Writing WordPress blogs in Hindi

India is one of the country with most number of internet users in world (ranked at third position according to internetworldstats.com) . This makes need of materials in Hindi language and other major Indian languages (Bengali , Gujarati , Malayalam, Marathi , Oriya , Punjabi , Sanskrit, Tamil , Telugu). WordPress is most popular blog platform as well as Content Management System. So to write WordPress blogs in Hindi you can follow below steps (these steps are applicable for other languages as well)

  • Check whether your wordpress is installed with character code UTF-8 ( there is no need to check as by default wordpress get installed with this character code only)
  • Search for Google Transliteration in Google
  • On Google transliteration select the language in which you want to write your wordpress blog
  • Type the words of that language in English (for example see below)
  • Copy the translation and paste into WordPress (new post or page)
  • Save the page
  • Open the page in browser and see your post or page in language of your choice
  • This is best method as it does not involve usage of plugins
  • Your URL is in english only (SEO optimization)
  • No messing up with any thing

Typed in Google Transliteration

ye post wordpress hindi aur aanya bhartiya bhasha me kaise likha jata hai ke baare me hain |

Hindi output

ये पोस्ट वर्डप्रेस हिंदी और अन्य भारतीय भाषा में कैसे लिखा जाता है के बारे में है |

Typed in Google Transliteration

ei blog wordpress hindi aar onyo bhartiyo bhashay ki bhabe lekha jay vyapare aache

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Bengali output

এই ব্লগ বর্দ্প্রেস হিন্দী আর অন্য ভারতীয় ভাষায় ই ভাভে লেখা যায় ব্যাপারে আছে |

20 comments Writing WordPress blogs in Hindi

  1. बहुत ही अच्छी जानकारी देने के लिए धन्यवाद्.

  2. Wow… thanks for Solution. It Helps me lot.. i am searching for quite long time for Hindi Language Plugin… for my

  3. To develop Hindi Website in WordPress

    1) Install WordPress using http://wordpress.org/download/
    2) Install plugin “ Convert WP Database to UTF-8 ” and convert you DB to UTF-8
    3) Install plugin “ WP Native Dashboard ” and install language translation.
    4) Set you default language Hindi.
    5) Install plugin “Indic IME” and start typing in Hindi or other Indian language

  4. Rajat it would be great if you can share some knowledge to improve the post as well as my knowledge..thanks for your time

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