WBSEDCL office executive interview questions answers tips

WBSEDCL (West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company) office executive post examination has become one important exams for candidates belonging from West Bengal in recent years.WBSEDCL office executive recruitment process comprises of below stages

  • Written Test
  • Computer proficiency test
  • Interview

WBSEDCL Office executive free downloads

I would recommend you to download these documents.They will help you prepare for your interview.You should download both of them for best preparation.

WBSEDCL Office executive interview planning

Interviews are conducted after Computer proficiency test.Since there is not much gap in Computer proficiency test and Interviews Candidates should start preparing for interview immediately.Proper planning is required to clear the interview.WBSEDCL will call candidates in ratio of 1:3 or 1:4.This means that if there is one vacancy then 3 or 4 candidates will be called for the interview.

This ratio makes interview tough.So to clear the interviews you need to outperform other candidates.In past I have seen many candidates talking about interview list order.By that list they want to guess about marks.But does that really matters.You should not worry about those things.You have to appear for interview (or will appear for it) whether your name is top of list or bottom of list.

Doing research on list is just wastage of time.You might get nervous listening to different rumors.For example if your name near the last and you hear it is based on marks then before interview you think it is all over.Please do not get distracted by these news.All these rumors and research just make your way tougher.

You should invest time in preparing answers for possible questions.Improving your interview skills and polishing your communication skills.This will help you in interview not the research or time wastage to figure out interview list order criteria.

WBSEDCL Office executive interview tips

Candidates often put lot of pressure on themselves during interview or before interview.The nervousness is easily understood.They are one step away from getting job in reputed company.The gravity of situation and people around you add to this pressure.Starting from the day your name featured in interview list to the day interview result is declared you are in immense pressure.

Due to above reasons I have come up with some tips to help you in this period.The tips tutorial lists below

  • Tips before interview
  • Tips in Interview hall
  • Tips during interview

As usual you can download the tips tutorial for free from the download link provided at the end of the post.

WBSEDCL office executive interview questions

WBSEDCL Office executive interview mainly focuses on HR questions.Ability of Candidate is already judged by written test and computer proficiency.So there is lack of technical questions.The factors which play important part in Interview are

  • Your marks in class X
  • Your marks in class XII
  • Computer knowledge proficiency certificate
  • Other achievements in Sports or extra curricular activities
  • Interview performance

I have listed WBSEDCL office executive interview questions along with possible answers.You can download the questions and answers document the download link provided at the end of the post.

Need Help

Feel free to post your queries using comment form below.

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  1. Pradip Samanta


  2. Resume Writers

    Those are really some great some great tips for a flawless interview. They can be really nerve racking so it’s smart to prepare yourself well.

  3. arnab ghosh

    madam i gave my interview on 5th april 2015 for junior executive finance post..
    can u pls tell me when shall the result be out

  4. Tanay

    What are the medical standards for AE/OE in WBSEDCL?
    Incidentally, I have post-operated eyes with 6/6 vision in left and 6/18 in right(which fluctuates a bit) eye respectively.
    Plz reply.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Please read the comments section.Many candidates have shared their experience about eye problems as well

  5. Mizan

    mam, interview is in bengali or english?? because my senior suggest it is in bengali. can u confirm please. thanks in advance.

  6. ricky roy

    why you leave your last job…? pls suggest me some suitable answer….pls mam…

  7. Amlan

    What is the job profile of an Office executive. Someone please reply..Thanx in advance.

          1. Esha Upadhyay

            Many have shared their experience of this job please read the same in comment section

  8. Joy

    if there is 3 interviewers in the room, Should I greet them Individually or greet them all together..”Good Morning Sirs”. It isn’t looking good to me. Suggest plz. One more question to ask I dont have any boot Shd I opt Sneakers.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Sneakers are not considered formals also Greet together is fine

  9. rahul

    I have 2 years work exp in private company, which i have not mentioned at the time of office executive form fillup. I am not sure there was any option to fill the private exp r not. Can i show it at the time of interviw? Plz rply

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Yes you can .Also during document verification you can mention it.Carry documents which can prove your work experience with you

  10. rumi

    I m from Engineering background (ECE) but I don’t have any other computer qualification certificate, is it needed for office executive post?!! plz reply.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      You have studied it as a subject during 4 year course.You can go through the comment section as many candidates have shared their experience and answers to this after conversation with WBSEDCL

  11. ricky roy

    mam is it necessary in interview speak in english or i can speak in bengali….or in which interviewer asked i should use the same language..pls mam rply

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Your mode of language should be same as that of Interviewer

      1. Joy

        WBSEDCL is serving people since 2007, mainly they deal with rural customers. So, is it logical to check whether the candidate is fluent in English or not?. How he could expresses his views in English.?

  12. ricky roy

    mam, i cant download the file after like on facebook… there is no “click hare ” link is active…. pls send me the send me the interview question and tips my email id : ricky.internet@gmail.com

      1. Ronit

        No, It is Minimum Rs 23000/- Look at the Payscale first.
        It is Rs6300+Rs 3600= Rs 9900/-
        Add:- D.A @ 107% i.e 9900×107%= Rs 10593
        Add:- HRA @ 20% i.e 9900×20% = Rs1980
        Medical:- Rs 200/-
        Electricity Allowance:- Rs 600/-

        Total:-23273/- (Gross)

  13. sasanam naresh

    sir please send details regarding interview questions may ask or was asked for the post of jr executive finance , if possible please reply

  14. Mohammed Abu Qumar

    Hey Esha… thanks a lot for all the help that I got from your blog last year. I got selected as an office executive in WBSEDCL and have happily completed 8 months of my job out here. Your blog has been extremely helpful in solving many of the questions that I had in mind at that time. But I have one suggestion for you….please be specific to the topic to which the answer is sought from because many a times it is very confusing (which is quiet understandable, because you answer the same question from different candidate and it might also take a toll on my mind as well)
    But anyways it is a very helpful site, helping many candidates to achieve their dreams of getting a job. I would personally like to take this oppurtunity to congratulate you on a job well done.

    Thanks a million.

    Mohammed Abu Qumar (O.E)

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Thanks for your comment and understanding my problem as well.

  15. Abhijit Das

    Ma’am, ami jante chai je office executive post er written aar interview er koto din pore selection ar koto din pore joining day ?

  16. mithu

    is there any chance to publish the 2nd list….plz if u know,then give reply….this is very urgent for me….and moreover my interview was quite good,but still i didnt get selected for the 1st list…so plz let me know if there any nwz of 2nd selection

  17. SK M ISLAM

    when the new wbsedcl office executive recuitment will start…..all user if u know please reply ….thanx in advance

  18. Smithd26

    Some really quality blog posts on this internet site , saved to fav. gecdeccefdedcgga

  19. sk ramij noor

    Mam, I have been posted as an office executive on 18.06.2014. It is 200 kms away from my home. I have a friend who is agree to mutually transfer with my. Is it possible? Please advice.

    1. suprotim

      read all comment..not find any details about cpt..is there any typing test??

  20. Dipankar Sarkar

    sir my sister is selected for wbsedcl lines man post, but she is already select for lady constable wbp, her medical check up is held on 19.5.14. But there is a exam on that day on her training camp. My question is, is it she attempt another date for medical check up? Note- the medical check up for wbsedcl is held from 17.5.14 to 21.5.14. And her medical check up date is on 19.5.14

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Do not take decision ny yourself.In case you want to take medical test on some other day then this should be approved by WBSEDCL

  21. @D

    Agreement and bond ki notary korte hobe, r jodi korte na hoi tahole jodi keu kore fele seta ki acceptable hobe wbsedcl er joining e….

  22. Smithd935

    very nice submit, i definitely love this website, keep on it gkkeddagfcebadef

  23. mou

    Bond er duration ki joining date theke e count suru kore naki after posting??plz keu janao

  24. naisha

    The appointment list of office executive is out..u can check it in the official website of wbsedcl.

  25. @D

    Joining list of wbsedcl office executive published in website

  26. rekha

    @ uttam:
    obviously IBPS without any doubt……
    amio tai nebo…ami dcl r ubi dutotei peyechi….r jabo UBI-te..okhane scope anek besi.
    good luck

  27. @D

    Jr. Exe, pharmacist and nurse der joining list beriye geche…
    wbsedcl in/ irj/go /km/docs/ internet/ webpage/ Careers.html

  28. sp

    I called wbsedcl yesterday, the person who answered my call told me that within 20 days the final list(may be with date of joining) will be published in the website. I will request the others to call them & ask for the same question who like me waiting for the joining date for office Executive .
    If someone else already have any information then plz share it here with us

  29. Uttam

    Keu nei j bolte parbe kabe joining habe OE wbsedcl a…………….

  30. mithu

    actually ami jante chai j joining ta kabe debe????
    r second list beronor kono chance ache naki????

  31. Muhammed Kh.

    I am not sure but someone using the alias “WBSEDCL” commented (on April 4, 2014 on this page) that joining will be given on (or probably after) 21st May 2014 so please save your patient ;)

  32. @D

    I am selected for dcl and tcl both….pls tell me which is better??????

  33. Uttam

    Joining ki june-july te debe keu ki bolte parbe????????????

  34. mithu

    ki mam apni to kono kichu-ri ans dicchen na…..bohudin age query korechilam……

  35. oli

    When WBSEDCL is going to declare the joining date for Office executive?

  36. Md Hasrat

    one has to submit fit certificate with an application on 21 april. pls help me what will i write in application and to whom?

  37. Subrata

    Jara medical fit certificate joma debe tader ki joining pore hobe?
    Plz reply.

  38. mithu

    ebar ki kono 2nd list berobe?????? i wnt to knw!!!!!!!!!!
    amr hoini 1st list-e…….
    2nd list berole ektu asha pai…..plz kichu janale valo hoi

  39. suman

    jara medical clear koreche,tader ki appointment letter by post e pathano hbe na anything else???plz janaben…..

  40. sonu

    SHe has to undergo Optical correction under an opthalmologist..”……….correction bolte ki correction/ fit certificate dite hobe ,na sudhu prescription ar chosmar bill dilai hoba..mam tell me

  41. ALI



  42. sonu

    mam medical report ta ki giya by hand diya asta hoba 21/4/14 ta? pls tell me

  43. KIRAN

    Hello Mam, since medical result of wbsedcl office executive post had been declared , can you tell me whether the candidate had to go it self and submit the medical result or same can be send by Post also.

  44. murshidul

    wbsedcl office executive ar unfit list a amar nam nai tahole ami ki selected plz response me….

  45. Sid

    1st list bolte ki mean korte chao ????
    WBSEDCL er Office executive er kono 2 nd list beronor chance a6e naki ?????
    490-453 = 37 ta vaccancy ki ora r fill up korbe ??


    jara 1st list e selected hyecho tader 21 st may te joinning deoua hobe…………thanks

  47. Trisha Subba

    Hello..I have been selected in syndicate bank through Ibps exam as a clerk and I’ve also given medical exam in wbsedcl..I am bit confused which one to choose.I would be obliged if u would give me some suggestion regarding this.which would be more better regarding promotion wise and salary package wise.

