Sovrn formerly Lijit review Is it worth using?

Sovrn (Lijit) sign up and approval

Sovrn was formerly known as Lijit.This post will use the term Lijit or Sovrn to denote the ad network.Lijit currently does not pose any traffic requirement for the publisher.This is good news for publishers willing to make money from their newer websites.The account creation process is very simple.You can sign up with valid email id.

I had created Lijit account for this website.The experience was good.They also do not say anything about adult content.Even they have website category illegal content.But many partners of them do not approve adult websites or websites with offensive content.So in my opinion slightly offensive content might be approved but not all.You can apply for your website and see the result.

Sovrn Make Money Tools

Sovrn has many tools using which publishers can make money from their website.The diversity of products and ads type make LIjit good option to try on your website.Some of the options are exclusively for WordPress platform and Joomla platform.These options are new additions on top of services offered by LIjit.

Lets discuss the options provided by Lijit.After that we will discuss about the new additions.

Analytics Widget

The analytics widget give you insight about Website visitors.This by enabled by default if you are using ads or search tools on your website.You can get the information provided by Analytics widget from Google Analytics as well.Also this is not a make money tool.So from publisher point of view this is not an important feature.But it allows Lijit get an idea about your traffic and help you maximize your revenue.

Search Widget

Search widget is non monetization tool.The search widget and results page is shown below.This is the search widget creation page of LIjit.The search widget creation is simple.But in case you are using Google Search on your website then this widget is not useful for you.

Lijit Search Widget
Lijit Search Widget

Reader Widgets

This is again a non money making tool provided by Sovrn.Using this tool you can show country flag and city from which visitor is coming on to your website.It also shows whether the visitor is from search engine or direct.The Reader widget is shown in the below image

Lijit Reader Widget
Lijit Reader Widget

Ads Type

All the above tool are ways to enrich your website.Now lets see the ads type it provides.It provides four different ads type.

  • Display ads type -These are normal banner ads.Different ad sizes offered by LIjit are 300*600,160*600,300*250 and 728*90.
  • Mobile ads – Mobile ads have two different sizes 300*50 and 320*50.
  • Video ads – Video ads are offered in one size only.It does not provide too much details about type and format of video ads.
  • High Impact – High impact ads are available in only one format.
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You can mention back up ads for all the ads type.You can also set floor CPM rate for all ads type.This means if Lijit can serve ads with CPM higher or equal to that of floor CPM rate then only ads are displayed by Lijit else ads are displayed from back up ads.You can mention Google Adsense ads in backup ads as well.Backup ads functionality helps you maximize your revenue and display Lijit ads only if CPM rate is greater than a certain value.

Sovrn mobile ad manager

Sovrn mobile ad manager solution is available only for people using WpTouch WordPress plugin.WpTouch is WordPress plugin.It allows you to create mobile website.You can read more about it here.Along with WpTouch it supports WordPress mobile edition plugin.It offers similar solutions for Joomla mobile plugins as well.The Joomla mobile plugin it supports is JMobile.

Lijit Features

Payment Setting

The minimum payment threshold of LIjit is $25.The payment term is Net-30.That is if you earnings reach $25 at end of January then you will get paid on February.$25 is minimum payment if you have chosen PayPal as your payment option.PayPal is the only payment option available for publishers outside US.For publisher based in US two payment options are available PayPal and ACH.

The problematic part is that if you need to update your PayPal ID then you need to contact Sovrn.I have not tried modifying my PayPal id.So I am unable to comment on time taken in the process.


Lijit reporting is fairly detailed.Lijit dashboard shows graphical representation of impressions,ad requests and earnings in past 30 days.It gives demographic statistics as well.The demographic statistics include Gender of visitors,age of visitors and income of them.Audience statistics help Lijit target ads for your website.

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It also reports ad tag performance.The fill rate,eCPM and earnings are reported.You can use this metrics to get idea of best ads for your website.It also shows search data for your website.The search statistics is shown only if you have implemented search box from Lijit.

The reporting from Lijit helps you gain insight of your website visitors as well as ads performance.All the reports are broken into Domestic and International.Domestic is used to refer US.The eCPM and other rates are greater for US traffic.

Referral Program

Lijit does not offer a referral program.

Manage Search

By default Sovrn searches your website for any search query.But you can change this default behavior.You can include various social networking profiles of your in this search engine.Lijit will search these profile for any queries made by visitors of your website.You can also add custom URLs.

This is very useful feature.For example if you have got many videos on YouTube then you can include your YouTube profile in this search engine.The YouTube videos will also be fetched as part of search result.This will increase exposure of your YouTube videos.

Also if you have few more websites then you can include those in the search engine.This will act as a promotional tool for your new website.You can have your new websites added in search engine of old website.


Lijit (Sovrn) can be termed as decent advertising network for US traffic.They have good fill rate for US traffic.The eCPM rate is also fine.But this varies from site to site.You need to chose your site category.They have in all 26 odd categories.So eCPM rate might vary across the categories.To get idea of eCPM you need to use them on your website for sometime.

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I will not recommend them for International traffic or India traffic.This is the very reason I am not using them on this website.

9 comments Sovrn formerly Lijit review Is it worth using?

  1. I do not have much users from US, they are mainly from Asia. Can you give me some estimate what will be the CPM for those users ?

  2. For US the rates are good but for non US like Asian countries (they club non US ones as international) CPM rate is low

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