Smowtion review Is it really Google Adsense Alternative ?

Smowtion publisher requirement

Smowtion is often mentioned as Google Adsense alternative.I have heard good as well as bad things about this advertising network.I applied for publisher account.The publisher terms and conditions state that websites with offensive materials will not be accepted by Smowtion.But they do not have traffic requirement and age requirement.So a new website with decent content but with low traffic can get approved.

I applied for this website only.The website was approved for Smowtion ads.Below I will share details about my experience with Smowtion ads.

Smowtion features

Smowtion Ads

Smowtion provides wide range of ads format.It is one of the richest advertising network in terms of ads format.Below is the ads format and some unique sizes offered by it

  • Banner ads – It offers some unique ads sizes under banner ads category.800*440 and 120*20 are the formats supported along with more traditional ones.
  • PopUp ads – It does provide Pop Up ads but Pup Under ads are not supported.
  • Slider ads – It provides four positions for slider ads Top right,Top left,Bottom right and Bottom left.You do not have to specify any size for these ads.It creates separate code for different sizes.You can select the one matching your requirement.
  • Outro ads – The outro ads are only in 800*440 format.These ads are displayed to leaving visitor of your website.
  • Overplayer ads – These ads are displayed on your video player.The ads size supported is 468*60.The ad code should be added just after your video player code.


Payment Options

Smowtion offers four payment options

  • PayPal – The minimum payment threshold is $100.No fees is deducted from your account balance.
  • Wire Transfer – The minimum payment threshold in this case is $100.$2.99 fees is charged for local bank transfer in local money.$15 is charged for USD SWIFT transfer (international transfer)
  • Check – The minimum payment threshold in this case is $100.The fees charged for this payment is $3.50.Along with this $3.50 is charged for mailing worldwide with ordinary post.In case you choose courier then $45 is charged.
  • Smowtion prepaid mastercard – The minimum payment threshold in this case is $20.
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Out of the four payment options I would recommend using PayPal.PayPal fees does apply but it is cheaper then other alternative for international publishers.The payment term is Net 45.This means if you earned $100 by end of January then you get paid by 15th of March.

Referral Program

Smowtion offers referral program.You can make extra money using the referral program.You will earn 10% of the members you referred.But you will earn only for 6 months.There is benefit for the referred members as well.By default Smowtion revenue split is 60:40.You get 60% and it keeps 40% of the ad revenue.But the referred members get 80% of the revenue.So it is better for you as well as the person you referred.So in case you are willing to try it then become someone’s referred.

Ads per page

Smowtion allows you to have five banner ads per page.But this is not a restriction.It says that ads more than this have negative impact on your earning.You can place pop ads as well along with four banner ads.

Ad Blocking

You can now block ads which you do not want to show on your website.You can currently block ads based on category or domain.

Ads load time

Separate ad code is created for each of the ad type mentioned above.Smowtion ads have slow load time.But that is not big show stopper.But this becomes problematic if you are using it along with any other ads network.


This is one feature I like about it.The reporting is fairly detailed and graphical.The Impressions,Clicks,CTR (click through rate),Conversion,Conversion percentage and eCPM are reported.You can also download the reports.You can also select custom date range and download the reports.You can add more than one website in one account.

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Implementing Smowtion

Smowtion offers plugin for Blogger and WordPress.Since these two are major blogging platform so most of the publishers are covered.It would have been better if support for more content management systems are provided.Using plugin will make it easier to implement the ads.But if you want to do manually then you need to place Banner ads code where you want to display the banners.

For other ads type you have to add the codes just above the closing body tag.You need to add codes for all ad type you are going to use on your website.

Google Adsense and Smowtion

Is Smowtion compatible with Google Adsense? Many use Adsense on their site and want to compliment it with other ads network.This does work well if both advertising network are different in nature.But using Smowtion along with Adsense is not recommended.It is CPC or CPM or CPA cannot be said conclusively.The eCPM you get depends on conversion rate your website have.

The banner ads provided by Smowtion will compete with Google Adsense for real estate on your website as well as drive the clicks away from Adsense.The clicks will always have lower eCPM then Adsense ads.Other ads format provided by it may not be liked by Adsense.

There are better ads network working well with Adsense.I would recommend using Skimlinks or Viglink.


Smowtion have wide range of ads and promises a lot.I have tried this advertising network on this website.It did not worked well for this website.I received very low eCPM rate.Often the eCPM rate was as low as .$.02.The highest eCPM rate I received was somewhere in range of $.25.

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With this rate it would take ages for one website to reach $100 minimum payment threshold.Other networks like LIjit and PulsePoint have lower minimum payment threshold.So Smowtion should consider revising the minimum payment threshold.

Majority of this website traffic is from India.Since most of the advertising networks does not work well for India I do not complain of eCPM rate.Infolinks in one ads network which offers above one dollar eCPM rate for Indian traffic.So if you have Indian traffic then do not use Smowtion service.

Having said that one thing is worth mentioning here.It shows highest eCPM rate per week it offered.Most of the times the rate is greater for European countries.So if you traffic from Europe then you can use this network.

Do share your experience with this network.Consider sharing this post in case you found this useful.