Schedule WordPress posts publish date and time in easy steps

I am writing this post to point out a WordPress feature which is not used frequently and is lesser known (at least to new users of WordPress).The feature is to Schedule WordPress posts publish date and time of your WordPress blog post.One may say is there any need to use this feature as it is better to publish the post immediately.

Yes I agree it is better to publish posts immediately and most of us do it.But there are cases we need to auto publish the post on a future date and time.For example it is said that regular posting of articles is good for your blog but it is very hard to find idea of writing new posts regularly.Sometimes we have ideas of writing many posts and sometimes we have dearth of it.

So we can write all the posts but schedule publishing of some posts on future dates.Second situation is if you are on vacation for few days then you can write the articles in advance and let them publish on future date and time.

Third case is if you have activated auto publish of articles on social networking sites then you need to set the time when social activity is on peak.For my website social activity is great on Saturday and Sunday so I generally publish articles on these days.It might be different for your website.Knowing the time and day will help you schedule publish timings of your article.

Enough said about scheduling and need of it sometimes now lets see how to Schedule WordPress posts.The procedure is pretty simple.While creating a new post on the right hand side above publish button you can see Publish immediately written.After Publish immediately Edit link is given.

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Click on the Edit link and change the date and time to any future date and time on which you want your post to get publish.Moreover this post has been published using this feature only :-).

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