  48. csgopal

    i am selected in bank of baroda clerk and also office executive in wbsedcl but in bank do not get promoted to officer …in bank..for transfer reason …which is better for me …i wanted to stay in hometown….is it ..oe ..tranferable …job…plz help..me …to decide…

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      As office executive you will be posted anywhere in West Bengal.Same is the case with BoB.But BoB is bigger than WBSEDCL as company

  49. Mohammed Abu Qumar

    Hie Esha,
    It has been sch a great pleasure reading your post as you have provided the candidates with such good tips on how to acheive success in the examination. I have been selected for the post of Office Executive but my aim is to appear for UPSC Asst Labor Commissioner exam in case if you have any idea about that exam kindly gve me all the necessary details about it again thanks a lot for your continued support.

    Thanks and Regards,

  50. Dipak

    List of Candidates required to undertake Corrective Measures on Medical Fitness to the post of Jr. Executive (F) and Nurse……

    wbsedcl in/irj/go/km/docs/internet/webpage/PDF/Career

  51. sp

    Today I called wbsedcl to know when they will declare the final OE list after the medical examination. the person who answered my called told me they will declare the result after the election. does anyone here have any information regarding the medical result.

  52. Dipak

    Join this grouo for more informations of govt. Jobs….
    Just click on this link…
    m facebook com/groups/687722757951862?refid=27

  53. priya

    Office exetutive recruitments
    2013 written test er result kobe out hobe please keo balo.



  55. SUMAN


  56. Sonu

    Medical diye elam…chokher doctr chhara sob bhalo holo…unfit korbe na to madam?

  57. Amrita

    karor jodi phone aase wbsedcl der kache theke ba ora konorokom bhabe communicate kore, tahole ekhane janabe please..

  58. sk ramij noor

    medical ar result ki hobe, kothai posting hobe, chintar sesh nei.

  59. Amrita

    acha jader ajke medical chilo.. tara ki letter ta submit kore esecho? naki ora ferot diye diyeche..???

  60. Sonu

    Achha mam jodi amar chosma thake aar or power thik thake tobe ki amake chokher jonno temporary unfit korbe? Please reply

  61. KIBRIA

    altab baiya tomar mail to akhono paini. amon ki speed post o akhono pelam na.

  62. kishan

    when will the result of medical exam for JR EXE FINANCE will out????????????

  63. Altab Ali

    How do I know my rank? I see only serial no from 1 to 453 btw, Kibria, bhai, mail has been sent to your email is with my phone no. :)

  64. KIBRIA

    photo attested ki group A officer k diye korte hobe na head master k diye koralei hobe. tomra jara medical a dak peye6o tara amake mail pathate paro contact no diye “mdgkm@rediffmail.com”. ami akhono speed post paini, tabe download kore niye6i.

  65. oli

    Is there any need to carry original certificates or Zerox of those certificates for WBSEDCL Medical Test?

  66. oli

    Is there any need to carry original certificates or Zerox of those certificates for WBSEDCL Mecal Test?

  67. WBSEDCL(Victor)

    Those who are not selected…….
    Can enquire and verify at their Head Office…

  68. Arup

    Hmm peye gechi..amar kal(5th March) eseche..kintu je duto photo niye jete boleche segulo te kon side e attested korte hobe,seta clearly kichu bola nei

  69. Dipak

    Ami aaj speed post pelam.tar age ami dcl office e phone korechilam.tara bollo jeta email koreche seta print kore niye geleo hobe…

  70. Dipak

    Ami aaj speed post oelam.tar age ami dcl office e phone korechilam.tara bollo jeta email koreche seta print kore niye geleo hobe…

  71. Arup

    We have to carry 2 copies of passport sized photo along with the medical letter.The photos should be attested.Can anyone tell on which side the photo is to be attested?

  72. suman

    What is the alternative procedure if any candidate does not get the medical call letter by post? If any one know please post…

  73. monojit

    i want to know contact no. of WBSEDCL because {(033)-32541963} this number is not working.

  74. monojit

    i am a PH candidate and i want to know any PH candidate shortlisted for the medical test????

  75. Md Hasrat

    I got an email. saying they will send a letter for medical test by speed post.

  76. Dipak

    Tomra jara pass korecho tara ki kono letter peyecho speed post e..keno pale janao….

  77. shraboni mondal

    amar admit card harea gacha akon ami ke kora exam dabo?

  78. Soumya

    Is there any possibility of 2nd Pre-Employment Medical Examination list..? plz comment.

  79. Ankit..

    @ Dipak..

    Candidates those are selected , are they having an any email from wbsedcl regarding got selcetd for medical ?

  80. Murshidul

    Plz inform me the documents we have to bring for medical…..????

  81. Altab Ali

    A senior office executive told me that theres been no records of dropping any candidate from medical test unless there is some serious problem like brain cancer lol…unsuccessful candidates will be given chance to re-appear for the test and their employment will be delayed.

  82. Dipak

    Wbsetcl office executive, exam held on 02-02-2014, result out…..

  83. sonu

    mam medical test jodi valo report hoy tahola to job paya jabo?????na shortlist hoba

  84. Ankit..

    junior Executive .. Finance ..

    ar 7 ta candidate ki select holo?

  85. Ankit..

    ss … tumio ki ph candidate ?

    Amiyo pass hoi ni…..

    p.h er ki result berobe pore? n

  86. jahir

    office executive er result ki barieche ?
    jodi beroy, janbo kibhabe?
    jara jano please please please inforn koro……

  87. MAMPY

    wbsedcl in/irj/go/km/docs/internet/webpage/PDF/Careers/Pre-Employment%20Medical%20Examination%20in%20respect%20of%20OFFICE%20EXECUTIVE%20candidates.pdf

  88. Sintu

    My interview was very good.i am also sc candidate but i did not get job

  89. abcd

    jader name list e ache tader medical clear hole tara ki sokolei job pabe .. na abar sorting hobe ? plz rply

  90. sachi

    Esha mam amar nam nei list e .mam ora to puro vacancy fillup koreni..tahale mam is there any possibiliity that ar o akta list beronor..?mam pls reply

    Tomra keu janle pls janabe..

  91. ASHISH

    result outtttt………………………i m in …………..kintu aabar medical er chap

  92. sourav das

    Pre-Employment Medical Examination in respect of OFFICE EXECUTIVE candidates is out

  93. Altab Ali

    My test will be at Fortis on 11 March 2014. What about you guys? Please, share!! And thanks so much Esha ma’am for your wonderful support :)


  94. Altab Ali

    Office Executive for MPP/2013/07 result out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am in, what about you guys?????

  95. oli

    ZARA, I also called on 033-23197211. They are saying that Office Executive result will publish within one and half month.




    RESULT OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RESULT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RESULT OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RESULT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RESULT OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RESULT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RESULT OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RESULT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RESULT OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RESULT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RESULT OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RESULT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  98. zara

    Ami aj 033-23197211 no e call korechilam..bollo 1 mnth er modhe berote pare..janina..oder kacheo kono sathik information nei.kotha sune mone holo..
    tomrao call kore dekhte paro..

  99. jayanta karmakar

    Krishanu–Medical er din ba tar porer dhaape jodi kono SEB r lok er sathe tomar dekha hoy, tahole ektu jiggesh korte paarbe ei byapare karon oder heipline no ta office time o laage na

    Aar ami jotodur jaani litigation file korle puro notification er sathei jaawar kotha,kono ekta part er jonno noy

  100. krishanu

    @ jayanta karmakar DCL er help desk no. (033)-32541963. try it… jodi ora kono tentative date dite na pare atleast jigges koro kono litigation e pheseche ki na.. cause in that case.it will take time..good luck..

  101. jayanta karmakar

    Krishanu — tomar kache ki kono contact ache SEB r loker je bolte parbe office executive r result kobe berobe
    Esha–Please tumi ki kichu news dite parbe je office executive r result kobe berote paare
    Onyo ra—Keu ki kono khoj peyecho

    notificaton er time theke ekhon thik 7 maas hoye gelo,tahole eto porikkha niye labh tai ba ki holo
    Application bach te bosle eto dine sesh hoytoh hoye jeto

  102. krishanu

    Today i had my medical test there first we needed to meet the inspector from DCL who verified the documents & collected the photos than we were asked to fill up a form at about our & our parents’ medical history, our lifestyle etc. No big deal.. than they took x-ray of our chest, did ECG, took our weight, height, BP, pulled a lot of blood out of me (hurts..) & than took visibility test & ENT test.. there was nothing to be worry about… altogether took 3.5 hrs to complete mine & that was minimum… & yes! we also had breakfast there…

  103. Oli

    When the WBSEDCL result is going to publish????
    If anybody has the answer please share it….

  104. ALI

    office executive er result koba beroba……….?kono news thakla share koro plz…..

  105. ALI

    jr.executive( finance) today jader medical accha tara tomader experience share koro plz………..

  106. jahir

    madam, please inform how am i able to know the office executive’s result, when it will publish ?

  107. krishanu

    @ Martin i have applied for jr. Exe (Fin). they told me nothing but the date for the medical test & the reporting time which is on 24th feb at 8 in the morning..

  108. Imran

    Ankur 2mi kotha theke janle ofc executive result monday publish hobe?janao plz…

  109. Martin

    @ Krishanu u have been applied for office executive??? and whats else they said to you,,,, when is ur Medical Test ??

  110. DEBU

    ankur tomake k bollo monday result dabe ………………………………………………………………..

  111. krishanu

    @ soumen ami 17th e 1ta call pai vidyut bhavan theke saying..amar medical test aache on 24th..than 18th e web site e notice publish hoi & 20th e 1ta speed post pai carrying some details of the documents i supposed to carry..

  112. Soumen

    achchha jara jr. Exe e interview pass korechho, tara ki kono mail or sms alert peyechhile?? tader ki kono medical call letter download korte hochchhe?? plz.. rply..

  113. Martin

    Mam, i am ph candidate and i gave my interview dated 15/01/2014 and i have been found that just 3 or 4 candidate present for PH in interview and as per the adv total seat for PH – 45.
    So i wanna know mam that as in junior finance executive only 23 out of 30 selected … So what is my chances according to your statistics……..? please reply …………………..

  114. mahammad ali



  115. suman

    Vacancy for jr. Exe utive was 30 but they only ccalled23 so this time also they are not filling total vacancis

  116. sandeep

    notification mpp/2013/07 and mpp/2013/08 both are out! what about us candidates of office executive post?

  117. zara

    Mam tahole ki office executive er result o ebar beriye jete pare?as jr ex. er result beriye giyeche..pls reply mam

  118. DEBU

    didi wbsedcl office executive r finance r result ta publish koreche but office executive r ta koreni accha didi ora ki b-tech candidate allow korbe……..pls ans dio …..

