Swift theme review

Swift theme is one of the best WordPress themes.It claims to be fastest loading WordPress theme.I was not digesting this fact and wanted to check out if it really is fastest loading.I installed this theme on my local system and was amazed with the load time and efficiency.

Fast Loading

I was looking for a fast loading theme and it served my purpose (being a shared hosting account a fast loading theme is must).Since page Loading time has become a part of Google search engine Swift theme powered websites have a definite advantage over others.

Page Speed and Yslow scores

It also scores good page speed score and YSlow score.You can cross check this by checking the page speed and Yslow scores of my website (different pages will have different page speed scores but all will be above 90) which is great looking at the variety of content sources used on this website.If you check the details of Page Speed or Yslow you can get an idea that the score is not 100 because of affiliate links used here. So if the advertisements are removed then the scores will be perfect or near perfect.


But speed is not only the thing when you are looking for a good theme.Search engine optimization is next thing to look at.So I looked into the code to find out how this thing is taken care of.I found out that it is also taking care of SEO issues (for example the blog title is within the <h1> tag).


After speed and search engine optimization next important thing was conversion rate (this is important for me as it is my livelihood).So I compared the CTR of the week I used Swift theme with previous CTR.It was better than the previous CTR. Having said that I was unable to find out reason behind good CTR using this theme (but the golden ratio as mentioned by Satish creator of this theme might be the reason).The ads gel well with the content and this fact increases CTR.

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Plugin Support

It offers support for plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast for search engine optimization and Yet Another related posts plugin for related posts.It does offer Tabbed widget,Popular posts,Random posts features and many widgets like Smart Text widget which displays only on desktop browser but not mobile browser.

Thus Swift theme stands out on all major fronts of good theme like Load time,Monetization and Search engine optimization.You can buy Swift theme using this affiliate link and do me a favor.

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