Read this before using Google Adwords or you might get banned

Google Adwords is good way to advertise your website.You can also use Google Adwords without investing a single penny (you can get free $100 Google Adwords credit to use to know more read this post).But before advertising your website you should remove all the affiliate links from your website.

I am not sure this is clearly mentioned on the Google Adwords terms and conditions but I had a conversation with Google representative who informed me that it is necessary to remove the affiliate marketing links from your website otherwise your website will be banned from using the service.He said that you are advertising your website so that people visit your site and turn into customers.But if you are using banners from other websites you are advertising them and people might click on those banners (which will benefit them not you).

He suggested me to stop the campaigns and remove affiliate links from my site.After removing the links (banners) I can again run the campaigns.

Whether you are convinced by above remarks or not but I would suggest that you should not use affiliate links (so that you are on safer side).

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