  119. xyz

    The result for the same notification of office executive is out for the finance candidates..chk out

  120. krishanu

    exactly what i was afraid of.. bad news if it is true..
    actually i am not able to catch them over phone. if any body could, please ask them if indeed any litigation has been filed in this concern.. & don’t forget to post it.. keep rocking ..

  121. Altab Ali

    I am hearing rumors (probably) that 2 candidates who were barred from attending the interview due to ineligiblity have lodged a case against WBSEDCL resulting delay in result publishing. Any one can confirm if it fake or not?

  122. suman

    Mam tcl has published answer key for written test but there is lots of wrong answer given by them like dadasaheb falke puraskar is given in the field of sports but we all know it is gigiven in cinema. Now. Suggest us please what should we do ? Please mam help..

  123. Avijit

    17th january,2013 e office executive er j xam hoyechilo tar written test er result ki out hoyeche?

  124. Sarvesh singh bamrah

    Mam, my interview was great , i posses requisite experience from same field ,working in similar industry since 2 years
    i applied for Jr executive only issue is that i am not familiar with bengali language . My interview was in english and it was great . does ignorance of bengali would work as a demerit for me . can i count on my chances .please guide me

  125. MD NAZIM

    Esha dii can you please tell me waitage ratio for merit list in Written:Cpt:Interview for office executive post?

  126. saifuddin khan

    dcl eoffice executive er result ki beriya gache ????? plz plz plz janaben…..

  127. Biswajit

    Ma’am, WBSEDCL has recently published a notification regarding uplifting of Assistants to Office Executive. So, do they have a separate vacancy for the existing Assistants working in the WBSEDCL or seats for those Assistants will be taken from the advertised seat of 490 for office executive in total? Please, tell me.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Last time also they had similar vacancy notification and it was not clear whether this vacancy be used or separate ones.this caused delay of results

  128. mahammad ali

    ma’am please reply
    5th &6th sem er mark sheet 4th sem er same accha.

  129. DEBU

    didi please tell me how wbsedcl shortlisted a candidate ( on basis of only examination mark or total academic marks?)

  130. mahammad ali

    dear ma’am,
    prothoma amar marksheet a lekha chilo’A State University established under W.B.Act XXVII OF 2007) ata ami apply korer somai joma deya chilam. pora college theka marksheet change kora deyacha ekhon lekha accha..’A State University established by an act xxvii of 2007 of the west bengal legislature” ata interview ar samai jama diya chilam……….
    sudho matro 4th & 5th sem ar mark sheet ta change kora nicher kotha ta likhe diya cha. kinto marks & percentage same accha.

    ma’am ata te kono problem hoba…………reply plese ma’am
    thank u.

  131. amit

    i applied for jr exe finance post.but i does not hv any previous exp.
    Will it work against my candidature??

  132. Sonu

    I got a call from wbsedcl yeasterday…they asked me which one is my computer subject as every suject in the result was written in code language like C15G, C16H etc. I replied them…is it a bad sign?

  133. tenzin yangdon

    mam i heard dat the announcement of final result will take more 3 months is it true because last year interview for office executive was taken on august and they published result on january>>>> so mam plz reply

  134. KIBRIA

    mam, again thank u for ur help. Medical test ki type er hobe janale valo hoto(O.E).

  135. KIBRIA

    mam, again thank u for ur help. Medical test ki type er hobe janale valo hoto.

  136. PAWAN

    i am non bengali student i applied for the post of office executive in WBSTECL but in the recruitment they mentioned that the student should have adequate knowledge of bengali or nepali ,my exam is on 2nd of FEB 2013 ,so please tell me that whether its worth it to appear in exam or i will leave it ,,because they can reject me in time of interview or at any stage because of language problem..also please tell me in descriptive part whether wbsedcl or WBSTECL is asking any question in Bengali language and in time of interview will they talk with me only in ENGLISH because i dont know bengali please reply soon waiting for your response

  137. Arafat

    You told that there is some advantages for good academic score. How?? Because as per my knowledge, the final list will be prepared on the basis of marks obtained in written+cpt+interview.
    Thanks in advance.

  138. ALI

    can any body tell me when the result of WBSEDCL will be published the result for office executive?

  139. arn

    How many students for PD
    category attempted in
    interview? Have you any

  140. sobhan haldar

    Can anyone tell me how many SC candidate appeared for Interview for WBSEDCL Office executive post?

  141. Bengal Jobs

    Thank you Esha Upadhyay for this very helpful post.
    For the benefits of applicants, they can enlist themselves and check how many other candidates have applied by filling up the form at: eadmissions wufoo

    No personal information will be collected. Weekly email consisting of a list of candidates will be forwarded from BengalJobs to each and evryone who have filled the form. So add this email id to your contact list. All the Best :)

  142. Vinay Shukla

    Good Evening Mam….. when can we expect the final results Mam ????

  143. MD NAZIM

    What is the waitage ratio of Merit List panel in WBSEDCL O.E, ( WRITTEN:CPT:INTERVIEW)?

  144. KIBRIA

    tomra jara office executive a interview diye6o tara face book a frnd rqst patao “MD GOLAM KIBRIA MONDAL”.

    THANK YOU MAM, apner suggestion amar interview a khub kaje lege6e.

  145. Dipak

    Wbsedcl interview questions answers tips blog er thik niche jekhane wbsedcl er full form lekha ache seta wrong…..please correct the full form……

  146. mohosin

    How many candidate for OBC-A category attempted in interview ?have you any idea?

  147. Sintu

    How many students for Sc category attempted in interview? Have you any idea guys?

  148. santu

    mam written,cpt,interview marks add korai to final selection hoba na sudhu interview ar upar e selection hoba?

  149. raj

    Mam interviewer asked me questin in bengala but i given answer in english..but at the end they asked me u know bengali.. Then i ans yes after that he have’nt asked any single questn.. Is it create any problem in selection process. Ples tell me mam…

  150. krishanu

    hi di,
    had a nice interview (jr. o.e. fin.). i was asked two or three questions from technical or academic perspective.
    Now ! some stale news! there were less than 1200 candidates against total 520 vacancies. yesterday i was there till 6.45 & almost 15-20 candidates were rejected on the verification table & it will take a month or so for the results to be declared..
    any body with any idea for 14th pls share..
    & best of luck..

  151. swagata

    my interview was very good. asked one subjct qstn then family and about relocation option…
    lets hope for the best..

  152. Tarique Anwar


    I m dependent on you,guys.(for the news of final result)…

  153. Mohammed

    Ration of candidates were 2.2:1 (per calculation) i.e. 2.2 per vacancy. Only table no. 3 candidates faced some technical questions except that other were just asked few basic questions, like family details, schooling & educations etc.

  154. riya singh

    Can anyone tell what was the exact ratio of candidates being called for interview to the number of vacancies..??

  155. Md Hasrat

    Dear Esha didi.. thank u very much for your kind suggestions and help. Today I faced my interview. They only asked name father’s occupation, about qualifications and 2 technical question but i could not answer the last question.Is there any chance for selection?

  156. sarwar imam

    mem interview was great and when wil result be declare
    what are the next steps if wil selected ply mem reply and thank u very much 4 yr kind support and advise,
    u gyas are doing a very fantastic job god bles u

  157. Iunus

    Dear madam,
    amar gto kal interview chilo bt ora amk interview dite deini..becoz naki amr computer er eligibility match krche na..ami b.tech krechi serampore govt. Engg clg thke(wbut) in textile technology..amr b.tech e computer subject chilo viz 1. Computing theory nd lab 200marks in 1st year.2.computer application in textile theo nd lb 200marks in 2nd yr 3.information technology in textile 200marks in 4th yr..mam “bachelor degree in any stream with computer application as pass subject” eai criteria ta ki ami fulfill krchina mam??ami vbchi case krbo! Plz mam rply it as much as quick

  158. Subhankar


    I had my interview today and I was asked basic HR questions but they told me I was over qualified for the job and the interview hardly lasted for 2 minutes.I am a bit disappointed after all these rounds.Could you please tell me whether they will cancel my candidature.Thanks.

  159. deb

    interview held yesterday. ask only about me & my family, nothing else. best of luck.

  160. rima roy

    mam amr commerce back round.H.S e 60% royece.bt b com e 45%ache.certificate verification e kno prblm hbe ki???pls rpl

  161. MD NAZIM

    My Interview is complete..If the selection process is made on Written and Cpt then its all right.But If the selection process mainly depend on Intterview then have a big problem,.Because Interviewer ask some candidate very critical question. And iterviewer ask some candidate nothing… just ask What is your name? Educational Qualification?Where are you come from? thats all…So How they can judge the total candidate? And the Interview Time is maxmimum 3 to 5 munite.Today attend Maximum 330 candidate for interview.

  162. DEBU

    is there any body who faced interview today ?????????? pls update ur experience………………………………

  163. ASHISH

    can anybody tell me that they are taking interview in bengali or english. it will be very helpful.
    esha mam can u tell me in what language they can take interview.

  164. ASHISH

    if 15% is for interview then why ibps ratio is 80:20 for written and interview.

  165. SOURAV

    Hello Esha

    in interview can they ask any question from c/c++/Java/ language or database?

  166. Mohammed

    As per supreme court guidelines only 15% marks will be carried out for the interview.


    mam wud u tell me how many marks based on interview.if u tell me i will b very glad and will b thankful to u very much….

  168. sarwar imam

    mam pleasdm tell me weather they wil ask any technical questions my interview is 2moro please help me out

  169. SOURAV

    if in interview they ask that
    “will you leave this job after getting better opportunity?”
    what should our answer be??

  170. Arafat

    Mam, ami MCA final yr student of jadavpur university….Bca 2011 passout from wbut…. Jehetu ami mca final year student tai bujhte parchi na mca ta bolbo kina….plz mam help me….

  171. Arup

    Maam,are the candidates being called in order of the total marks in written and CPT?Those who are called on the earlier dates they are having better scores than the former?

  172. jack

    will cpt marks matter in interview selection??will they ask ques from microsoft office????

  173. Arup

    Maam,can you please confirm me the documents which are required to be attested and carried for the interview.
    I mean,the Class X Admit Card(for Date of Birth) and the Computer Proficiency Certificate.Is there anything which is/are required else to be carried?I know it is a bit stupid to ask it here coz its mentioned in the Admit but still please help me.And what is EC certificate?

  174. KANDAR

    Hi Mam,
    I hav a question to u. I am selected for intrvw. I am pursuing M.Tech and final yr student. Firstly I think dat dont mention it. it can be treated as overqualified for the post or can say why dont go for Phd? And since a final yr student so there is a chance to reject me. But i canot remember whether i have sent the mtech marksheets or not when i sent the application 4r the post. M nw confused wht will i do plz help me.

  175. SOURAV

    Hi all…….

    Can anybody tell me what is the job responsibility of WBSEDCL Office Executive in detail……

  176. santu

    mam I have completed BCA in 2010 but 3 year gap for this job.kono problem hoba ki?

