have specific style need matching your website color combination.In that case you may need different style.We provide you additional color scheme for nominal charge of $5.99.

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