Image Sitemap Pro


Image Sitemap Pro – Release 2.1.0

Major Release

Image Sitemap Pro Version 2.1.0 is major release of the plugin. This release aimed at adding new functionalities and cleaning up known issues in previous version of plugins. All Pro plugin users should immediately update to this version.

Gallery plugin supported

Before this version the plugin used to support only NextGen Galleries. But many customers wanted it to support other Gallery plugins as well. So support for many popular Gallery plugins were added in this release. Version 2.1.0 supports

  1. Envira Gallery
  2. Foo Gallery
  3. Photo Gallery
  4. Gallery plugin by Best Web Soft
  5. Final Tiles Grid Gallery

Slider plugin supported

Along with Gallery plugins Slider plugins are another way of adding Images to website.Slider plugins are becoming very popular method of Image addition as well. So support for Slider plugins were also added. In this release I aimed to support most popular Slider plugin out there.

  1. Meta Slider

Other plugin supported

Download Monitor is one plugin for which support was added. Download Monitor is popular file download plugin.If you are using Images for Downloads of Download Monitor plugin then this plugin will read the images and create sitemap.

Other changes

Apart from above changes focus was on performance improvement and bug fixes encountered in previous version of plugin. New options were added to minimize the processing needed to detect plugins in use. The options do not complicate the things but make it simpler. This improves performance of plugin as well.

The options added are self explanatory. You just have to select plugins you are using on your site. For example Gallery plugins or other plugins.


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