Swift theme customization tutorial

Swift theme is professional version of Swift basic theme.This tutorial applies for Swift theme as well as Swift basic theme.While working with Swift theme I did some customization based on my requirement.I thought this might be useful for other users of Swift theme.The result is this post.

Swift theme top navigation bar deletion

Swift theme comes with two navigation bars by default.The top navigation bar is located above site name and bottom navigation bar is located below the site name.If you are not showing any menu on top navigation bar then also it shows up.To delete top navigation bar from Swift theme follow below steps

Open header.php file of the theme and find below mentioned code and delete the code.It is advisable to backup the header.php file first before making any changes.

<div id="top"></div>
<div id="nav1-container" class="clearfix">
	<div id="nav1" class="grid_960">
    <?php wp_nav_menu( array('container'=>'',
			'menu_class' => 'navigation top',
			'menu_id' => '',
			'theme_location'=>'top-nav')); ?>
     <?php if(isset($swift_opt['swift_rsslinks_enable'])
	 include (INCLUDES . '/rss-links.php');?>

Swift theme header customization

Header Color Customization

To customize header color open your theme’s style.css file and make below mentioned changes (you should take backup of your code before making any changes for safety purpose).Add below line of code in your style.css file (search for header in the file and then copy the code in any new line)


This sets the color to #069 (color code) you can use color code according to your requirement.

Header Size Customization

To decrease the header area height locate below line in style.css file

#header{padding:10px 0;}

Change the above line to below code

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#header{padding:0px 0;}

Basically this small change decreases 20 px height.You can change the heights according to your need.In place of 10 you can use any height of your choosing.

Swift theme sidebar width customization

Swift theme comes with unique feature of customized width setting.Having said that if you change the width of Swift theme than the sidebar width also changes.Now this feature is useful but you may want to fix your sidebar width to certain unit like (350 or 320) but increase the content width area.Also the inner sidebar and outer sidebar width is different.

Whatever be the reason if you want to modify the Swift theme sidebar width then follow below steps

  • Log into your web hosting accunt and open the WordPress uploads folder.It is by default wp-content/uploads.
  • You will see folder swift-magic within it.Open the folder.
  • Open the file custom-styles.css.
  • In the file you will see below code.Remember the units in the code like 632,388,210 and 178 will be different in your case


In above code the content width is 632px,sidebar width is 388px,outer sidebar width is 210px and inner sidebar width is 178px.These number may differ in your file.Now you can customize your widths according to your requirement.

This file gets overwritten once your width settings are changed from Swift theme configuration options in your WordPress Dashboard.You will have to make these changes again.

Swift theme footer text customization

Swift theme footer has powered by WordPress text.In case you want to delete this text then open your footer.php file and search for below code

<?php _e( 'powered by', 'swift' )?> <a href="http://wordpress.org/" rel="nofollow">WordPress</a>

Delete the line to remove the text powered by WordPress.

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  1. Navigation bars do not show up if there are no menu assigned to them and display search box an rss links option is uncheked.

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