Thumbnail from video in easy step using free software

Generating thumbnail from video is becoming a necessary task for webmasters using videos on their site.Before using videos on the site one major challenge was to generate thumbnails from video.But lets first see why video thumbnail is required?

Need of Video Thumbnail

Thumbnail is representative of your video.Google displays thumbnail on search results page.You might have seen youtube search results.These search results are accompanied by a image which is actually thumbnail image representing the video.Interesting and appealing thumbnails do force visitors to view the video content on your site.

So to increase Google SERP CTR for your cool video content you will have to go through pain of video thumbnail generation.

Video thumbnail creator

I am fan of open source.I will not talk about any paid software or services but a free desktop software which can be used to create thumbnails from video content of yours.You can download the software Video-Thumbnails-Maker from website.

After downloading just extract the zip and install the package.After installation you can select the video for which you need to generate thumbnail.The interface is simple and self explanatory.But in case you need any help just share your query.

WordPress plugins

There are many plugins available for this purpose.So if you are using a plugin then this should not be an issue.Some plugins require FFMPEG to be installed on your system (in case server) to work.So after installation check whether FFMPEG is installed on your server or not.You can request your hosting provider the install the package.I have checked this plugin (it generators thumbnail and also helps you embed video).

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I have tested above methods for creating thumbnail from video.There are solutions available except those mentioned above.So in case you are using some other software or plugins then feel free to enrich my knowledge.

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