WordPress Tutorial for Beginners Lesson 6

This is sixth lesson of WordPress tutorial for Beginners series. In this lesson we will discuss about Media , Comments , Users and Tools menu options of your WordPress Dashboard. In case you missed the previous lesson on Settings option of WordPress dashboard then you can read below lesson.

WordPress tutorial for Beginners

WordPress Dashboard Media Option

Media like Images, Videos and Audio form important part of any website. We have seen how to add media to your posts in lesson 4 of this series. WordPress has separate option for complete media management of your website.

In your WordPress Dashboard you will see Media button as shown in below image


Library Option shows you all the images, video, files and other things you have uploaded in WordPress. You can add media from here as well using New option. Later while writing post or page you can select the media.

You can also view which media you have attached to which post. All you need to do is click the media.You will see a pop up with below information as well as media itself. Just look to Uploaded to at bottom of page (as shown in below image). The link next to it is of page where you added the media.


WordPress Dashboard Comments Option

Comments make your blog interactive. It is used for conversation between you and your visitors. We have discussed Comments settings in previous lesson. In this lesson we will see comments management like approving new comments, deleting comments and filtering out SPAM comments.

On your WordPress Dashboard click on Comments option. You will see page with comments and above menu options. You can reply to comments of visitors from this page.


  • All shows all comments made on your blog (approved + pending)
  • Pending shows comments which visitors made but not yet approved by you. These comments are not shown on front end. That is visitors will not be able to see them
  • Approved shows comments which were approved by you. Remember comments which you make as response are auto approved
  • Spam comments are comments made by bots or bad people. They are not good comments for your site. You should delete them.
  • Trash comments are deleted comments. You can empty trash if there are too many comments in it
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It is good to keep your Spam comment and Trash comment count less. These comments take your database space and slows down website. So better get rid of them weekly or so. Below operations are available for a comment as shown in below image.

  • Approve – The comment will show on your page
  • Unapprove – The comment will be deleted.
  • Reply – You can reply to the comment. Your response will be shown on page.
  • Quick Edit – You can edit the comment.
  • Edit – The Edit panel gives more controls to edit the comment
  • Spam  – The comment is marked as SPAM.
  • Trash – Delete the comment.

WordPress Dashboard Users Option

WordPress Users option helps you manage Users of your WordPress installation. You can add users, delete users and control their access. If you are sole writer on the site then these options are meaningless. But if there are multiple users then these options are very helpful.

Adding New User

To add new user to WordPress site you can go to sub option Add New under Users option. You will see page as shown below.


Once you click on Add New User a new user will be created. A mail will also be send to the new user. The person can now set the password and login to your site. The Role option is very important. It controls the access user will have on your website.

In case you need to refresh the permission different roles have you can revisit the previous chapter. That chapter discussed exclusively about roles and their access.

Managing your profile

The Your Profile option under Users help you manage your own profile. This page also has very important option for securing your website. Though many of us do not use this simple option.  WordPress has concept of User Name and Nick Name.

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You use your User Name to log into WordPress website. For additional security it is important not to show your User Name. If person trying to enter your website does not know your user name and password then it becomes difficult to enter into it.

By default WordPress shows User Name of yours as author of a post or page. Ideally you should hide this user name from public. For this purpose WordPress has the option of Nick Name.


You can not change your User Name from front end. So on this page change your Nick Name. Also in display name publicly as select your Nick Name. It is good to have entirely different NIck Name and User Name.

It makes difficult for Bad people to guess your User Name from Nick Name. Along with Nick Name change on this page you can

  • Change or write your Biographical Info
  • Change your Image. You have to change your Image on Gravatar
  • Change your password
  • Change your Email and Website
  • Change your WordPress color scheme

I recommend changing Nick Name on all WordPress installation of Live website.It is simplest and most ignored of security options in your hand. The simple setting will help you fortify your installation.

WordPress Dashboard Tools option

Tools option help you import and export content to and from WordPress. These options are very powerful yet simple to use.

WordPress Import Option

The import option is present under Tools menu. This page helps you copy content from other blogging platforms to WordPress.It allows you to import your post from sites like Blogger , LiveJournal , Movable Type and TypePad , Tumblr and WordPress.

WordPress option is provided in case you want to import from other WordPress installation or you WordPress.com website. I am not covering this option in details. The reason is each of the option is detailed. It is not applicable for every one .

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So I will either write separate article on these. You can also post your questions if you are interested in any one of them above or is trying to import from above sites

One more interesting option is Category to Tag converter.It is good to know about this option. You may need to turn a tag into category if too many posts are clubbed under that tag. In those cases you can use this option.

WordPress Export Option

Export option helps you take backup of your WordPress articles. It is good practice to take regular backup of your sites. You can then restore your website if it is hacked. You can use import option discussed above to restore your site.

The export option creates XML file from content of your website. If you click on Export option below Tools you will see page as shown in below image


It is good to select All content always. It backup everything posts and pages and other content if any. Later you can upload this XML file using WordPress Import.I would recommend taking Export weekly.It that is not possible you should take monthly backup.

If anything goes wrong you can use this file to restore content of your website. It is said that best way to beat a hacker is to have backup of your site. You can quickly take down your site, delete the content and then restore the content. If you do not have backup then you are lost.

So far we have covered most menu options and features of WordPress. These are core features of the framework. Now we will see features which make WordPress powerful and leader in market today. We will discuss about Plugins and Themes in next two lessons.

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