Udinra Video Sitemap Pro

Udinra Video Sitemap Pro features

The plugin supports major video sites.Below is the list of video sites currently supported

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion
  • Twitch – Only plugin to support Twitch
  • Rutube – Only plugin to support Rutube

Note Facebook was once supported by plugin.But it is no longer supported.With recent changes in Facebook API the amount of information needed for sitemap generation is not provided by Facebook.

The plugin supports YITH WooCommerce Featured Video plugin. This is most popular plugin to add featured videos on WooCommerce products. So if you are using this plugin to add product videos you can use this plugin.Ours is the only plugin which supports it.

Many website owners use Visual Composer plugins to add content on their website.They also add videos using Visual Composer plugin.The Video Sitemap plugin supports Visual Composer plugins.It is tested with all popular visual composer plugins like WP Bakery visual plugin and other drag and drop visual composer plugins out there.

Many users prefer plugins to add videos on their site.We understand this.So we have inbuilt support for major video plugins out there.Having said that it is not possible to test and support every video plugin out there.However we have tested with below plugins.The Video Sitemap plugin may work with other plugins but it was not tested or supported in base version.In case you need support for any other custom plugin then you have to opt for customization service.

  • YouTube
  • WP Video Lightbox
  • Smart Youtube PRO
  • Advanced Responsive Video Embedder
  • Viper video tags
  • WP YouTube Lyte

Sitemaps are very important for Search Engine optimization.Google has special sitemap tags for Videos.So if you are using videos on your website then it is very important to use Video Sitemap plugin.

Video sitemap provides more information about your videos to search engines.The information helps search engine understand your videos.This helps in improved ranking of your videos.The Video sitemap is automatically generated once you add content on your website.It also pings search engine (informs them about new content).This increase your crawl rate and indexing.

The plugin does not impact your web page load time.The sitemap is generated whenever you publish or update a content.So the time lag is experienced by back end user not the visitors.The generated sitemap is served to Search Engine bots.Since the sitemap is already generated before bots crawl it decreases bot crawl time.The decreased crawl time increases indexing and crawl rate.

The plugin is heavily optimized to have minimum impact on your server resources.

The plugin does not require any configuration.You just have to activate it and forget it.Rest is taken care of plugin.The sitemap generation is taken care of automatically as content changes on your website.The plugin automatically detects the video site you are using and generates sitemap automatically.

Every customer will get an update within 48 hours at max.Most of the times you will get response within 24 hours.You can raise your ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.You can even drop us a mail on esha@udinra.com with issue details and your License key.

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Plugin Customization Service

You can avail customization service if you want additional features on top of what plugin provides.For example if you want support for a particular theme or plugin then that will be part of customization service.The actual work required for customization can be discussed upon.If you are not sure whether you need customization service or not then you can buy the plugin and try it.

That will help you discover if you need customization or not.We can then discuss feasibility or work required for customization.If you need support for other video service provider then also you can buy customization service.We will add functionality for that video provider on top of base plugin.

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Plugin Demo and FAQ


The plugin is installed just like any other WordPress plugin.You can upload the plugin and activate it. On plugin settings screen you have to enter the Pro version license key.There is no configuration option.Plugin takes care of everything.

Post Installation

After activating the plugin add http:// or https://your-domain-name/sitemap-index-video.xml in Google Webmasters (now Google Search Console) or other search engine webmaster tools like Bing Webmasters.

This is one time activity.Search engine will read the sitemap from next time.The sitemap will be updated and search engines will be pinged by plugin automatically from next time.

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