Yet Another related posts vs nRelate related posts plugin

Yet Another related posts plugin is one of the most downloaded and famous related posts plugin for WordPress.nRelate related posts plugin is also used to display related posts on your WordPress website.Both of the plugins are great and can be used without issue on a website.But you can use only one of them on your site.

You can use detailed analysis below to make your plugin decision

Making money

nRelate related post plugin displays advertisement along with related posts from your website.You can control number of ads displayed and can switch it off completely.You can also control positioning of ads (whether ads should be displayed after the related post or at beginning or mixed).

Advertisement feature is not present in Yet another related post plugin.

So on this evaluation parameter nRelate scores full.

Related post shown

The resultant related post shown by both the plugins are good and no one beats other one.They both score equal.

Style and Customization

nRelate has by default more styles than Yet another related post plugin.You can use custom css with both the plugins.Both are easily customizable and can be used in templates as well.

On style front nRelate scores better than Yet another related post plugin.

Speed and Load time

nRelate related post plugin downloads a CSS file and JavaScript file while page load.These two files add up to page load time and can impact your load time.This does not make your pages slow to considerable extend but does add up to total value.

Yet another related post plugin does not require loading of any JavaScript file so does not impact page load time.It does require database query to fetch the results but that is not significant.

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So on speed and load time front Yet another related post plugin beats nRelate.

Search Engine Optimization

nRelate uses JavaScript to load related posts on your website.There is non JavaScript version as well but it is in beta stage.Yet another related post plugin results are part of the page and is indexable by search engines.This does helps in search engine optimization.


Both the plugins have certain strong points and weak points.I have used both of them on this blog and had good results using them.I leave it on visitors to decide the plugins they will like to use on their website.

Feel free to vote for plugin of your choice and share the reason of same.

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