Technorati tutorial for traffic and SEO

What is Technorati ?

Technorati is search engine for blogs.Lets understand it in detail.You will have to submit your website to Technorati and verify it as well.After verification your blog can be accessed by Technorati.The content on your blog is indexed by Technorati.Now users can search Technorati for blogs and posts.

You can also get link back to your website from Technorati.So it is good practice to add your website to it.It will not do any harm to your website.Investing few minutes will help you get traffic and link from this site.So if you are convinced that you should use Technorati then read the post below.

Technorati dofollow link
Technorati dofollow link

So to summarize benefits from Technorati

  • It helps you get referral traffic
  • Your website is discoverable by Technorati users.So it increases visibility of your website
  • Your website gets a dofollow link from this website.I have investigated it myself.Below is the code used to display your website
<td class="site-details" style="width:285px;">
<a class="offsite" href=""></a><br />

And your recent posts also have a dofollow link from the website as well

 <div class="round-rect">
        <div class="inner">
            <h2>Recent blog post</h2>
            <ol class="post-list">
                    <a href="" class="offsite">Save Gauraiya the endangered house bird</a>
                    <p>Udinra Sparrow is known as Gauraiya in Hindi language.Sparrow or Gauraiya was very common bird few years ago in household and villages.I remember nest of Gauraiya on my roof top.There were bunch of them.In morning I used to throw rice grains or wheat grai...</p>
                    <div> 1 day ago</div>

Adding your site to Technorati

The sign up process is easy.After creating your account you can add your website to it.Adding website is not tough process.The only somewhat complicated process is to verify your website.After verifying your website you can get benefits of Technorati.Your new posts are automatically shown there.

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Technorati users can search for your blog and posts.You can also tag your website into different categories.This will help visitors interested in a particular topic discover your website as well.Now lets see how you can verify your website with Technorati.

Verifying your website with Technorati

As stated above this is somewhat confusing step in Adding your website to Technorati step.So I decided to write a detailed post covering this approval process.After registering your blog you get Technorati claim token.They will mail you the token on the email id you used to register for Technorati account.The claim token looks like D3PRTKFT77G3.The example string shown above is claim token of this website.

Now follow below steps to verify your website using Technorati claim token.The process explained above remains same for every content management system.Below example uses terms and terminology of WordPress

  • Create a new blog post
  • Paste the claim token you got from Technorati on the post
  • Publish the post.
  • Check whether the post is also in your RSS feed.The rss URL you mentioned in Technorati details.It can be feedburner URL or your site feed address.
  • After publishing the post with token go to Technorati site.
  • On your profile page you will see check claim button.Click on the button.
  • On the next page displayed you can see details about How to claim the token along with your site thumbnail.
  • On the same page below you will see verify claim token button.Click on the verify claim token button.
  • You have finished your part.Technorati will check your site and approve it.
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Technorati tips and tricks

I will outline some of the best practices of using Technorati.Most of the tips and tricks mentioned should be taken care of while registering your blog.

  • Technorati helps you tag your website into categories depending upon content of your website.This tagging feature is also important for discover ability of your website.So it is good practice to select categories matching your blog content.If your blog have multiple content type then you can select more than one category for your website.
  • You should always add your website feed URL while registering your website.You can use feedburner feed URL but I will not support that.
  • Create a detailed description of your blog.It helps you.For example if a Technorati user is searching something and lands on your blog page then a detailed description does give them good information about your blog content.This increases chances getting visitors to your website.
  • Create a detailed bio of yourself.Writing a good detailed and impressive bio does help you.The visitors get idea about your interest area.They also built an idea about quality of your website from your bio.For example a new visitor lands on your bio page.You have written about your feat as WordPress SEO plugin or blogging theme developer or WordPress tips and tricks for traffic.Then new blogger will be tempted to visit your website.But if do not mention that in your bio then you are missing a reader of your website.


I have created account with Technorati.This website is verified with it as well.But after verifying this website I have not spend time of Technorati.I would suggest you as well not to dedicate time after following above tips and tricks during registration.The task is completed if you have followed above mentioned process.

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