  177. suman

    What should be my answer if they ask ” will u leave this job after geting better opertunity?” Mam please help me to give a satisfactory answer of tgis question?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      If I keep changing my career time and again then in the end I may not be able to gain decent knowledge about a field and progress further.So instead of changing my career time and again I will like to focus on one field and excel in that.


    mam interview te jodi ama k question kore toma k keno amra office executive job er jonno select korbo. ami ki answer debo please mam ans me.

  179. rohan


  180. Hiran

    mam please kindly inform
    what are the scopes of promotion or the highest position starting with the post office executive

  181. soniya mettal

    mam, graduation marks is the selection procedure for Office Executive.
    but I have completed MCA in 2013 that is more quqlification applying for the post.
    Would it be best if i show my MCA degree during interview?
    please suggest..
    Thank you

  182. Sujan Halder

    mam plz tell me what is EC certificate and who are those EC candidate that certificate needed for interview…plz

  183. KIBRIA


  184. Hiran

    mam please help me answering these questions: “why you wnt this job after doing above degree”
    Will you leave this job after getting bettr opportunity?” mam its an humble request please give me some tips because i’hve already sufferd from this questions in another intrviws..please mam …I’hve completed BE in instrumentation..plzzz mam…thank you in advance..

  185. IRFAN


  186. ANI

    Dear sir , i have a query ./ i am shortlisted for WBSEDCL office
    executove interview on 15 th january ,./ on the admit card there are
    written candidated must have bring their original degree certificate
    and marks sheet ,./ bur i completed btech in CSE from west bengal
    university of technology board , they yet not give me the board
    certificate but i have a net copy of provisional certificate ./ is it
    valid for verification ??? i mean no officeer will attest the document
    until i bring my original , in this situation what i should do ?? is
    it enough to bring the all marksheets ?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      You need to get the documents attested by Gazatted officer.Provisional certificate will do.As many WBUT candidates will appear for interview so not having original certificate will be a problem.You can get the docs attested I do not think any one will object validating them (WBUT) is renowed university

  187. Dipak

    Tomra ki keu jano je interview er jonno koto jon dak peyeche?????tahole pls janao…….

  188. soumen

    MAM plz help me to answaring these questions “Will you leave this job after getting bettr opportunity?” & “why you do not want to try for other job?”
    i’m b.tech in cse. & i’m a fresher. please give me some tips….

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      I want to be in West Bengal only.Most IT jobs are not based in Kolkata so I have to relocate to Banglore or other cities.Due to my family responsibilities I can not stay thay far from my family.WBSEDCL is big brand and I have luxury of being in Kolkata so I opting for this job.

  189. saikat ghosh

    mam, i completed m.tech in IT in 2013.i also have m.sc degree.
    do i mention m.tech during interview?? pls give some suggestion..



  191. kibria

    mam, ami interview te call peye6i(13.1.14). OBC-A. Ami Para Teacher (Primary) kori. ami form fill up karar samay para teacher/ employee/ serviceman hisabe korini. amar ki NOC certificate darkar habe. interview te para teacher kori bolle ki kono problem habe. Interview te OBC-A kato candidate dak peyeche bolle subidha hoto.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Tumi judi Govt School er teacher hoy taale NOC dorkar laage.Primary teacher bolle kono problem hobe na interview te..bas ora jigis korte paare presentjob ta chhar cho keno.jeta private school hole answer kora khub sohoj

  192. Amitava

    madam I’m B.Tech CSE.my graduation certificate is enough for computer proficiency or not?Please reply

  193. Hiran

    mam please help me answering these questions: “why you wnt this job after doing above degree”
    Will you leave this job after getting bettr opportunity?” mam its an humble request please give me some tips because i’hve already sufferd from this questions in another intrviws..please mam …

  194. deb

    @Rahul Paik if u don’t mind can i ask u what document did u provide during application supporting the computer knowledge? it will be helpful if u reply. thanks

  195. deb

    mam first of all i want to thank u for your continuous support to us, and with ur help i got selected for the interview for office executive post. i am ordinary graduate in biology with computer diploma and spend 2 years in s/w industry. what should be my answer if they ask me about my continuous stream change? thanks in advance.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      After graduating in Biology you had two options either go for higher studies or go for professional course to help you get job earlier.You opted for professional course and worked in s/w industry.WBSEDCL office executive post offers you better career option so you switched to this

  196. Rahul Paik

    mam i am from ECE (b.tech) background.my interview date is 14 jan 2014.plz send me interview tips.

  197. mayuri

    I have cmplted B.tech in IT. so which subjects are the more important for interview?plz help..

  198. Hiran

    I’hve cmplted B.E in instrumentataion..applied for office executive and qualified for the interview..what type of questions may be asked..plzz mam kindly inform me.

  199. raj

    Mam.. I completed b.tech in IT.. But in online aplication i fill my qualificatn as graduate in any decipline.. ..its my mistake.. Please tell me mam.. Any problem in document varification..

  200. purnendu das

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    madam ami bengali medium er student . cpmmerce background……..amr first introduction ta ki banglay dila valo hoba naki english a??????????????????????
    plssssssssss 1tu help korben madam…korla khub upokrito hobo….

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      please use the language interviewer is using.Judi ora bengali use kore tale bengali bolo judi english use kore tale english bolo

  201. chandra chatterjee

    Does graduation marks matter in the selection procedure for Office Executive?
    and I have completed MCA in 2013 and have’nt Specified about,when i was applying for the post.
    Would it be best if i show my MCA degree during interview?
    please suggest..
    Thank you

  202. Hasrat

    CPT result out ! I have been selected for interview on 15 jan.
    Please help me for interview..
    i have some query..
    1. in which language interview will be conducted(hindi/english/bengali)? i’m not so fluent in english and bengali? is there any problem? how to manage it?
    2. Will they select only on the basic of interview marks?
    3. i have passed MP in 2005 and HS in 2008; i had stopped my study for one year due to some family problem. is there any problem in interview? how to handle this in interview pls help me.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Interview will be conducted in English and sometimes they also use Bengali.The final merit list is created based on your overall marks (written,CPT,interview).

  203. swagata


    My interview is on 14th jan….what type of questions can they ask? cn u jst tl me abt the topics?

  204. papri

    I hava qualified for the interview.i have also qualified for ibps po and clerk.if i join wbsedcl job and then if i get selected in ibps,then will wbsedcl allow me to resign??thank you in advance.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      There is bond of 5 years if I can recall correctly.If you resign within this time then you need to pay some fine (it is 50,000) but pleaseread WBSEDCL advertisement for office executive for correct figures

  205. riya singh

    mam i want to know that i hav attempted 3 questions wrong in cpt test..so i may be securing 44 out of 50..pls let me know are any chances of being called for the interview in general category.
    ..nd mam pls also do let me know whether cpt results are out as the interview call letters are to be downloaded from 7th onwards..

  206. saifuddin khan

    1) I want to know that how many OBC-A candidates will be called for the office executive interview.?
    2) how many OBC-A candidate passed written exam of office executive?
    plz tell me mam…………….

  207. saifuddin khan

    interview date is given and i am confused whether the results are out or it will be published after 7th of january???

  208. tenzin yangdon

    mam is the result of cpt is out or yet to be out?
    because the interview date is given and i am confused whether the results are out or it will be published after 7th of january???

  209. Saikat Dutta

    Nearly 1200 students were called for the CPT for vacancy Gen – 79, Sc – 105, OBC – 35, OBCA – 133, Ex serviceman 25, ST – 68, PH – 45 i.e, total 490.
    1. I want to know that how many general candidates will be called for the interview.
    2. If there left any sit in any category after completion of the interview can it be merged with general candidates vacancy list.
    3. I want to know the percentage of possibility of interview call as I attempted 49 out of 50 in CPT with 98% accuracy.
    4. Being unable to download the interview questions, I want to know that the interview questions for office executive post based on HR question or else.

    Pls rply.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      As number of candidates called for CPT was less than number of vacancies (less than 1:3 or 1:4 ratio).You can expect around 240 Gen candidates for Interview.No the seat left will not be merged with Gen vacancy.YOU will get the call if that's true.

      Please use chrome and try to download again

  210. abhirup dey

    i am a graduate in Instrumentation Engineering and have qualified for the CPT. i have no separate Computer proficiency certificate as such except from Computer Science (C,Object oriented Programming) being a pass subject in the engineering curriculum. is there any chance of being disqualified during document verification? please help.

  211. abc

    3rd list of office executive will be publish tomorrow..total 212 candidate will be there…


    What should a candidate do, if he/she doesn’t join WBSEDCL Office Executive post after getting the posting location and submitting the all the dicuments, etc at the 3/4 day Induction Programme?

    What should he/she do if Police Verification is being carried out for the candidate, who has not joined after getting to know the posting location?


    What would happen If a candidate doesn’t join after getting the posting location (though the candidate attends the 3 or 4 day Induction Program and submits the Bond Paper also).

    The candidate doesn’t joins the posting location, at all. doesn’t draw any salary.

    Please rep[ly

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      If you have submitted bond paper then you will have to obey bond terms and conditions


    What would happen, if someone doesn’t join WBSEDL OE post after attending the Interview, Medical and Induction Programme.??

  215. Shraboni Ghosh

    plz anyone send me previous yrs office executive question paper@shrabonighosh123@gmail.com

  216. Partha pratim Nandi

    what type of questions comes in general awareness section..I mean will it cover just current affairs or other general studies like history, geography..science etc..??? plzz inform me Esha mam..

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      couple of questions from history and Geography are asked..but they are of general in nature..you should pay more attention to current affairs

  217. Babar

    Mam ami wbsedcl office executive er form bhora6i.plz bolo amdar ki typer, koto numberar exam hoba? & syllabus tao janio.


    How is it possible for a person to hold his official chiar even after his retirement??? How can they be politically or Officially entertained even after 2 to 3 yrs. of retirement that too in Vidyut Vhaban itself when a suitable substitute is available !!!! Are they practically any good to Official works??? or simply just because they hold some high rank portfolio in a political party they are treated as GODs of Electricity Department???? How can the Management sustain such thing…… however does our H’nble CMD Sri N.S.Nigam have any opinion against minimising AT&C losses in Urban supplies where Electricity theft is common practice???

  219. abhay

    bidyut bhavan ta party office hoe gae che, khali sajon posan cholche. valo exam dieo kono lav nei ghus lagbe noi kacher lok hote hobe..

  220. Umesh basel

    Will the second list for office executive W.B.S.E.C.L 2013 will be published or there is no second list please reply

  221. subha das

    hi madam,i applied in wbsetcl for officer executive post .But cant get tips or knowledge about the syllabus that what topics are very much important for me. I am awaiting for your reply .

  222. Sibaprasad bhadra

    Office executive wbsetcl er exam bengali medium e deoa jai? Er syllabus ki

  223. Esha Upadhyay

    I will write a post on wbsedcl/wbsetcl office executive written test shortly please check the site in couple of days…

  224. Esha Upadhyay

    Ahh..I just checked that I forgot to write post on that (have written on interview and computer proficiency)..I will write a new post within couple of days..

