Image Sitemap Pro


Image Sitemap Pro 2017 Roadmap

Few things are planned in year 2017 and work is already in progress. This is not exhaustive list.This most popular ones are listed below.I will be modifying this list with due time.

Gallery plugin Support

NextGen plugin is most popular plugin out there. But there are few Gallery plugins which have good user base. I am planning to include some of those plugins as part of core plugin. So users do not have to go for customization. The inclusion of Gallery plugins in core version will depend on their User Base and requests received.

ALT Text

Plugin currently generates ALT text for your images it ALT text is not present.ALT text is very important for Image SEO. I am planning to decide better ALT text for images based on Image file names, Posts they are used on and titles or captions providing while uploading the plugin.

The above processing should be fast and generate best possible ALT text for images.


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