3 Reasons to link your Facebook profile and Facebook page

Facebook page has become an important part of your online presence.Nowadays every business and website have their Facebook page and if they do not have then they are planning to create one.Normally people create Facebook page for their website or business promotion.To create Facebook page you need to have a profile with Facebook.

These two are separate entities.Facebook page does not link to your Facebook profile by default so people having access to Facebook page of yours do not see your profile.This is good for privacy as Facebook profile is often used to keep in touch with your friends.

But you can also use Facebook profile to keep in touch with your visitors and customers.This increases readership and also bonding with your customers.You can create a separate business profile for this purpose and use this profile to create the Facebook page.

After creating the page you can link this professional profile with your page so visitors of the page have access to your profile and if needed can add to their friend list.This has below benefits

You are giving customer or liker of your page to have business relationship with you.This increases bonding and trust.You will remain in touch with your visitors.Any update about your website or product will reach the audience.The best thing about this way of marketing is that you are not forcing your visitors to link their profile with yours but they are willingly doing this.

Showing Facebook page on your profile will advertise your page and will bring more likes.Number of likes to a page is becoming important nowadays.It is being used as popularity index of any website or business.It can be used as one of social signal in search engine ranking algorithm.

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Now if you are convinced enough to link your Facebook profile with your Facebook page follow below steps

  • Go to your Facebook Page.
  • On the page you will see Edit Page option.Select Admin roles in Edit page drop down.
  • On the page displayed click on Featured option (it is on left side on the page where all the options are listed).
  • You can select the profile you want to link with your Facebook page.Selecting a user as featured serves two way purpose.First It will show your profile on page and Second it will show your page on profile.
  • Enjoy.

I am currently using the approach of linking my profile with my page.It is working good for me so far but I will like to know your view on this topic.There might be some other benefits or drawbacks which I might have missed out.

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