5+ Best WordPress Email Subscription plugin comparison

Email Subscription feature is an important part of every blog.Now lets understand this term and its importance in detail.You have written a awesome article.A visitor through search engine or social media visited the article.The article impressed him/her.He/She wanted to receive updates about new content posted on your website.

Email Subscription allows him/her to receive update about new content.So it increases visitor experience.Email subscription helps you get regular traffic.This traffic is not impacted by search engine algorithm changes.But this regular traffic can boost your search engine ranking.Social shares made by this traffic will result in social traffic and also search engine ranking.

Feedburner was most preferred way to put Email Subscription widget.But this service is not reliable now.I have encountered Trouble in the Mill message while creating Feedburner Email Subscription form code.Also Google may stop this service in near future (I will not go into details of that in this post).In this post I will cover alternate free solutions available.

This is not Feedburner alternative post.I will cover best WordPress plugins for Email subscription.These plugins does not rely on third party solutions like Feedburner or Feedblitz.


It is one of the most downloaded and highest rated WordPress plugin.It does not have a pro version.Main features offered by the plugin are

  • Unlimited subscribers and Unlimited Emails with statistics
  • Subscription form widget
  • Integrated with WordPress user registration
  • Single and double opt-in (these terms are explained below)
  • SMTP ready means you can send email from Gmail mail id as well.
  • Html and text version Email Newsletter
  • You can configure themes of your Email Newsletter
  • Every message and label fully translatable from administrative panels without any file editing
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Double / Single opt-in — Subscribers will have to verify their Email address if double opt-in feature is turned on.A verification email is send to subscribed email id of visitor.The subscribed Email address need to be verified.In case of single opt-in the verification process does not take place.

Email newsletter

This plugin does not have pro version.Main features provided by this plugin are

  • Option to send email newsletter to registered user,commenter (Comment author),users who contacted you and subscribers.
  • Email subscription box
  • Unsubscribe link setup in newsletter.
  • Export and Import email address.
  • Automatic welcome email to new subscriber.
  • Admin email notification for every new subscriber.
  • Opt In setting.

Mail Poet Newsletters

This plugin has free version as well as pro version.I am listing features available in free version only

  • Drag & drop visual editor to create Newsletter themes
  • Post notifications, like Feedburner
  • Autoresponders (only plugin providing this feature)
  • You can select from more than 30 themes
  • Get stats for each newsletter: opens, clicks, unreads, unsubscribes
  • Subscription form widget
  • Your newsletters look the same in Gmail, iPhone, Android, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
  • Single or double opt-in features
  • You can send mail from your web host or Gmail
  • Segment your lists based on opened, clicked & bounced
  • Unlimited number of lists
  • Sending in free version is limited to 2000 subscribers

ALO Easy mail newsletter

The main features offered by this plugin are

  • Support for HTML and Text Newsletter
  • Option to send email newsletter to registered user,mailing lists and subscribers.
  • Subscription form
  • Import/export subscribers
  • Create and manage mailing lists
  • You can configure themes of your Email Newsletter
  • Subscriber management features
  • Statistics giving number of subscribers opening the newsletter and clicking on links inside it
  • Bounced email addresses are automatically unsubscribed
  • You can write multilanguage newsletters
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Subscribe to comments reloaded

This plugin offers comment reply subscription along with new post subscription.The comment reply subscription is not offered by any of the above plugins.The main features offered by this plugin are

  • Subscription Management and Search facility
  • Plain and HTML Email Newsletter
  • Compatible with QTranslate
  • Offers subscription to comment reply as well as new posts

Jetpack plugin by WordPress

It also offers comment reply subscription along with New post subscription.It offers lots of other features as well.You can find details about all features on this link.

You can use any one of the above plugins based on your requirement.All of them does the task very well.Consider sharing this post in case you found this useful.

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