Skimlinks review – Affiliate marketing tips

Skimlinks is affiliate marketing network.You do not have to sign up for different merchants (for example Amazon,ebay etc).You can use Skimlinks and you have power to use thousands of merchants on your website.I recently signed up for this affiliate network so that I can do justice to this review post.

Skimlinks – Signup and Approval

I did not face any issues during sign up or approval process.Approval does take couple of days (working days).They do have publisher guideline which states that

  • Websites should have original content.
  • They should have decent amount of traffic from North America,Europe and Australia.But there is no mention of traffic amount.

You should not have issues getting approved by them so go ahead and sign up for Skimlinks.

Skimlinks Ads types

Skimlinks provide variety of ads type

  1. Skimlinks — It converts your existing links to products into affiliated links.Since they have tie up with thousand of affiliate programs converting your existing links to affiliate links is not an issue.
  2. Skimwords — It converts your references to products in content into links from where visitors can buy the product.This is similar to in text ads.The advertisement is shown when visitor hovers over the link.
  3. Showcases — It is like banner ad.It displays products referred to or matching your content.In case there is no matching products then it displays popular products.
  4. SkimRSS –SkimRSS adds references to products and affiliate programs in your RSS feed.It is very simple to implement even if you are using Feedburner.





Skimlinks Payment terms

Skimlinks pays you 75% of the revenue generated by Skimlinks ads type and other ads type like Showcases and SkimRSS.But for SkimWords it pays you per click basis.The minimum payment threshold is $10.It pays through PayPal , Bank Trasfer or Check.

Skimlinks Reporting and Publisher Dashboard

Skimlinks reporting is quite detailed.It shows you outbound links which are clicked.These links may not be affiliate links by Skimlinks.Thus it helps you understand most clicked links on your site.Earning and click stats are reported on publisher dashboard not in real time.This is understandable as it needs to get data from affiliate programs.It also provides separate reporting for Skimlinks and Skimwords.It also provides below report types

  • Daily report — your daily click and revenue summary
  • Site reports – It is meaningful if you have added more than one site
  • Merchants report — Details of merchants whom links where clicked
  • Outbound reports — details of all outbound links clicked on your site.Also shows if the links where monetized or not (means whether Skimlinks added affiliate links or not)

The publisher dashboard is simple to operate.They have also come up with new publisher interface which is bit slow but cool looking.

Skimlinks and Google Adsense

You can safely use Skimlinks and Google Adsense on same page.Both of them are different in nature and compliment each other.In fact using both of them together should not impact on your Adsense earnings or Skimlinks earning.

How to add Skimlinks ads on your website?

Skimlinks offers JavaScript ad code.You can add the code above <body> tag f your webpage.You can edit footer.php file of your theme for this purpose (in case you are using WordPress theme).It also offers plugins for major content management system like WordPress.You can use official plugin.If you are on WordPress then you can use Udinra Adsense Alternatives plugin as well.

The JavaScript code for Showcases should be placed at place where you want to display the widget.In case you are using WordPress and want to display the widget in between content then follow steps mentioned in this post.

Skimlinks Referral Program

Skimlinks offers referral program.You can earn 35% of earning made by Skimlinks from each of your referral for one year.Let me make this bit clear.Skimlinks takes 25% of money made by a publisher (75% is given to publisher).You will be getting 35% of this 25% taken by publisher.

You can see number of publishers referred.But details of referred publishers is not available currently.This is something they can work in future.

Skimlinks Advantages

Skimlinks has certain advantages which makes it strong contender as one of your money making options

  • Compatibility with Adsense
  • Wide coverage of merchants and affiliate programs
  • Different types of Ads
  • Low minimum payment threshold
  • Good Referral Program

Skimlinks for Indian Traffic

I searched Skimlinks if they have merchants for India.Many of my website visitors belong to India.I do evaluate every advertising network on this scale.I searched Skimlinks for merchants from India and got around 11 results (Tesco being the featured merchant).The number of merchants may change from time to time.

So there are some merchants for Indian traffic as well.The list count may not be overwhelming.Website owners with Indian traffic an use them and see the results.It was good to see the affiliate programs are from different niches.Personally I would be this list grow.


Skimlinks is an established affiliate marketing network.It is leader in this niche currently.You can rest assured that they pay.According to builtwith stats they are used by .67% of top 10,000 sites on Internet.This is good number.It is not too dependent on US traffic as is the case with most of the affiliate networks.It works well for Europe traffic as well.

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  3. Search for the place where your tag is located (file name)..Paste the JavaScript code just above this code..No need to paste on every page if you are using CMS

  4. In case, we are not using wordpress, then do we need to add skimlinks javascript code to our footer.php or do we need to copy on every page of the site? Please advise. Thanks

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