Yllix new promising Google Adsense alternative

Yllix is new player in online advertising space.It went live in October 2012.Kishore Sullivan one of my friends and creator of learnfromnet website informed me about this new advertising network.Google Adsense being premium network it is good to have alternative network which can be used by smaller publishers.

Google Adsense has strict terms and conditions.This makes approval difficult for publishers.Also there is chance of getting rejected any time due to violation.I always check new sites to see whether they can be used as Google Adsense alternative.I really got interested and browsed the site after Kishore’s input.

Moreover Yllix can be used on site which have content not appropriate according to Google terms and conditions.This makes Yllix advertising network more desirable for these class of publishers.

The site looked professional.I went ahead and registered as a publisher to get look and feel of internal area.After spending decent amount of time exploring the website I thought to give it a try.

Below is my detailed feedback about Yllix

Signup and Approval

It is approving adult as well as non adult websites.There is no traffic criteria as per my knowledge but they do verify your mobile number during sign up process.This makes me think they have invested money behind the network.

You can add your website after getting approved account.It does not take much time and should not be a challenge.They allow creation of separate ad tags based for adult and non adult content.


Reporting is very good.In fact reporting is better than most top players in advertising space.You can see ecpm for different countries,ecpm of different ad units you are using on your site.You can filter report on different parameters like category,country,banner type,website,campaign type,sections.


This is the best part.The payment is weekly and minimum payout is $1.So you can make income each week.I tried the ads just to validate whether they pay or not.They did pay but there was delay of two days and I had to do followup.I will update this section after another payment.


The support is good.I mailed them couple of times and got response.They have also mentioned to provide skype support but I did not tried that.


One of the networks used by them is Harren Network.It is good network and is used by Adsense as well.Ads displayed are decent.According to their website you need to put ad code for at least 3 days so that they can understand your website.After this time period you can expect increase in ecpm and relevant ads.

Affiliate Program

Yllix offers affiliate program.The amount of money you can earn is confusing.They say you can earn up to $100 and 2% of publisher earning for life.But I am not sure whether the cap limit is $100 or unlimited.Nevertheless they pay you for referring publisher as well as advertiser.

They were paying $1 for each valid publisher referral.But this is not the case now.But Yllix affiliate system does help you make extra money with little or no effort.


I would suggest to give Yllix a try now only.In the early stages advertising networks do approve account easily.It is good to create an account now and see how it works for your website.

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  1. Just landed here and found this honest review about yllix media ads network thanks for your review and I try them soon.

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