  225. tuhin

    amr ekta bondhu 2 years dhare service kare okhane OE post. se amake eta bollo. o bollo 1st medical list er 50 jon baki ache tader list berobe. kintu amio bapar ta bujhte parlam na.

  226. dddd

    50 jon abar kothai theke unfit holo bandhu? last medical list theke toh 7 -8 jon baad diye sobai toh joining koreche. ei 7-8 jon onno job peye geche tai wbsedcl e join koreni. Also last offer letter list er ses er dik theke 7 jon january 2012 advertisement theke niyeche!

  227. tuhin

    natun 3rd list OE der berobe na, 50jon unfit der berkorbe. tao sabar mato ami asa korchi miracle haye jane natun 3rd list ber hai, coz i m also waiting to hear this news.

  228. Esha Upadhyay

    One visitor has commented that there is probability of 3rd list..That may have names from unfit 50 candidates..

  229. Esha Upadhyay

    WBSEDCL will have final say in this..but seeing the requirement they may announce another recruitment drive this year

  230. Sujit Roy

    Hi madam.i have not been selected after interview of office executive.so I just want to know that the next exam of office executive.

  231. Barnali

    ma’am in which ration they will call for interview for the post of AM (HR)?

  232. Sudeshna Banerjee

    Please give me some tips about the SAE(Electrical) interview…

  233. Barnali

    Ma’am in advertisement it is mentioned that candidate having adequate knowledge in communicating in Bengali/ Nepali language is preferred. Then what will my medium of communication during interview?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      it will be English only.but they might check your Bengali knowledge by giving you newspaper or book to read

          1. Barnali

            ma’am in which ratio they will call for interview?

  234. surachit sarkar

    heloo friends, I have appeared in WBSEDCL Assistant Engineer exam(AE)this year,to retrieve my result I am entering my application no and date of birth but it is saying invalid login.Does it mean I am not shortlisted or I have’nt appeared at the written test..please help me.My exam was well.Now I am tensed to that actually what is my result? pls help me

  235. Surajit Barua

    Dear mam,

    I have been shortlisted for AM(Finance). My interview will be held on 1st Aug. 2013.

    So, I am heartlessly requesting to you if you tell which type of question in interview they may be asked? and what is the full marks of interview I will be oblige to you forever.

    I am awaiting madam for you answer.

    Thank you

    Have a nice day.

  236. Barnali

    Hi ma’am, I hv bn shortlisted for interview for the post of AM(HR). My interview is on 1st Aug, 2013. Pls suggest me some questions for interview.

      1. Barnali

        Ma’am in advertisement it is mentioned that candidate having adequate knowledge in communicating in Bengali/ Nepali language is preferred. Then what will my medium of communication during interview?

      2. Barnali

        Ma’am what will be the medium of communication during interview,as it is mentioned in advertisement that Bengali/Nepali language preferred???

  237. Partha Singha Roy

    hello ma’am..how can i prepare for the interview for d post of AE(Electrical),which is on 1st aug 2013..please help

  238. Barnali Barman

    Hi ma'am, I hv bn shortlisted for interview for the post of AM(HR). My interview is on 1st Aug, 2013. Pls suggest me some questions for interview.

  239. anirban dutta

    maam..i got an interview call for the post of AE (civil)…what is the interview call ratio for the general category..thanks in advance.

  240. MAINAK

    When will the final result of medical test which was held on 4.7.2013/list for appointment for the office executive be out? Plz rply.

  241. Sahil

    what is the in-hand net salary for the post of office executive at starting?? someone said that its nearly 12,000 at starting…is it true??plz comment

  242. sures

    ekta recruitement process commple karte prochur expence hay tai total vacancy fillup karbe that list theke.

  243. sures

    ekhan vacancy anek bere geche tai ar ekta list berobe oe bv theke ballo.

    1. XYZ

      No chance….prepare for new advertisement…remaining vacency for reserve catagory only…

          1. dddd

            Baba baraha nandan, sc/st/ph candidates ki ager list e chilona bolcho?

  244. SATTA

    @Sudipta dey tumi balcho ar kono chance nay tahle abar surprise habe keno? authority ki bhul o balte pare?

    1. abc

      Faltu kotha..r kono list berobe na..new adv berobe taratari…b prepared for that….old adv e r kono vacency nei..baki gulo reserve post..

  245. Sudipta dey

    Today I went for hearing with First Appellate Authority at vidyut bhavan. I asked him “is there any 3rd list will publish?” He dailed a number and after conversation over phone he told me that there is no chance. I know this will upset many people including me. but if it publish its a great surprise……..

    1. R

      Sudipta bhai…first apellate hearing baparta ki ektu kindly bolbe..

      1. Sudipta dey

        It is a matter related to Right to Information Act. previously I had applied for RTI.

  246. kiron


    1. Esha Upadhyay

      This depends on WBSEDCL..ora eta ke next recruitment drive te fulfill korte paare..ba natun list ber korte paare

  247. Esha Upadhyay

    please read the comment section of the post..Many candidates have shared details about Medical test…you will get all the information

  248. Sahil

    guys please tell me the shortest route for b.p.poddar hospital..via metro.

  249. Garvo

    can anyone tel me what will happen in medical test of office executive.Cause I am really worried.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      No need to be worried you can read real experiences of candidates in below comments

  250. kAMAL

    @Isha mam ekhomo 59 vacancy complete hate baki achhe ? ar ki list berobe?

  251. Kiron

    @bishu kintu ami sunlam aro ekta list berobe ?karan ekhono 200 vacacy achhe.karan aneke joining kareni .ar sab vacancy fillup habe adv .2012/05 theke ?bisu tumi ki bidyut bhaban theke sune balcho naa guess kare .khub pressure e achhi.

  252. piu

    Isha mam i am a MCA fresher. got job in TCS through campus interview. our joining is on 16th july in hyderabad. now i am selected in the second list for the post of office executive. medical is on 4th july. what to do? which one will b da best option? m really confused, plz help me out.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Please consider below points before making a decision..

      1.TCS (IT) job has more money than WBSEDCL job.
      2.WBSEDCL has job security.
      3.Career growth in IT is dependent on external factors as well along with your performance..The biggest challenge is recession
      4.West Bengal has limited IT companies as of now..You might have to be outside West Bengal for long
      5.Office executive is clerical job and after doing MCA you may not like it
      6.Growth in WBSEDCL is time bound..
      7.You will live in Big cities in case of IT job but not in case of WBSEDCL

      Please discuss above points in detail with your family and with yourself as well before making a decision..Also in case you need additional input from my side do let me know…you can share the details in any social networking site (add me on facebook rather than using this comment for personal discussion)..I can provide you more details about both career options

  253. kAMAL

    ekhomo 59 vacancy complete hate baki achhe ? ar ki list berobe?

  254. Sahil

    yes Eshadi, only medical test and police verification is left for finance executive.required marks were 55% all through the career, as in mba i already secured above 60% so it is expected that i will be able to secure the required marks at least.but didi future is always uncertain nd that’s why i m in confusion about attending the medical test for office executive. attending this one can be a problem for joining as finance executive??what’s ur opinion?plz help me out

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      I think you are at same position for both posts..There is no chances of getting rejected in either (also check medical standards for these posts). Medical standards are not very stringent but to be on safer side you should check it..IMO you can also contact WBSEDCL ..WBSEDCL Vidyut Bhawan has HR department..you can contact them and explain the situation..They will understand it..

  255. bishu

    2nd list publish..i am selected…ekhane anek binyo manush jon bolechilo 2nd list 100% no chance..tara kothay gelo..??

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Congrats…Good to know your patience paid off…But I will like to request you to be humble and do not use abusive language for people claiming there will be no second list..Every one was making their guess..

    1. bishu

      ha khoj niyechi..r kono list ber hobe na..aug e abar advertisement berobe…

  256. KAMAL


    1. bishu

      eta second list for the notification no MCC2012/05…vacancy ta vacancy hisabe theke jabe…next bare add hoye jabe…

  257. Sahil

    respected Esha di, am facing a serious problem..i was cleared the office executive written test and CPT. i also appeared fr interview bt in first list i was nt in. As i am doing mba, in february i sat in a off-campus drive of wbsedcl for finance executive and got selected. as our last semestr result of mba is still pending our joining procedure is not initiated by wbsedcl but they told to submit the final result as soon as it published.in the mean time i got call for medical test for the office executive post in 2nd list. my result is going to be published soon. now what should i do?should i attend the medical test for o. exe? if i attend, will it harm to get joining as finance executive(as it is high-salaried)?or should i skip this one and wait for the medical test fr finance exe? plzz help me out ….

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Only medical test for Finance executive is remaining or you have some other tests left…Also are you confident that your last semester marks will meet WBSEDCL eligibility criteria..

      1. bishu

        abhay diye labh nei bhai…je vacancy ache ogulo reserve…general theke fillup nehi karega..

        1. kAMAL

          ekhono to eneke joning hayni segulo to vacancy hisabe thakbe ?segulo o to next medical list ber kare nite pare?

          1. abhay

            thik bisu ke sisu r moto kotha bolte mana koro..

  258. Sudipta dey

    I have filed First Appeal to first appellete authority….

    1. R

      @Haris…is this a question or assumption…I m confused by the way u have written it :)

  259. ckp

    @Esha Di!
    any Information/ Discussion regarding UpComming A.E Examination of WBSEDCL???
    Which type of Que Pattern we can expect….

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Are you talking about Assistant Engineer exam..if that is the case then I have written separate post on that..please search this site

    1. Kasim


    1. abhay

      kintu ami je sunlam eta complete na kore notun adv. ber korte pare na……ekta list berobe, khabor nao kobe berobe,, and share it with every one..

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Who gave you this information? Please quote so that candidates do not get confused.


    WBSEDCL is responding to RTI..good going WBSEDCL..

    1. R

      If u hv filed and received a reply pls share with us (offcourse if u dont hv any issues with sharing)

      1. Esha Upadhyay

        Please read RTI guidelines before sharing any information publicly.

  261. AMIT

    Is someone has any information about 2nd list from WBSEDCL?Please reply

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      I do not have information but some has mentioned below that there is 2nd list possibility.

    2. Tara

      No 2nd list. Last year Jr Asst Eng. recruitment adv came in Apr 12 then Office Executive in May 12. So u can hope for Office Executive recruitment on May 13.

      1. Esha Upadhyay

        So much confusing news coming up..someone below commented that A Dutta joint secretary of WBSEDCL informed that second list will be out..Now you informed no second list..

        I will request you all please make comment only if you have right information else you can mention while commenting that it is your personal beleif based on some data..

  262. SURESH


      1. Esha Upadhyay

        yes please contact me on any of the social networking sites or mail..One person did mentioned his contact details in comments but I deleted it for privacy concerns..


    did last remaining 91 candidate out of 853 candidates got posting……?

