Zbench theme customization

zbench theme is one of the most popular themes of WordPress.It is easily customizable and very clean theme.While looking for theme to power this website I landed upon zbench theme.I did couple of customizations on my local system to test it out.I thought to make customizations public as others might find it useful.

Removing zbench theme footer text

The footer of theme contains text as shown below

Copyright © 2011 Site Name  | Theme zBench  | Powered by WordPress

in above text site-name denotes name of your site.If you want to change/remove text “| Theme zBench  | Powered by WordPress” then follow below steps

  • Open footer.php file of the theme
  • Locate for below code in the file
| Theme <a title="designed by zwwooooo" href="http://zww.me">zBench</a>
| Powered by <a href="http://wordpress.org/">WordPress</a>
  • If you want to remove Theme zbench in footer text then delete the first line
  • If you want to remove Powered by WordPress in footer text then delete the second line
  • You can also replace the links with anything of your choice like link to your privacy policy or link to your sitemap.

Removing zbench theme Home menu

zbench theme comes with default Home menu.You can safely delete this Home menu.To delete the default Home menu follow below steps

  • Open the file header.php of the theme
  • Search for below code in the file and delete the code.It is advisable to backup the file before making any changes.
<div id="menus">
		<ul><li<?php if (is_home()) echo ' class="current_page_item"'; ?>><a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>"><?php _e('Home', 'zbench'); ?></a></li></ul>
		<?php wp_nav_menu( array( 'container' => 'none', 'theme_location' => 'primary' ) ); ?>
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