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Google Plus to Download features

You can create unlimited Google plus buttons.Each button can have different file on offer to visitor.You can also have different plus one URL as well.This helps you promote different contents of your website. But I would recommend using your website URL.

Small number of plusones on any URL will not have significant impact.But good number of plus ones on your website will have good impact.So pages of your website will rank better in signed in Google search.That is if a user is signed into Gmail and the person has plus one your website then your website pages will out perform other similar pages in search results.

Default Google plus buttons are small in size.With content on page it is very easy to miss the button.So the chances of visitor clicking Google plus one button becomes less.This is why we have wrapped Google plus one button inside a style box.The style box has optional header and body text with different color combination.

You can use header and body test to give visitors idea about file on download and download instruction.That color combination of style box makes it easier for visitors to notice your Google Plus button.There are several color combination of style box.This ensures you have color combination matching rest of your website.

We understand importance of Mobile devices.With more traffic coming from mobile devices it is important to have your website compatible with mobile devices.So the style boxes are made responsive.They adapt to container within which they are place.

So if you are using responsive themes then there is no action from your side.You can just place the button and it works well.

Responsive is not the only requirement for being mobile friendly.Your website should be fast.The plugin uses a single CSS file which is optimized and light weight.The plugin uses two JavaScript files.Both are loaded wisely not to impact your page load time.

All the plugin resources are only loaded on pages which have shortcode.So other pages of your website are not impacted at all.They have same page load time as if the plugin is not being used.Also on pages with shortcodes the files are loaded wisely to have minimal impact on page load times.

The plugin does not impact your database as well.It is light weight on database.The code is optimized as well to have minimum impact on your server and database.

Google Plus buttons are tracked by Google Analytics.But to differentiate the plugin buttons with other Google PLus buttons we have added event based Analytics tracking. So if you have normal Google plus buttons with the plugin ones there is no issue.

Both the plugin usage can be tracked separately.The plugin buttons will create entry of UdinraGoogle event in Events section of Google Analytics.So you can see how these buttons are performing.

The plugin was created keeping users in mind.You have to activate the plugin.After activation it adds a button in Visual Editor.So while creating a new post or page you can add Google plus one button easily.The options are self explanatory.There is video as well which gives you demo of the plugin.

Support is more important then actual sales.So every customer and query is important for us.All queries of customers are responded with in a day most of the times.You can raise support ticket or send us a mail directly.

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Plugin Customization Service

The plugin is well tested and is free of any bug.It serves the purpose of being a Google plus social locker or content locker.But if you need some customization then you can have that as well.

One example of customization option is to have separate style box for your website.The separate style box customization is available for only $5.99.If you want other customization then we can discuss it.

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