  264. SSS

    FULL INFORMATION GET FROM A.DUTTA MOBILE NO- (deleted on request of one commentator)

    1. R

      Who is A.Dutta?? If u hv the number then you must hv called up the person…pls share the information…

      1. Esha Upadhyay

        Name of person making that comment is visible to me but I can not disclose it..To me it seems like A Dutta is some one from WBSEDCL itself..please check if this name is somewhere in RTI or other contact details


    Those who are waiting for 2nd list, stop waiting and file RTI. Atleast you can know why you was rejected…..

  266. R

    Generally for any PSU job the panel remains valid for 1 year. Hence, all of us can hope till the end of May.

    @kh 100% info ta kotha theke pele??

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      I guess KH have not received this information from any reliable source..As he was previously asking the same question about 2nd list.

  267. AMIT

    Anyone have any information about 2nd list from WBSEDCL?Please inform .

  268. AMIT DAS

    I know one person who does not have any one year computer course certificate.He has only result of it.He also joined in office executive post.Is this not a corruption?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      I think it is not.As he has result confirming one year computer course.They can ask him to produce certificate later..

  269. R

    Subho Nabo Borsho to all…Pls share if any one hv any info abt 2nd list


    Today I was submitted my & my friend’s RTI application to Niladri sadhukha at HRD cell,D block, 5th floor, vidyut Bhavan.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Good..I am very much glad to know people are using their power..All the best..hope it works out great for you..please inform me in case you need any help from my side

    2. R

      @Sudipta, what all queries have u filed in RTI? Its, OK if u dont want to share…

      1. Esha Upadhyay

        In my opinion it is not good to publicly share this information..

    3. Tara

      Very good, But you are late. They will take one month, then appellate authority will take another one month. Still you are in right point. Can file a case against WBSEDCL? ’cause other then court order they will not response.


    is all 853 candidates got placed? I think that 80-90 candidates did not get place till today…. I observed that by downloading pdf of appoinment from wbsedcl site ….


      5-10 days before of 30.05.2012. registration started from 30.05.2012

  272. TARA

    Do you know the Advertisement date of Office Executive (MPP/05/12).? Please share.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      No I do not remember..may in you can search in this post (comment area) someone has posted link or mentioned the same

  273. R

    Esha pls try to get in touch with Tanusree to seek some info abt 2nd list..Her info was most accurate

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      OK I will try to contact her..and update you all in case of any updates

      1. abhay

        esha di koi 2nd list er bapare kisu bolchoi na? tumi try korlei khobar ber korte parbe…..ektu khoj nao na didi..

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          Abhay aami kono way te WBSEDCL thike related na..so I can be of no help here

  274. amit dhar

    when published second list post of office executive for medical


    Sources say that there are lot of corruption occured in VB. because they do not have any service commission or board. they totally hand over their recruitment process to a placement Agency of Minto park. Even one of my friend entered by backdoor in this office executive process…..

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      This is really disappointing..Few have filed RTI but none acknowledged about the response?

      I think if you know this much detail you should file one RTI and get the details..Do not forget to followup on RTI..Also inform me in case you need any help from my side.

      1. TARA

        They are sending RTI reply . If u did not receive RTI reply, please go to VB (RTI Cell) with ur valid ID card and application that u have not received RTI reply due to Postal Delay/problem . They will issue another reply but before that they will check their dispatch register. If you are not satisfied then put an application to Applet authority in VB, …. then followed by WB Information commission.

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          First of all I have not filed RTI but many candidates mentioned that they will.But none of them mentioned about reply..I gave filing RTI suggestion to candidates because it is their right to know the truth.

          Thanks to you for outlining details of RTI procedure in context of WBSEDCL.

      2. SUDIPTA DEY

        My RTI application is ready…. i will file this on 1st April with my friend.

  276. Tara

    No 2 nd list. Wait for 2 nd advertisement for Office Exe. Source VB

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      source VB what does VB stand for..can you please mention it?

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          Thanks for sharing the info with candidates..the way you are saying this makes me feel you are related to VB :-)

  277. Blog Developer LeThao.Net

    That is very attention-grabbing, You are an excessively professional blogger. I have joined your rss feed and stay up for looking for more of your great post. Additionally, I’ve shared your site in my social networks

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing,bookmarking the website….How you landed on this page?

  278. Khach san

    I used to be recommended this web site through my cousin. I’m no longer sure whether or not this publish is written through him as no one else understand such specified approximately my difficulty. You are incredible! Thank you!

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      I read the comment twice but unable to understand it.BTW thanks for the visit.

  279. Esha Upadhyay

    Someone is using my name to post information about WBSEDCL Office executive here.I have deleted 2 comments from the same person yesterday.
    Whoever the person is I request not to do so? This post is meant to help candidates not spread rumors.Also it is not good to use my name for your posts.

    1. APU

      didi apnar blog -e ekta problem royeche…….karo comment-r reply korte gele by default Name and Email field oi comment jini korechen tar name r email automatically loaded hoye thakche……tai keu jadi reply kore without any information tahole je comment koreche tar name-r respect-i oi reply asche……

      1. Esha Upadhyay

        Thanks for pointing out that..Aami kichu change korlam..ek baar bolis judi problem ta aabar hoy…

  280. abhay

    esha di pls say some thing about the 2nd medical test list…i.e,when it will be out; how much will be the vacancy etc.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Aami jani na re kobe berobe 2 nd list..this depends on wbsedcl..i can try to get the news

      1. abhay

        thanks esha di, pls try to get the news it will be helpful for all of us who are very eagerly waiting for that 2nd mt list..

        1. APU

          aj temporary unfit der 1st batch-r posting holo…….aj ek jon vidyut bhaban -r employee bollo r kono 2nd list berobe na medical-r…………….next notification for employment berobe khub tara tari…

  281. susmita

    yes Esha di its true i also see this “Anonymous” in place of nameand with email address abc@gmail.com…when i write comment

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      The issue is resolved now…in case you see something like that please let me know

  282. susmita

    Esha di amar wbsedcl a joining 12th march r ibps clerk er amar interwiew roache 21th march,thursday,,,join korei ki chuti neoa jabe?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Bole dibi soris kharab aache aaj ke aaste parbo na..arrey ek din chutti nile kichu aase jay na

      1. Anonymous

        @Esha frankly speaking this blog about interview questions of wbsedcl O.E is more or less same like the general interview questions which can be easily found in the internet-the only helpful thing is this comment place which is like discussion forum..btw just want to mention some things-1st) idk which seo technic or plugin u r using for seo purpose but have to say that before feb 10(approx) ur blog appears differently on different times of a day-sometimes not even listed on google’s 1 st page for some times-hope u have fixed this.2nd) change the “permalink” to a suitable context coz its really irritating to see “permalink” clickable option just after ur name and date details.3rd)i have a question-are u running this blog with opportunity to earn some online money??(dont misunderstand it-general query :P) 4th) try to check this without logging in as Admin-whenever someone writes a comment his name and email address is shown through the respective places to the very next peole who is going to write some comment-eg. when i want to reply on this thread on name place-susmita was written and in the place of email-susmitapl1@!gmail.com or some thing like that was written..so this is serious privacy problem for users-try to fix this asap

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          Thanks for dropping by and offering suggestions.

          The post content may be crap but as far as candidates find it useful I am fine with it.This post looks like forum because I reply to each candidate query (about interview and other things)

          1.I moved my blog to VPS.VPS configuration was an issue that’s fixed now.
          2.by permalink you want comment link right.
          3.Yes I am making money.But main aim is to help individuals.You can see objectives of this site on about page.
          4.I was not able to recreate the scenario.But will look in details.

          1. Anonymous

            why VPS? i mean what are the benefits?? yeah permalink is more or less like comment link but it shouldnt be showing like this..well if u are making money then just 1 thing i want to say that work on seo more and Google Adsense and InfoLinks are not sufficient for money making purpose :P u are using this two and adsense cpc is not so high i think and also the ctr is also relaively low-right? anyway u can opt for other companies also as well as opt for some kinda affiliate.U dont need to recreate the scenario-just access this page from any other computer and check out

          2. Esha Upadhyay

            Thanks for your care and time..

            well VPS gives you more control..there is no need to do anything for seo if content is good it will sell..there were issues in jan and feb due to wrong configuration and now everything is in place..about money part these two are best combo..feel free to share your suggestions as well..I am not using this post for making money but for helping candidates..I have other options for making money also.which you will see live within few months as well..The problem is solved it was due to caching mechanism i was using..

            We can discuss it on mail or other place as this is not right post for this discussion (it is not helping the visitors).You can continue the discussion over contact@udinra.com

  283. susmita

    affidavid joma dile wbsedcl e oder toro theke police varification korabe,,,bv theke bollo

  284. APU

    keu bolte parbe 1st class magistrate-r kache AFFIDAVIT korano -r samay Police verification report legeche kina???

  285. susmita

    @Ajay, Esha Di
    agreement papaer a agrrement made on____________________day of___________ai blank duto te ki likhte hobe aktu janabe plz.thik bujhte parchi na.r agreement and bond paper ki 100 takar stamp paper a sudhu type korabo or notary k dia notarisation korate hobe?

    1. Rabi

      That will be.. Joining date & Year(for ex. 18th …day of…2013)

  286. Ajay

    Finally amar 12 e joining Didi toma k onnak onak thanks. tumi suru takay satay chilay bollay eto guide pelam r chakri ta holo. Sob tomar jonno from the day first onak thanks janie.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      glad to know it helped you…Congrats,mishti ta baki rohilo :-)

  287. mainak

    thanx esha, ur blogs really helped a lot. also the discussions on this forum were a great help. i have got may joining on 7th. thanx once again

  288. Lady

    12th march joining pelam….
    1)affidavid to 1st class judicial magistrate k dia korate hobe
    2) agreement
    3)bond paper ta stamp paper a type korabo.
    4)family background er form
    5)verification form
    6)nationality form
    7)age conformation form
    4,5,6,7 number form gulo ki wbsedcl theke post a pathabe amak ?naki just website theke print korbo?
    aktu janao plz tomra….
    r akta question ache family background form a ki non related to me person k dia sign korate hobe?plzzzzz aktu help koro.

  289. Shashi

    Eto lok aei forum e RTI korbe ba Koreche bole janiyeche. Kintu keo RTI reply peyeche kina seta janache na. Jadi peyeche se ki oder reply te santusto. Jadi santusto na tahole ki step nichhe bolchena.

  290. ABCD


    1. biswajit

      Sob joining list r unfit er list er number count kor r ektu brain apply kor tahole bughte parbi akhon obdi 114 jon absent ache

  291. ashi


  292. Lady

    @shashi..r u confirm sob temp unfit ra joining pabe?ami 19th feb medical certificates joma korechikam…akta to joining list beriache 7th march…amar nam sekhane nei.

