Nginx Secure Pro WordPress plugin

Nginx Secure Pro features

The plugin blocks common SPAM agents.Most Spammers use agents to SPAM your website. So blocking these agents protect your website from unwanted SPAM.

bad people use bots and agents to attack your website. Using these tools they want to find out way to peek into your website.The plugin protects your website from these tools and agents.

WordPress root directory has license file and readme file. These files tell outsider that you are using WordPress. The plugin prevents visitors from accessing readme and license files.Along with these files other important files are protected.So visitors can not utilize them to access or know about your website.

wp-config.php is the most important file.It contains important information about your WordPress installation. The plugin protects this file. Along with this file major PHP files and other file types which are commonly used by attackers are made invisible to outside world.

The upload directory of WordPress is where media content of your website lies.This directory is protected by the plugin.

The plugin protects your Web Server from bad requests.It also protects your website from bad referrers. Mostcommon ways to attack a website are handled by the plugin.

Hotlinking is a way to use your images on other sites.It is a kind of bandwidth theft and also using your images without your permission. Plugin prevents Image hot-linking.

Nginx Secure plugin protects you from common exploits like File Injection, SQL injection and other.s These common mistakes are used by script kiddies to penetrate a website. Most of these issues are taken care of by the plugin.

All our Pro plugin users are given priority email based support. So you do not have to raise a ticket and wait for answer. You can just send us a mail.

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Plugin FAQ


The plugin is installed just like any other WordPress plugin.You can upload the plugin and activate it. On plugin settings screen you have to enter the Pro version license key.There is no configuration option.Plugin takes care of everything.

Post Installation

Please visit the plugin documentation page for post installation instructions. As Nginx behaves differently than Apache some action is required from user side.

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