Reddit for traffic tips and tricks tutorial

What is Reddit ?

Reddit is social news website.You can submit content on this website.The content submitted can be voted up or voted down by users of Reddit.Each and every member of Reddit can vote your content up or vote your content down.They can also add comment on your content as well.

You can get an idea of Reddit working from the image below.This is taken from Reddit about page and pretty well sums up the working of this social networking website.

How Reddit works
How Reddit works

Reddit is sub divided into different categories based on content type.These are called Sub Reddits.Each sub reddit has its own posting rule and moderators as well.You can also see number of members in that Sub Reddit and number of online members at that moment.To make things simpler you can visualize Sub Reddit as Community.

Interesting stats about Reddit

Is Reddit worth the effort and attention? To answer this questions lets see potential of Reddit.The about page of Reddit gives you idea of some interesting Reddit traffic stats.The stats are updated with time.Below image shows the stats at writing time of this post

Reddit stats
Reddit stats

Now lets derive some information from this data.This information will help you get some insight

  • Number of Redditors (members)                                                                              – 2,291,833
  • Votes per Redditor (total votes / members)                                                              – 7.5 votes per member
  • Page views per unique visitors (total page views / total unique visitors)                   – 66.65 page views per visitor

So Reddit does have some traffic to their website.The most interesting data for me is page views per unique visitor.66 page views per unique visitor is really good.Redditor also have decent vote average.One interesting stat is missing.It would be good to have an idea about number of content shared.

That metrics would have made it easier to get an idea about number of votes per content.If you browse through Reddit you can easily see no votes on some content as well.There are also content with thousands of votes.But the content with thousands of votes make it to top of most challenging categories of Reddit.

We it is good to consider normal scenario.I would not consider extreme case.Getting to top of popular sub reddit does not happen to every content.So lets discuss traffic you get from normal content.To get any decent traffic you need to have more than one up vote.If your content gets more than one upvote then your content moves to rising category.This increases chances of getting decent traffic.

One interesting thing about Reddit is only commenting and voting takes place on the site.So chances of getting traffic to your website from Reddit is more likely.In this way it is quite different in nature from Facebook.Facebook provides more on site engagement options than Reddit.Enough is said about potential of Reddit but the traffic it can generate is different for different websites.Now it is time to see using Reddit as traffic generator for your website.

Sign up Reddit

The first step is to create account with Reddit.You should not create multiple accounts for one website.It is better to create a single account.Creating an account is simple task.You will have to chose a user name ,password and provide your email id.After verifying your email id you are good to go.You should not chose you domain name as username.It is better to use a name not similar in any way to your domain name.

Reddit Sharing Tips

Reddit can bring some traffic to your website if used properly.If you do not use properly then forget single visit to your website from Reddit.It has some strict sharing guidelines you should adhere to.Each Sub Reddit also has its own set of rules and moderators.Community does not like any one using it for promoting its content.So to make most out of Reddit follow below tips and tricks

Do not over promote yourself

The first mistake most content promoter do is to start promoting their content from day one.After creating your account do not share any content immediately.Normally we tend to share our posts every day and think to get back traffic.But this does not work well and you might end up with no traffic from Reddit.

Instead of this approach dedicate first few days voting content already on Reddit,making comments on them.Try to get an idea about Reddit culture and adapt to it.Making comments and browsing different sub reddits will help you get an idea about content types shared on different most popular sub reddits and popularity.

You will also learn about importance of framing interesting title for your content as well.After dedicating few days to browse and get yourself familiar with Reddit it is time to share your content.You should share your content weekly to start with.After spending good amount of time (like few months) you can start sharing your own content more regularly.

It is not an bad idea to share content from different website (but meaningful ones) on the site.This helps you get an idea about response to content shared by you and also different sub reddit performance.

Read Sub Reddit Rules

Reddit is divided into many smaller divisions called Sub Reddit.Each Sub Reddit has its own posting rules.It is better to read the rules before posting on that Sub Reddit.The most popular Sub Reddits have more strict posting rules.So read all the rules and check whether your content is suitable for that sub reddit before posting.

If your content does not matches with sub reddit rules you are submitting the content to then you will get the message immediately.You will have to delete the posted content and then post it to matching sub reddit.If you do not do this than your content may not get enough attention and you loose traffic.

Choosing Right Sub Reddit for your Content

This is very important.Your content should match the Sub Reddit.You can not post something about WordPress to Joomla and get traffic.This does not make sense.Having said that one content can easily be posted in different categories.For example a post on WordPress can be posted in Blogging category as well.

