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Sharehis Features

Social Media has become important part of every website.You should add social media button on your site to help visitors share your content.The buttons should be appealing to visitors.It should also be easy to use.Sharethis fulfills this requirement.
Sharethis social media buttons pops up window when mouse is moved over the button or the button is clicked.The size of pop up windows are small.On the pop up window you can select the social networking site for sharing the content.Thus user never leaves your page.After sharing visitor can close pop up windows and continue browsing your site.

Sharethis help you place social media icons of your choice on to your website with ease.It provides support for wide range of platforms.So without making any code changes you can make your website social.According to Sharethis website itself it provides official plugins for popular content management systems like WordPress,Drupal and Joomla.It provides support for Blogger,TypePad and Tumblr.It also provides support for mobile operating system IOS and Android.So adding Sharethis social sharing buttons is not an issue for you.Simply install these plugins and you are good to go.

Sharethis features can be summarized in below points

  • Easy addition of Social Media buttons
  • Facebook Frictionless share feature
  • Detailed social media statistics content wise and social network wise
  • Option to make money by showing ads
  • Supports major social media networks and also address bar URL copy
  • You can also track Sharethis widget actions in Google Analytics as well.All you need to do is add your Google Analytics ID (the UA string).
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Fastest way to add Sharethis buttons

But the best way to place Sharethis widget is using the JavaScript code.You can minimize Sharethis load time to great extend by configuring JavaScript code.The method mentioned can not be applied if you are using plugin.JavaScript code method is applicable for all platforms.You just need to add this code manually by modifying your content management system files.I have given more detailed instructions for WordPress.Users using other platform than WordPress can modify files corresponding to their platforms.

To create JavaScript code follow below steps

    • Click on Get Sharing option.
    • Choose Website as your platform
    • Select the Style of your choice.Below image shows the styles offered by Sharethis.The Featured style offers Frictionless Facebook Share feature.You can select style of your choice by clicking on that option.
Sharethis share button styles
Sharethis share button styles
    • Select the social media platforms you need.You need to drag social media icons to add or remove.All the major social networks are listed.
Sharethis drag drop feature
Sharethis drag drop feature
  • Click on Generate Code.
  • Copy all the code and paste it into a text editor.
  • In the copied code search for code shared below
<script type="text/javascript">stLight.options({publisher: "your publisher id", onhover:false}); </script>
  • Add below line of code in the code shown above
var __st_loadLate=true;
  • After adding __st_loadlate the final code becomes
<script type="text/javascript">
  var __st_loadLate=true; stLight.options({publisher: "your publisher id", onhover:false});
  • You can place this code above tag </body>. For WordPress users follow below steps to do so
  • Open footer.php file of your theme.
  • Copy all the code of Sharethis widget and paste before </body> tag
  • Save the file.
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By making above changes we are loading Sharethis social media buttons after page load.So your website content is loaded first then after page onload your social media buttons are loaded.This decreases page onload time.So visitors are able to see content faster.Social sharing takes place if visitor finds it useful.After scanning the content or reading it visitor decides to share it or not.Thus loading social media buttons after content load is perfectly fine.
So you are making your page faster.This is important for visitor experience as well as search ranking.At the same time you are not hampering social sharing ability of your website.

Using Sharethis analytics

Sharethis also provides social media analytics.It provides page wise details as well as social network wise details.It also provides information about Referral traffic generated from social networks for each social action (share,tweet or like).So you can easily monitor social media performance of your individual content.

Performance of Facebook share button on my site is better than Facebook like button.This was hard to believe as it is easy to like an article than share it.But my visitors preferred share button more than the like button.So I have decided to dump Like button and use share button.Things like this can only be possible after digging into statistics.

You can use the stats to decide which social media you should use.I had good time using StumbleUpon on my website.It works better than Pinterest for my site.Initially I thought Pinterest may be better but I was wrong.I got this information after reviewing social sharing stats of my website and referral traffic generated from them.Insight like this can only be made if you have detailed statistics.Sharethis provides you with the statistics.You need to analyze it and come up with best combination for your website.

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