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Most of the eCommerce websites provide Buyers option to filter the products. The idea is to let Buyer reach the product they are looking for in minimal time. The delay in locating products they are looking for may force them to abandon your website.

Woo Commerce does not provide this option out of box. Woo Shop Pro plugin extends Shop page of WooCommerce so that you have professional looking page. Buyers can filter the product list based on Category and Tags. So they can locate the item they are looking for in minimal time.

This helps in boosting conversion and decreasing bounce rate.

Page load time is one major issue of most eCommerce websites. Problem becomes worse if Buyer is navigating from one page to other. Also the page reloads if they modify their sort criteria or filter criteria. Entire page reload impacts wait time and often leads Buyer leaving the site.

Woo Shop Pro plugin addresses this problem. There is no page reload. Only the product display part of page gets refreshed with new products matching the filter criteria of the Buyer or the products get aligned as per the sort criteria of Buyer.

The duration between product refresh is low as other page contents are not loaded.Also loading graphics is shown to Buyer so that he is aware that products are being refreshed.Buyer is on the same page for entire duration of product browsing without any reload.

This helps in improving Buyer’s shopping experience. Buyer can browse through as many products as they want which increases chances of sale.

The Shop page is fully responsive. The visitor gets an optimal experience on both the platforms.The products and other controls automatically arranges themselves. The display remains the same on mobile as well as desktop.

Woo Shop Pro plugin is compatible with most themes out there. It is tested with default WordPress theme as well as other popular free WordPress themes.

Each and every aspect of Shop can be customized through self explanatory options. The options are displayed by clicking Visual Editor button. Since the plugin creates shortcode you can put the shortcode on any page of your choice (Even on default WooCommerce Shop page as well) replacing the existing shortcode created by WooCommerce

Woo Shop Pro plugins understands importance of speed for eCommerce website.It does not load too many resources. Also the resources are loaded only on Shop page where plugin generated shortcode is placed. So your rest of site performance remains the same.

All our Pro plugin users are given priority email based support. So you do not have to raise a ticket and wait for answer. You can just send us a mail.

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Plugin FAQ and Video


The plugin can be installed just like any other WordPress plugin. Once installed you need to activate the plugin using License key provided.

You can refer plugin documentation for more details

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