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Yoast SEO and Image Sitemap Pro

Image Sitemap Pro is fully compatible with Yoast SEO plugin.

But there is some confusion. Yoast SEO throws below error if you are using Sitemap functionality of Yoast SEO plugin along with any other sitemap plugin.

The following file is blocking your XML sitemaps from working properly. Either delete it (this can be done with the \”Fix it\” button) or disable Yoast SEO XML sitemaps. After the error you have full path of sitemap files

Above warning is given for not only Image Sitemap Pro but every other sitemap plugin if used along with Yoast SEO sitemap functionality.

This warning can be ignored. Yoast SEO plugin searches for file names starting with sitemap and have xml extension. If there are any such files present then it will throw error.

You should submit both Yoast SEO sitemap and Image Sitemap Pro sitemap to Google Search console or other webmaster tools.

Yoast SEO uses below code to throw above warning (for your reference)

/** * Find sitemaps residing on disk as they will block our rewrite. * * @since 3.1 */
public function detect_blocking_filesystem_sitemaps() {
$wpseo_xml_options = WPSEO_Options::get_option( \'wpseo_xml\' );
if ( $wpseo_xml_options[\'enablexmlsitemap\'] !== true )
unset( $wpseo_xml_options ); // Find all files and directories containing \'sitemap\' and are post-fixed .xml. $blocking_files = glob( ABSPATH . \'*sitemap*.xml\', ( GLOB_NOSORT | GLOB_MARK ) );
if ( false === $blocking_files ) { // Some systems might return error on no matches.
$blocking_files = array();
} // Save if we have changes.
$wpseo_options = WPSEO_Options::get_option( \'wpseo\' );
if ( $wpseo_options[\'blocking_files\'] !== $blocking_files )
$wpseo_options[\'blocking_files\'] = $blocking_files;
update_option( \'wpseo\', $wpseo_options );

2 comments Yoast SEO and Image Sitemap Pro

  1. Does this go for your free image sitemap plugin also? I saw the error and was thinking I’d have to uninstall it…sneaky sneak Joust lol

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