So while selecting a proper sub reddit below points should prove helpful

  • Sub Reddit should match your content type
  • Your content should not violate rules of that particular Sub Reddit.
  • Sub Reddit should have more than 20,000 members.
  • It is better to check recent activity of that Sub Reddit to make sure it is actively updated and voted on.
  • If the exact matching sub reddit has lower number of member or does not look too active then use another one.

Some Content posting tricks

You have written an awesome article.You decide to post it on Reddit and get good amount of traffic instantaneously.But after sharing you did not get fair response.So your plan of making it popular on Reddit failed.Now is this the end of world? Certainly not you should wait for some time (ideally more than couple of weeks) and repost the content on different Sub Reddit with different more appealing heading.

This is first of the trick.Second one is to check number of online users at the time of content sharing.Reddit promotes a content up if it has more number of votes within short time.For example article A with 100 votes within first one hour will be placed above than Article B with 150 votes within 4 hours (with condition that first one hour had less than 100 votes).

So time of posting content is also important.More number of online users at that moment helps you get your content initial lift.This initial lift is very important for traffic generation.If your post does not get any up vote within couple of hours (depends on activity on that Sub Reddit more popular ones have more activity) than your content will be lost.The time can be less for more popular and active community.

So part of understanding Reddit is figuring out the right time to post your content.I generally like posting my content between 10 to 12 AM India time on Saturdays or Fridays.This time gives maximum lift to my blog posts.

Now self posting content is not the only way.You should also make it easier for your website visitors to share your content on this social networking site.Reddit does offer Widgets and sharing buttons for this purpose.

Adding Reddit Buttons on your website

You should use Reddit buttons on your website along with popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.It offers wide range of button designs.You can get the complete list of buttons at this link.You can use any one of them according to your requirement.But placing JavaScript code of too many social networking sites will make your site slow.

So I use below method to place Reddit button on my site.This helps me track Reddit shares in Google Analytics.You can copy the code and paste it on place you want to display the button.I simply use a button but you can use image or any other element instead of buttons.

<input name="submit" type="submit" id="shareredit" value="Reddit " onClick="demoreddit();"/>
 function demoreddit() {
  _gaq.push(["_trackEvent", "SocialShare", "Reddit", "Share",, false]);
  var feed = "";
  var url = encodeURIComponent(location.href);
  feed += "url=" + url;, "Reddit Share", "width=800,height=600");

Ideally the buttons should be placed below post content.In case you are using WordPress then you can read this post to place buttons below content of your post.The post is written for Advertising networks but works for social networking codes as well.

You can also use Reddit Widget on your website to showcase content from your website submitted on Reddit.You can enable voting within the widget as well.This help visitors vote up your already shared top content on Reddit.But I do not advice using this on your website.So I am not discussing about this in detail here.

Nature of Reddit referral traffic

Reddit traffic nature is different from other social networking site like Twitter and Facebook.Understanding this basic difference is important.The day you share your post on Reddit might be most busiest day for your website (considering that your content became normal viral).

I have listed some observed facts about referral traffic from Reddit

  • The traffic is sudden.The day you share content or the hour you share the content your website will see great number of incoming traffic from Reddit.But this traffic ends pretty quickly if your content does not get further up votes.So you should be prepared for sudden spike of traffic.
  • If you analyze metrics like Time on Site or pages viewed per visits (Google Analytics) then you might get disappointed.The content you shared on Reddit will only get all the attention.The metric time on site and pages viewed per visit will be quite low if you compare these to referral traffic from Facebook or other similar social networking sites.

You should always consider above facts while working with Reddit.Planning to use that traffic for your good is really requires planning on all front.The first is making your website good enough to deal with this sudden traffic spike.Second you need to convert this traffic into money.

Making most from Reddit referral traffic

Above we have seen the nature of traffic from Reddit.Now lets see how we can make most from this traffic.I personally use these two tips for tapping this traffic for my benefit

  • If you are using advertising network then you can use CPM based advertising network along with Google Adsense.It will help you monetize your sudden traffic outburst.I use Google Adsense only and it works pretty decent.You can try different combination to check what works best for you.
  • The first method was about making money from incoming traffic using ads.But this method focuses on tapping the traffic and redirecting it to other contents on your site.You can promote post similar to that you shared on Reddit.So visitors might get interested in that content and you can have more page views.Instead of using text links you should use banner for content promotion.
  • It might be beneficial to place Reddit buttons on the content to make visitor easy to up vote on content.The button should be placed above the fold to make it easier.

I have not tested the third point but am planning to try it the next time.I do have Reddit button but that is placed below content.You can use the third tip and let me know about the result.


Reddit is great social networking site and is certainly one of the most viral one in terms of traffic potential.I have used above tips and tricks for generating traffic for my website.In process I do fell in love with this social networking site.I will like to hear your experience with Reddit.

Consider sharing this post on social networking site preferably Reddit if you find this useful.

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