Udinra Image Sitemap Pro

Udinra Image Sitemap Pro features

The sitemap plugin supports NextGen Gallery plugin.NextGen is most popular Gallery plugin for WordPress.Apart from NextGen it may support other Gallery plugins but that is not tested or supported.

You have to add images using shortcodes if using NextGen plugin.Also if you want support for other Gallery plugins then you can buy customization package of the plugin.

The plugin reads images added on your website using NextGen Gallery plugins.

The plugin supports all major eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce,Easy Digital Downloads and WP eCommerce.It may also support other eCommerce plugins but that is not tested or supported.

The product images are set at higher priority than other images.

Many website owners use Visual Composer plugins to add content on their website.They also add images using Visual Composer plugin.The Image Sitemap plugin supports Visual Composer plugins.

It is tested with all popular visual composer plugins like WP Bakery visual plugin and other drag and drop visual composer plugins out there.

Most of us add images using WordPress upload and editor.But there are people out there who add images manually.That is using img tags in post content to add images.If you are one of them then we have got you covered as well.

The sitemap plugin reads images added using img tags manually.

ALT texts are very important for Image SEO.We understand this.The plugin generates ALT text for images if you forgot to add them.

Sitemaps are very important for Search Engine optimization.Google has special sitemap tags for Images.So if you are using Images on your website then it is very important to use Image Sitemap plugin.

It increases visibility of your images in search engine.The sitemap created using this plugin has all important tags relevant for Image SEO.Thus Google understands your content images better and ranks them higher.

Sitemap also impacts and improves ranking and discover-ability of your images in other search engines as well.For eCommerce websites it is important to have product images ranked higher in Image search for increased sales.

The sitemap is automatically refreshed if new content is added.It also pings.informs search engine about new contents automatically.

The plugin is easy on your website and does not impact your page load time.It updates sitemap when new content is added on your website.There are sitemap plugins which generate sitemap when search engines crawl them.

Generating sitemap when search bots are crawling increases response time.Higher response time may cause search bots to ignore pages.My plugin does not do this so the response time is low increasing bot crawl rate.

As sitemap is created if new content is added it does not impact visitor experience or page load time.Also sitemap is created using divided load technique which helps server with less resources.So if you have large website with too many images with less resources we have got you covered.

The plugin has so many features but it does not have a single configuration option.It automatically detects everything.So you just have to install the plugin and forget everything.The plugin takes care of rest.

Each and every customer is provided priority support.You do not have to browse through forums or raise topics. We are just a mail away.In case of any problems or query just shoot us a mail.

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Best Image Sitemap plugin

  • More than 75,000+ downloads and counting
  • Used by more than 10,000 websites
  • Rated 4.9 out of 27 reviews 26 have rated 5
  • Most downloaded, most installed and highest rated Image Sitemap plugin
  • Free version hosted on WordPress.org

None of the articles mentioned above are paid. These are articles recommending Udinra Image Sitemap for Image Sitemap.

  • Moz – Alexa rank within 2000 and top SEO site. Article link
  • Shoutmeloud – Alexa rank within 3000 and top Internet marketing WordPress site. It also uses the plugin. Article link
  • Elegant Themes – Alexa rank within 3000 and top WordPress themes site. Article link
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Plugin Customization Service

There are many Gallery plugin and eCommerce plugin out there.It is not possible to support all of them in base version of the plugin.This will make the plugin bloated.So if you are using eCommerce plugin or Gallery plugin other than those supported by plugin then you can ask for plugin customization.

I would recommend buying the single site license and test the plugin with your Gallery or eCommerce plugin. It may work for you. This way you will save money by not buying the customization package. But if it does not work for you then you can pay for the (customization package – single site license). We will customize the plugin according to your need.

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Plugin Demo and FAQ


The plugin is installed just like any other WordPress plugin.You can upload the plugin and activate it. On plugin settings screen you have to enter the Pro version license key.There is no configuration option.Plugin takes care of everything.

Post Installation

After activating the plugin add http:// or https://your-domain-name/sitemap-index-image.xml in Google Webmasters (now Google Search Console) or other search engine webmaster tools like Bing Webmasters.

This is one time activity.Search engine will read the sitemap from next time.The sitemap will be updated and search engines will be pinged by plugin automatically from next time.

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