Social Media SEO tutorial for beginners Lesson 1

This is first lesson of Social Media SEO tutorial for beginners course. Before making your site social friendly lets understand importance of making your site social. There are lots of social networking sites. It is not possible for a website owner to use all of them and excel on every one of them.

So before starting to use them it is better to understand them. Also proper usage of the platform is also important.In this article we will give you brief idea of social site power and use. In later lesson we will describe Social sites one by one.

What is Social Media?

Probably all of you know answer to this question. Yet I started with this basic question. I am not going to define it. I would mention sites types which I will refer using word Social Media. By Social Media I mean all sites which have community or groups.

For example below sites are completely different in nature but I will use social media term for them

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Stack overflow

You might be knowing all of them or some of them.All these sites have communities in one form or other. Quora has users who ask questions and give answers. Similarly Reddit is community of users who share interested content with people of similar taste.

Why is social media important?


Most of you have seen Facebook page of important brands. You might also have seen Twitter handles of these brands as well. Politician, Bloggers and Companies are using Social Media networks. Have you thought why all of them are going social?

You may have followed politician , sports stars or other famous figure on Twitter. Do you know why they are on Twitter? We all have decent idea about importance of social sites for these big companies and persons. Lets try to understand importance of Social Sites for your website.

I will list out important benefits of these sites. I would discuss these benefits from a website point of view. The new website can be any type of website. You can have a blog or review site or product site.

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Above we asked to questions to us. We wanted to know reasons major companies are using Social Sites. The reason they are using Social Media can be summarized in one word Reach.

Companies want to reach their potential customers. They want to notify about new products. For example you liked page of a company or website. Now if that website posts anything on their Facebook page then it shows in your feed.

You may like it or share it. If you like or share it then your friends also see it. This increases reach of the page.So using Facebook page the website or company was  able to spread news about it’s product. On similar lines you can make people aware about your website.

For example assume you have 100 Facebook likes on your page. If you post anything on your page it is in feed of these 100 persons. If someone likes it then your content is visible to friend list of that person. That person may have 50 or 500 friends. The more likes and comments your content gets more viral it becomes.

With every like , comment or share the reach of your content increases. More and more people become aware of your work. They may in turn like your page becoming regular followers of your content.

Brand Awareness

Lets ask you a question. You liked a product very much.You are interested to buy it. But you do not know about the site or owner or it. You also saw very little social presence of the site (less than 50 Facebook page likes and less than 50 Twitter followers). Will you buy it?

On the other hand you saw product on site with more than 1,000 Facebook page likes and twitter followers. Which one would you prefer? These likes and follower counts are very important. People tend to make decision based on them.

The more social presence a site has more reliable it is thought of. People are afraid of unknown sites. The reason is reliability. This brand value creation is very important. You will believe a news coming out of top news site. But will question news from a lesser known entity.

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Brand awareness is one major reason Companies are pushing hard to increase their social presence.


Has someone asked your feedback before buying something? For example how is performance of this phone? How is this institute or college? These questions are asked if people have dilemma or confused over choices present.

With increasing competition it is tough to select a product among many. So to make decision people ask their circle. The feedback of the circle helps them decide which product to buy or at least incline them to one product.

This is very important part of Buying process. Social presence helps company gain new customers in social circle of its existing customers. This is one way of creating loyal customer base and expanding customer base.

Everything we are saying about customer base is also applicable for blogs or any other types of websites as well. You can create loyal reader base of your website. If you are writing on Stock Markets then you can reach friends of your visitors this way. The social recommendation (or word of mouth) works well for all types of websites.


Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is very important. If you are not familiar with this term then not a problem. Just understand that it helps you improve your ranking in Google Search or Bing Search. If yo type something in Google then one website ranks over other.

The order is decided by Google based on complex algorithm. Google vales a content which is popular in social media. One reason of it is that public profiles of Facebook and Google plus or Reddit links back to your website.

The more viral your content is on social media the chances of ranking improves. Note social action on any content is just one parameter of Google Ranking algorithm. But it is important. SO by making your website social you are tapping social seo factor of Google.


This is by far one of the most important reason.Traffic is sole of any website. Traffic increases your chances of making money. There are multiple traffic sources like

  1. Search Engines
  2. Referral Sites
  3. Social sites.
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All the sources of traffic should be tapped for a site to be successful. You should not ignore any one of them. For a new website social traffic becomes more important. New sites doe snot perform too well in search engines.

So you should really have your social seo fine tuned to get successful.

How to make Site Social?

This course is answer of above question. With this question in mind I wrote this article.On brief to make your site social two things should be taken care of

  • Make it easier for visitors to share your content
  • Make it easier for visitors to interact with you

For above two points you need to

  • Place Social buttons on your site
  • Create social profiles for your site

In later chapters of this course we will discuss these two points in great detail for every social site. We will also discuss which social sites are important for which type of sites. You can then create profiles on each of them and tap the potential of these sites for your benefit.

Next Steps

Social Media has become part of our online life.The growth of Social Networking sites have forced everyone to include them in their promotion plan.This also includes website owners.In past Bloggers have relied on Search Engines and Subscribers for majority of traffic.

But things have changed with Social Media.Bloggers should now focus on Social sites along with other traditional methods of traffic.The traffic generated from Social networking and social bookmarking sites can outperform traffic from other sources if done properly.

In next lessons of this guide we will discuss different social networking sites and how you can add them on your website. Below is the list of lessons

You can also use Social Locker plugin to increase your presence on Social sites.

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