How to add Rate this App in Intel XDK?

Need of Rate this App feature

You must have noticed that most if not all Apps you use have Rate this App button.You may have seen pop up asking you to rate the app.Sometimes when the app is launched or while using the App.Have you thought Why most of the developers are putting Rate This App pop up or button in their app.The story is same for all the platforms (Android or iOS or Windows phone).Do you know the reason of it?

Helps App Ranking in App Store

The reason is simple.The search ranking of your app in App Store improves as number of ratings and reviews increase.There may be more than one app in App Store similar in functionality and targeting the keyword same as yours.Now to decide which app should be shown first in search results to users is decided by many factors.Out of those many factors App rating and Review is one of the major one.

Increases chances of your app getting downloaded

There is other benefit as well.For every search query people get to see more than one app.Consider the first 5 results shown to them.They also look at rating each one of them has.The one with more positive rating gets attention of the people.For example if you have two apps one having 4 star rating and other having 2 star rating then you will try the one with 4 star rating first.

People also read the review comments as well.The importance of search ranking and Good review and rating will improve chances of your app getting installed.App can only be rated or reviewed on App listing page.After user installed the App most of them will not visit App store do rate you app.Only few very satisfied or dissatisfied user will go and rate your app.

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For other users placing the Rate this App pop up or button will help them Rate your App.It serves two purpose.First they can easily navigate to your app listing page and rate the app.Second it also serves as reminder.Whenever people will use your app they will see Rate this App pop up or button.Users will then rate the app.So the button increases your chances of getting more app rating and review.

Add Rate this App Intel XDK

Now lets see how can we add Rate this App pop button or pop up in your Intel XDK app.

Add the plugin

I have written separate step by step tutorial on adding cordova plugin to Intel XDK. The steps apply for all third party plugins.I would point out the values specific for this plugin.On the last step where you need to enter Name,Plugin ID and repo URL mention the values

  • Name – AppRate (you can mention anything you want.But I prefer using related name)
  • Plugin ID – org.pushandplay.cordova.apprate
  • Repo URL –

Intel XDK App Rate plugin

Code Changes for Android and iOS

The plugin supports Android,iOS and Windows.But I did not get it work for Windows phone.It worked fine for Android and iOS.Later in this post I will show code for Windows phone as well without using this plugin.For Android I do not prefer the pop up message after app launch. Why should I ask a rating before user has used by app.This sometimes does turn off the user if every time at App launch you ask for a rating.

If user is not interested in rating the app then he/she will choose not to or give bad ratings. Instead of that I prefer to keep a Rate the app button.If user wants to rate the app he/she can click the button and do it.You can place the button as per your app design.Below is the code for the button and corresponding function.You can copy and paste this code in your app with CSS changes to suit your app layout or look.

  <div class="widget uib_w_8 d-margins topcoat-button--cta" data-uib="topcoat/button" data-ver="0" id="rateButton" onclick="rateButton()">Rate the App</div>

In above code the main thing is calling the function rateButton().The code is generated for Topcoat framework which I am using in my app.For you the HTML part may be different.You can change the function name and text as per your need.

            // Show the rate dialog to user
            function rateButton() {
                var customLocale = {};
                customLocale.title = "Rate this App";
                customLocale.message = "Rate this App 5 star if you found it useful!";
                customLocale.cancelButtonLabel = "No, Thanks";
                customLocale.laterButtonLabel = "Remind Me Later";
                customLocale.rateButtonLabel = "Rate It Now";
                AppRate.preferences.openStoreInApp = true;
       = 'market://details?id=com.udinra.aptitude';
                AppRate.preferences.customLocale = customLocale;
                AppRate.preferences.displayAppName = 'Your App Display Name';
                AppRate.preferences.usesUntilPrompt = 1;
                AppRate.preferences.promptAgainForEachNewVersion = false;

In above code you need to replace Your App display name and your app id (replace com.udinra.aptitude).After making these changes you can directly copy and paste this code in your app.You can not test this in emulator.But you can create apk file by building your app and test it out on real device.

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After user clicks the button the pop up is shown.If user clicks on rate this app then the Google play URL is opened and user can rate the app.The work flow is same for iOS as well.

Code Changes for Windows Phone

Although the plugin says Windows Phone works but it did not in my case.For Windows phone you do not have to add this plugin in the approach I am mentioning below. You can keep the Rate the App button.But instead of rateButton function code shown above replace it with below code

function rateButton() {'zune://navigate?appid=29edcacb-89ff-4108-90f2-423d4492155d'), '_self', null);

Now in above code replace the part after appid= with your app id.In this case when user clicks on Rate the app button the Windows store URL of the app will open.There user can rate your app as usual.May be with future releases of plugin we can see Windows phone support working.For now you can use this hack.


I used above method in all of my apps.The apps are live on Google Play as well as Windows phone store.The plugin and hack worked fine.There is increase in App rating and review after implementation of this method.The code is well tested and can be used directly in your apps as well.

Feel free to share your thoughts and queries.

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