Vcommission Indian Affiliate network review

Vcommission is one of the major affiliate networks in India.It was founded in year 2007.I signed up for this network before writing this post.Without testing out the affiliate network myself it is tough to write a review.I will describe my experience and other aspects of Vcommission Indian affiliate network in details below.

Signup and Approval

The signup process is easy.You will have to fill all the details and submit the form (online on Vcommission website).The approval process takes time.In my case it took around seven days.Vcommission office is situated in New Delhi India.They also call you on your registered mobile phone (during application process) for verification from their Delhi office.
After verification your account gets approved within couple of days.They do approve websites with small traffic as well.So new website owners should not have an issue.

Vcommission ads

The best part of Vcommission is that you do not need approval from advertisers.In case of other affiliate networks before using ads you should get approved by that advertiser.
Second striking feature of the advertising network is already created ad pools.You just have to copy the ad pool code and paste on your website.The ads get rotated based on performance.So webmasters will not have to worry about ad rotation and optimization.
The reporting interface is very good.You get details reports about clicks,conversions and money earned.

Payment details

They pay Indian publishers with check or NEFT.1% tax is deducted from individual publishers and 2% from companies.I have yet to see payment proof from any reliable source.So I can not comment whether they pay or not.The minimum payout is $100 (I consider this as too much).I used their ads for one day and did had one conversion earning $.84.
But I took down their creative from my site after that.You can use Vcommission if yo have decent amount of traffic from India and in a prticular niche.

Affiliate Program

They do have affiliate program.They pay 5% of your affiliate earning.So you can use their affiliate program to make money as well.But I have not seen much success with their affiliate program.


Vcommission has bad reviews on many sites.They are listed as scam site.I have also not seen many payment proofs (from reliable sources).All these factors does not work in favor of Vcommission.The minimum payment of $100 is way too much.Most of the small publishers take years to reach this mark (considering low payment and converison rate of Vcommission).So it is better to lower the minimum payment threshold.This might be reason of almost no Vcommission payment proof on internet.


Considering all above points I would say they are not worth the time.There is lack of Indian affiliate network and they may be one option.You can certainly try them.But do not waste your time seeing no results.

22 thoughts on “Vcommission Indian Affiliate network review

  1. i have tried most of the affiliate networks like, iCubesWire,, etc etc… but i am genuinely satisfied with palamit dot com one should try it..

    • Thanks for information I will check out Palamit.Is it for Indian publishers

      • Yes it is absolutely for India publishers..

        • It does not perform well as mentioned in the post

          • Jay Ravat

            why??? what pro you faced easha?

          • Esha Upadhyay

            lack of advertiser and it will takes too much time to reach minimum payout

          • Jay Ravat

            i dont feel so.. you can check s client list is now open for all.. minimum payout is just 50 USD ie 3000 INR.

          • Esha Upadhyay

            I will surely check it

          • Jay Ravat

            anyway Esha whatever it is i am happy associated with them since the time i got first payment.. and i must say customer service is just awesome.. quick reply on mails.. if you feel like considering, it’s good one..

    • Yeahh Same Experience. Very supportive.

  2. I’ve been with many affiliate networks like vcommission and & both palamit n vcommission are really good networks. supportive and quick. I even got paid 3 times by

    • good to know about your experience

  3. Hi Esha, I was looking for the best affiliate network for my coupon website and hope this will work for me. I have tried tyroo however seems not working for me.
    Thank you for sharing the details.

    • My experience with Vcommission was not good.You can use Flipkart Affiliate program

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  6. Dear Esha,
    I am from Kolkata. I have been trying with clickbank for quite a while. But failed. I want to do successful affiliate marketing. Kindly give some guidelines on it. I need your help. Regards.

    • What help do you need from me?

  7. It seems Adpool feature does not exist now in vcommision

  8. chanchal singh hada

    Hi friends, vcommission is completly fraud and scam ,they are just making people fool they dont pay anything. I have spent money to avertise them, on google, facebook and emails but when it comes to pay they blocked my account with reason thay i am sending adult traffic even without providing proofs or evidence. So dont work witb them.

    Thanks for reading

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