Facebook like to download file

Facebook like to Download features

The plugin gives you luxury to create unlimited Facebook like buttons.

  • You can create button for your Facebook page.Visitor will have to like your Facebook page if visitor wants to download file.
  • You can create button for viral content of yours.Visitor will share the content URL in turn of file download.

So you can have different buttons on different pages.This helps you increase your Facebook page like.Facebook page with good amount of likes is measure of Brand as well.You can also make your awesome content viral on Facebook.You will not be restricted to one page or one viral content.You can create as many buttons and have each button separate configuration.

Default Facebook buttons are beautiful.But nowadays visitors scan a web page.They do not spend too much time on webpage.So your download offering box should be beautiful and catchy.Person visiting your page should notice it.This is why we have included custom styles.

Custom styles help you write a catchy header and body text.This box color scheme and layout gets notice of visitor.A good description and title of box gives visitor a reason to click on Facebook button.They get the file and you get Facebook visibility.

All the style box included in the plugin are responsive.So if you are using Responsive themes then you are good.You can put the buttons in sidebar,pages or any place you want to.There is no restriction on size or width the box should have.The box adjusts itself as per the page layout.

The Facebook button have fixed size as per the payout we select.So you should have minimum that width.For example the minimum width for Facebook standard layout is 300px.For other Facebook button layout the minimum width is approx 100px.So the place you are putting button should have minimum this width.

Facebook like button is a heavy resource.It loads too many files.So for page load time Facebook lie button is not good thing to have on your website.Worst is if you have to load this button on every page of your website.So every page gets slow.

For example if you are using this button on only one page then Facebook like button resources (js fie or css file) should be loaded on only that page.It should not get loaded on other pages.This is what this plugin does.Instead of loading all the files on every page it loads on only the page button is.

The plugin loads Facebook JavaScript asynchronously after page load.So the impact on page load time is minimal.The plugin itself is very light weight.It has almost on impact on your server resources and database.The code is also very optimized and gets executed only when needed.

Measuring performance of the buttons added is very important. Instead of adding separate tracking Google Analytics tracking was implemented. This helps us keep database size small.Also the number of resources used is small.As most of the sites use Google Analytics clubbing the reporting in Google Analytics help centralized reporting.

Under the Events section of Google Analytics reporting a new event UdinraFacebook gets added.The number of counts in this event gives you idea of button performance.

The plugin offers no complex work flow.You just have to activate the plugin.After activation Visual Editor button is added.Using Visual Editor button you can configure the button with different options.You can also copy the generated shortcode and paste it in Sidebar as well.

The video shows all the configuration option along with style boxes present.The plugin is self explanatory and easy to use.

Udinra believes post sales support is more important than sales.So all queries of customers are responded with in a day most of the times.You can raise support ticket so send us a mail directly.

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Plugin Customization Service

The base functionality of plugin is to work as content locker.You get the file after sharing the content or liking Facebook page.The plugin is well tested and there is no bug as such.But there is chance that you may need additional customization.

We do offer additional customization option as well for this plugin.One example of customization option is to have separate style box for your website.The separate style box customization is available for only $5.99.If you want other customization then we can discuss it.

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