Use Google plus page to increase your Google search ranking

Google introduced Google plus page recently.Similar to Facebook you can create your own page and promote your website,business and anything you want to promote.

It is great tool for the webmasters who want to improve their search engine rankings.Google provides the badge which you can place on your website (similar to Facebook like button).But the benefit of placing the Google Plus Page badge on your site is (as stated by Google itself)

“Get more recommendations for your site in Google search and grow your audience on Google+”

The badge is available in many formats so more likely you will find badge suitable for your website.You just need to copy and paste the code to place your badge on your website.

The more number of recommendations your site has increases its chances of ranking higher in search engine (Google for sure not sure if Bing will give number of recommendations any value).

To create Google Plus Page you need to create your profile in Google plus.You will have an option for creating a page on the right hand side of your profile Home page.Rest of the process is very simple and can be easily completed.

You can share your page to all your friends (people you have in your circles) and promote your page.People need to add your page in their circles.If they do so then your posts you post on your pages will be visible in circles of the people added your page.This increases the coverage area of your posts and thus chances of higher traffic.The more people add your page in their circles the more is chances of your search engine ranking improvement and higher traffic.

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