  293. Lady

    @apu ,,ha temp unfit list a amar nam ache.7th march akta joining list beriache.but amk joining daini…ki jani ki hobe. ami 19th feb certificates joma korechilam.tmi kobe joma korechile certificates?joining peye gecho ki?

  294. debajyoti bhakta

    keu nadia,hoogly theke,raiganj a mutual jete chaile plz contact koro.

  295. debjyoti

    Amar bari kalyani,bt posting poreche raigang(400km),,transfer niye kivabe r kotodiner modhye kolkatar ba barir kachakachi asa jay.keu janle plz share koro.

    1. biswajit

      VB theke result berobor 2 din age amake bolechilo 2mas por result berobe..so VB er kono kothar thik nei

  296. ashi

    DONT HOPE OF 2ND LIST OF MT.karan sakale balche mone hay .confirm keo balche naa

  297. abhay

    @biswajit: tomar kotha gulor jukti ache, MT list ta kobe je berobe??? berole amader sobar e ekta chance theke jabe…

    1. biswajit

      Vacency to anek ache…kintu amar abar bhoy lagche je ora jodi mone kore abar notification ber kore fresh recruit kore tahole chap hoye jabe…kintu oder agency akhono thik hoyni..tai 2nd MT er khub chance ache..

      1. abhay

        ekta recruitment process complete korte 1 yr. time lage. toto din office gulo faka rakbe bole mone hoi na….

  298. Lady

    temp unfit der kobe theke joining debe keu ki jano?adeo ki debe joining?plz jodi keu khobor peye thako tobe share koro.

    1. APU

      okhane jini receive korchilen tini bolechilen list berole March -r nagad ber hote pare……er beshi kichu ami jante pari ni…….

  299. abcd

    plz aktu bolbe caste vveriiffication taa kkiivaabe kkorabo..?wbsedcl too kono caste verificaation erform pathaini…plz aktu bolo keu..is urgent..plz help me

  300. niloy

    Hello Esha di I am waiting for your answers that I have mailed you,please help me out…

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Niloy please mail me more details about yourself..It will help me frame answer for you..I am extremely sorry for the delay..but will update you tomorrow or day after tomorrow

      1. APU

        @Esha di : amar name temporary unfit -r list -e ache … lense-r power check up koriye doctor-r fit certificate submit korte bolche . …ami submit korechi……..kintu er por-e jadi list -e name na ase tahole ki korbo??? ekhono kono temporary unfit-r list out hoy ni

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          Besi bhag comment pore mone hotche temp unfit candidate ke call korbe…chap nis na

    2. niloy

      Didi I have sent some more questions if you could help me one again

      1. biswajit

        @ KKKK second list ber hobar chance ache..karon 1st list e max 740 join korche..oder 1000 vacency chilo..ar ota may’12 te..akhone vacency aro bereche…so ato vacency fill up korbe ki kore..??oder anek CCC natun khulche r anek office e lok kom ache..tai amar mone hoy 2nd medical list ber hobar chance ache..WBSETCL e dekho oder o acta 2nd list beriyeche..

        1. KKKK


          1. Shashi

            Baki ta 147, Tader modhye ST-60 Ex service – 50 PH-30. Kintu aei vacancy ta dicche kothay. Ekhan updi 3 te ex servicemen ke medical e dekeche aar wota 853 te included. Sab jayaga vacancy theke lok besi thake where as ekhane vacancy besi lok kom ( aami kintu ex serviceman er kotha bolchi) karon ex serviceman vacancy chilo 50 (as per advertisement) aar lok ache 28 approx tao wbsedcl 3 jon ke daklo. Abar ki 147 vacancy jeta ekhono khali ache tar theke exserviceman ke ki dakbey.

          2. biswajit

            Temp unfit ra sobai join korle 853 hobe ke boleche…already 100 absent chilo..aro absent hobe max 730 hobe…r St Ex-service man er breakup ke bollo..

        2. Wait_R

          i m obc-b cat. did not get final call. r der ne rsrv cat who did not hav der names in d final MT list…seat was just 60 4 obc-b…plz post ne news regarding 2nd list…


    Here i upload a readymade RTI application specially for this Office executive recruitment link is given below. just fiilup your details and affix a court fee stamp of rs.10 available in post office or nearest court, and put in a envelop and addressed to
    Vidyut Bhavan, Block-DJ, Sector-II,
    Salt Lake City,
    Kolkata-700 091

    download link of format:
    <a href="udinra com/products/RTI%20form%20Sudipta.docx" title="RTI form download link" rel="nofollow">RTI form download linke</a>
    The best way to send this is by hand to WBSEDCL's state public information officer Mr. Niladri sudhukan. thanks you.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Hi Sudipta,

      I have changed the download link of your comment.The reason is that link will create some issues for site.I have download your document and uploaded to my website.I changed the link to my site.

      Hope it is fine with you.I have included your name in file name as credit goes to you.Hope it is fine with you.


  302. SKu


  303. Lady

    22feb j unfit candidate ra joining pelo tader sobar e eusinophilia roache….17th jan medical test jader chilo tarao joining pelo..othocho bv bolche 19th feb report submit korte hobe to 17th/18th jan medical candidate ra ki agai report joma kore diache?kichui bujhte parchi na ..ki j hoche…

  304. keuakjon

    22.02.2013 e list upload hoache… ami unfit chilam 8th er medical e ei list e joining pelam

    1. APU

      tumi ekbar bolbe ki step niyechile??? amar -o 8th -e unfit -r list -e chilam , amar naam beroyni….tension hochche…

      1. keuekjon

        kichui na jedin ami letter ta pelam tar 2 diner moddhe fit certificate joma dia diachi..

  305. Soumen

    16 th or 17 th a medical hoyeache joining date payeacho amon keo ki acho.thakld plz janio

  306. deb

    6 th list kobe berobe tomra kono information jano….plzz khub tension a achi…amar unfit a naam nei…tahole ki ami fit??

  307. Lady

    temp unfit candidate der with unfit status akta list wbsedcl oder website a diache….fitness certificate joma dite hobe 19th feb 2013 vidyut bhaban a

  308. manav

    service bond & Agreement gulo ke ki Notary or Notarization korate hobe………… baa sudu stamp paper kine aur upar type korlei hoye jabe……………..pls reply

  309. mou

    helo friends aro ekta medical list berobe interview list theke BV theke bolche

    1. R

      What happened Mou??? Kichu reply korlen na to..khaborta ki satti..apni nije sunechen naki thru onno keu??? plz reply korun..


    Better you retain a photocopy. or submit RTi to information officer of WBSEDCL Mr. Niladri Sadhukhanby hand.

  311. trina

    29.01.2013 te jader reporting chilo tader k within 4.2.13 join korte boleche.keow jodi 1.2.13 te join kore se full month salary pabe but keow jodi 4.2.13 te join kore tar salary bad jabe 3 din er erokom kichu bapar ache ki???r ei je part part kore list er name bar kore join korache ,jara 1st join korche tara senior hoye jabe ki??? plz karo kono idea thakle or training e erokon kichu bolle share koro .

    1. Minakshi Das

      tumi jotodin job korbe totodiner salary pabe.r age jara join koreche r pore jara join korche sobai office executive e. ami 21 tarikh a join korechi . amar salary ami 1 tarikh peyechi. seta 11 diner salary chilo. r jara feb er modhe join korche tara pujor bonus o pabe.

  312. Mohon

    Esha di, i had filed an RTI on the 14th of Jan as an acknowledgement post, and as of 1st Feb let alone any reply to my RTI, i havent received the AD itself, so in case i donot receive the AD by 14th of Feb (30 days). What is to be done?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Receiving an AD is issue of post office.But in case you do not receive a reply or not satisfied by a reply (30 days) then you can approach First Appellate Authority

        1. SUDIPTA DEY

          If there are corruption occured in this recruitment the panel may hold. dont be affraid…..

          1. APU

            there already joining happened …so whats worth it to hold the panel??

          2. SUDIPTA DEY

            There are more than 3 people are gone through RTI. So, if there was corruption in this recruitment and case go to court then panel will arrange newly whatever some are already placed or not. If there was corruption occured and the case go to court.

      1. Mohon

        I think u dint get my point Esha di, im concerned with the fact that if in case i dont receive the AD and also the reply within 30 days and then when i approach the 1st Stage Appellate Authority, if they say on my face that they have not received any RTI then what proof am i going 2 show???

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          for AD related issue approach the post office.Do you have any kind of proof of sending the letter..

  313. APU

    List of candidates scheduled to join on 13.02.13 to the post of Office Executive against the notification no. MPP/2012/05………first 3 jon ke ager list theke neoa hoyeche……ki hochche kichu bojha jachche na

  314. Himesh Reshamiya


  315. kamal

    ami sunechhi je 3years bonding er jonno aneke absent ache eta satti katha ?

  316. kamal


  317. Ruhi

    Hello didi, I have filled RTI against WBSEDCL, but on IPO, I have written the name of payee as
    ” PIO, WBSEDCL ”
    they have returned the IPO to correct the name as only “WBSEDCL”
    so can I use that IPO again by any way (correcting it and putting sign over it or by any other method) please specify….


      Better u contact to West Bengal Information Commission. Bhawani Bhawan, Alipur. kolkata – 1

  318. TAZZ



    Just Go to WBIC office and launch a complain as soon as possible. WBIC’s address is Bhawani Bhavan, 2nd floor, Alipur.

  320. kamal


  321. Himesh Reshamiya


    1. Mohon

      Esha di, i had filed an RTI on the 14th of Jan as an acknowledgement post, and as of 1st Feb let alone any reply to my RTI, i havent received the AD itself, so in case i donot receive the AD by 14th of Feb (30 days). What is to be done?

  322. Lady

    @siddhartha mondal remedical letter paoar por ki ki korte holo tmk aktu share koro plz

  323. Lady

    most of the temp unfit candidate are suffering from eye sight problem(increasing power),low platelts….these are not serious problem all these are general…wbsedcl medical test a unfit peye ora temp unfit rekheche and amra jodi nijer daette er test kore dr. consult koria oder kache application joma di tobe sedcl er r kono responsibility thakbe na,,mane join korar pore jodi tumi kono vabe osustho hoa poro tobe ora tmr submit kora remedical report show korate parbe,,ai karonei ora remedical koria niche.jodi oder kauk bad deoar eche thakto tobe ora r remedical er bebostha korto na.they are very friendly with us.

  324. deb

    @sidhhartha… Je medical fitnes cirtificate joma dile setar procedure and ki ki likhte holo? Kono blood test korte holo ki? Kindly upload karo.

  325. APU

    08.02.2013 te joining -er list -er first name KOUSTAV SENGUPTA name ta pre medical list -e 45 no -e ache….as per norms or 21.01.2013 tei joining hoye jaoa r katha, kintu eto deri kore elo keno??? karo jodi or sathe porichoy thake tahole details-e jene niye post karo…

  326. Siddhartha Mondal

    Ami vidyut bhaban e 28th january te medical fitness certificate joma dilam. amader list kobe berobe jante chaile ora bollo website e list diye debe..and bollo je 853 er madhye sabai k neoa habe… if u will get any other information plz share with us…..

