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All in One SEO and Image Sitemap Pro

All in One SEO plugin and Image Sitemap Pro have issues working together on Multisite installation.On normal installation it works fine. The issue occurs if you are using All in One SEO sitemap feature with Image Sitemap Pro on Multisite.

If you are not using Sitemap feature of All in One SEO then both plugins should work fine. Below is the change required to make both plugins work together

Step 1

Open the file aioseop_sitemap.php in modules folder of All in One SEO plugin.

Step 2

Look for below line in the file

return $sitemap_rules;

Step 3

Add three lines above the line so the whole thing should look like

global $wp_rewrite;
$udinra_img_feed_rules = array( 'sitemap-index-image.xml$' => $wp_rewrite->index . '?feed=sitemap-index-image' );
$sitemap_rules = $udinra_img_feed_rules + $sitemap_rules_gzipped + $sitemap_rules_normal ;
return $sitemap_rules;

Step 4

Save the file.Now activate my plugin and then activate All in One SEO.

The above change will make both plugins work well.Above change is required if you ever update All in One SEO plugin.

I will look to handle the issue in my plugin or other ways to that every update wipe out issue is resolved. But as of now this work around is the best way out.

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