    1. Siddhartha Mondal

      What do you mean by ‘serious unfit problem…… Please reply… ki ki problem hole reject habe.. give us details information….

  327. TAZZ

    Friends just be calm,our effort can’t go in vein.WE WILL JOIN AND THAT IS CONFIRMED.

  328. Lady

    @TAZZ yes u r right ,,i hav visited vidyut bhaban they told me same as u….thank u tazz.and if u will get any other information plz share with us.

  329. Lady

    @Ajay tumi j bolcho j unfit problem ta dr. k dia fit koria nite hobe,,seta ato taratari ki kore somvob,,jekono unfitness fit hote gele long time treatment er dorkar,,,tahole govt dr. dia seta ratarati fit kore neoa ki somvob?amio vidyut bhobon a echilam ora amak bollo j tmr remedical korte hobe govt hoapital a or reputeted lab a,,,and dr. consultation korate hobe then report +dr. prescription and akta nijer lekha application vidyut bhaban a submit korte hobe and ora march mase unfit candidat der nam ak sathe website a bar korbe,,,,esha di tmi aktu sugest koro konta possible?karon unfit k muhurter modhe fit banate gele poisa dia banate hobe otherwise ata posible noi….ajay tumi jodi aro kono details information pao tobe janio.

    1. Ajay

      ora ja bolachay ami tae inform korllam. ami o jani jode kono serious problem sotte ota alpo somer modhay solve kora sombhov na kintu ora bolchay jae bhabay for example karo bp high may be for nervousness the bp get high on that particular day so make it normal and then check it by a physician and then get a medically fit certificate. Its about a requirement process if they take all of them and somebody from us get serious illness after one month and if unfortunately died. Then they will not take the responsibility of that person because in their point of view they declared it previously unfit when they examined by their own doctor, but for appointment the candidate self medical is submitted by the candidate. By this way the organization does not want to take medical misshapen for the probation period. on the other hand most of the people nowadays have some physicals discrimination due some other pressure like UNEMPLOYMENT. So we get easily frustrated and get nervous and our BP goes ups and down. So don’t worry have cool mind and consult some doctor which you feel may be for that reason you r unfit. Take Care BE HAPPY GUYS.

  330. Himesh Reshamiya


  331. Ajay

    Ami aaj vidyut Bhavan geachilam 8 floor c block Industrial relation. okanay deklam jara 7 jan medical e unfit hoachillo tara tader unfit letter ta doctor dea fit certificate banea joma deachiloo. amar 14 jan medical chiilo ami unfit hoa r jonnon okhanay geachilam jeegas kortay. odar behaviuoer khob friendly laglo ama k official bola holo tomader r letter na post koray amar email r letter both way a temporary unfit letter ta pathabo. sea letter ja unfit thakaby seta jodi fit koray ana hoa talay appointment deoa hobay. r bhetorar khobaor j 853 tea jara achay odar recruitment confirm r kono further list ora ber korbay na r 147 next recruitment add koray ber korbay. ama k wait kortay bollo may 6 feb onward temporary unfit letter will sent to respective email id for 9 Jan to 15 Jan medical list. so friend just chill and be calm and prepare for how to get a fit certificate from a govt. recognized doctor. 853 name thaklay job hobay. r jara listay nea tara j next step netay chay netay paray kano ke next list berobay na.

    1. Subhadip Datta

      thanks Ajay. amaro 14 jan medical chilo kintu liste name beroyni.

  332. TAZZ

    Believe me sobar joining hobe.ASSISTANT ENGINEER recruitment e jara unfit hoyeche tader kache letter gech6e.Tai amader o asbe.

  333. kamal

    temp .unfit de remedical er jonno call karle tahle selected howar chance achhe.

  334. mou

    kamal, interview list theke ki aro ekta medical list berobe tar katha bolcho? kotha theke janle. kato jonke MT er jonno dakbe?

    1. bishu

      @ mou, amar mone hoy ajay bolte chaiche 147 next recruitment er advertisement e add kore ber korbe..

    2. kamal

      147 jan er 2nd list berobe naa kintu 2nd list ekta berobe seta jato joner i hok.karan er aage junior executive pader 2nd list beriye chhilo.my mobile no.-9647953810.

  335. susmita

    aj ami vidyut bhaban a gechilam,joining list a amar nam nei keno jante,,ora bollo temporary unfit der modhe tumi akjon,,but dont worry tomader k remedical letter pathano hoche,,je karone unfit sei test koria dr. er sathe consult kore r akta application likhe vidyut bhaban a jama dite hobe.7,8,9jan jader medical test chilo tader letter post kore deoa hoache,,er pore jader medical chilo tader mail a or post a next 10-15 diner modhe send kore deoa hobe, march mase aksathe sedcl er site a temp unfit der list dia deoa hobe and then joining date,,ora khub jo diai bollo j kaukei bad deoa hobe na 853jon kei joining deoa hobe..r ha &th jan medical chilo amon dujon candidate der satheo dekha holo vidyut bhaban a tara re medical test koria document joma korlo aj.

  336. trina

    Please jader 21st joining chilo tara bolbe plz ki ki document lagbe,ki ki court paper lagbe,kothay kothay kar kar sign lagbe, & oi din vidyut bhaban e ki ki hochhe………..plz share koro tomra keow……..ami kichu i bhujte parchi na ki korte hobe………..

  337. kamal


  338. ms

    ‘temporary unfit candidate’ keu acho j dcl theke letter peacho ‘temporary unfit candidate’ bole? plz jodi keu thako share koro..



  340. Lady

    @Tazz tomar kotha jodi satti hoi tobe to khub e valo hoi,,,tazz tomar chena jana keu mane jara temp unfit tara ki keu ahono porjonto remedical letter peyeche?khub tension a achi…jodi aro kono information dite paro to khub relif pabo

  341. Lady

    @all vidyut bhaban a jara khoj nite giyechile tara aktu janabe plz j vidyut bhaban er kon floor ba kothai tmra infrnation peyecho?i am not selected in medical test,,,so i want to get information about the unselected candidate like me.amar kono rog ba kono somossya nei tobuo keno ora batil korlo.ora ki satti unselected der letter pathache?anyone got this letter till now?plzzzz pllzzzz reply


    Dont wait for 2nd list.
    If Any body interested to file RTI may follow this link
    or you can go West Bengal Information Commission, Bhabani Bhavan, 2nd floor Alipore, Kolkata- 700027
    they will assist you to file RTI.
    by filing RTi you can get any document’s copy of this recruitment. you have to file RTI under 6 month from date of result out i.e 2nd Jan 2013. after that Answer Paper will be recycled.

    1. Shashi

      How only RTI is going to solve the problems. You should share the next step after RTI. wbsedcl may or may not reply ur RTI or they may reply whatever they think its good. Then how ur going to tackle we should discuss. Every body only suggesting to file RTI but only this is not going to help.

      1. SUDIPTA DEY

        RTI is a act. So. it is a Legal Process. Wbsedcl is bound to give any xerox copy of documents like all answer sheets of 853 candidates who had successfully selected and your answer sheet.By this you can verify your marks & find out the cut off marks by this xerox copy of answer sheet. but you have to bear cost of xerox copy(s). after filing first stage of RTI if they do not answer or reply in 20-30 days, you can launch complain to “West Bengal Information Commission, Bhabani Bhavan, 2nd floor Alipore, Kolkata- 700027″. after that they will handle your matter. I went to WBIC office previous week. they told me this.

        1. Shashi

          Have u also lodged RTI. If yes then when. Have u received any communication from wbsedcl end. You are from which category. By your comment on this site I assume u have not passed the said exam. If passed then pardon me.

          1. SUDIPTA DEY

            I am not yet lodged RTI. I & my friend both went to WBIC office previous week to collect information from them about RTI apply procedure. My Category is General.
            Yes i also not selected after giving good interview. You can Go WBIC office at Bhawani Bhavan, 2nd floor to know about procedure.


    accha joining er j list gulo dicche site e…. sekhane name list e por por jemon medical test er por por serial number wise jmn dewa ache, temni nei keno.. majhe majhe 2 ekjaner naam gayab dekhchi joining list e….ektu help kro please… jaldi janao keu


    accha joining er j list gulo dicche site e…. sekhane name list e por por jemon medical test er por por serial number wise jmn dewa ache, temni nei keno.. majhe majhe 2 ekjaner naam gayab dekhchi joining list e….ektu help kro please…

  345. deb

    4th list out 72 in. 450 to 600 porjonto nam diyeche…
    but MT er lister 45 no er nam ta ai liste ache.

  346. Chandan

    Friends i was going through your comments, please stop waiting for the second list because it will never come out as wbsedcl did not found candidates from ST , ex servise & ph category for which those seats are kept vacant, And in the next year if again recruitment takes place the it will be added. But for now its over.

  347. mou

    keo BERHAMPORE or MURSHIDABAD theke select hoyecho ki. ar interview theke ki aro MT list berobe.

  348. bishu

    @ TAZZ.. amar o mone hoy ar acta list berobe..MT er interview theke…it may not be 400..but one another list will be…but wbsedcl eta akhone confirm kochu bolche na..

  349. TAZZ

    Tahole Wbsedcl mone hoy tomake sotti ar amake mithya bolc6e,setai to tumi bolc6o?

  350. qwerty

    Jader 21st e joining chilo tader kache 1 ta question ache; service bond e surety ar agreement e witness – ei 2 to jaiga te father er sign hole cholbe?

  351. riya

    Actualy i dnt hav matriculatn certifict… thats why i m asking whethr its required…

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Was not it required during the interview? I guess all the documents are required.In case you do not have please file an FIR for its lost and apply for duplicate one…this will do for the time

  352. TAZZ

    Sujoy is misleading us blindly.I went to WBSEDCL today,they told that letter will be dispatched to ‘temporary unfit candidate’.plz don’t lie here in this blog.THOSE WHO DID NOT QUALIFY INTERVIEW WILL NOT BE CALLED FARTHER FOR MEDICAL TEST.

    1. SP

      Tazz plz clarify bout the ‘temporary unfit candidate’ letter…did u want to mean dat those who got rejected
      in med-test (63+50+55=168 till now), are going to get a 2nd letter bout further med-test….i mean is there any HOPE left for those who got rejected…just forget whatever sujoy said…

    2. Tara

      Sujay ,
      If u do not know at least do not post all baseless remarks, after all it is the question of one’s future.

  353. Himesh Reshamiya


  354. sujoy

    dcl e phone kore jenechi. ar okhane amar ekta friend joining er jonno jai takhono tai bole ora

  355. deb

    @minakshi. 21 joinning-er experience share koro please. Kothay posting holo? Kono training hobe ki!!!

  356. sujoy

    friends tomra jara MT e select houni tader jonno aro 400 jonke interview list theke medical e call korbe.