Quick Cache and DB Cache Reloaded Fix together

Quick Cache is one of the best caching plugin for WordPress.It is widely used and does offer very good performance if a page is revisited.It is very easy to configure the plugin.One feature where it lacks is initial page load time.If a page is visited for first time then it does not offer any performance benefit.This should be minimized for better user experience.

To minimize the first load time you can install the plugin DB Cache Reloaded Fix.Now if a page is requested for the first time then Quick Cache does not come into picture but DB Cache Reloaded Fix does.The cached database queries by the plugin helps in fast response.

So visitor gets an improved performance.Now if the page is visited second time then DB Cache Reloaded Fix plugin goes out of picture and Quick Cache comes into picture.It handles the request and serves the page in cache.So there is no question of conflict between the plugins.This way your visitors get increased performance for first and repeated view.

Using both the plugins together does not require any special processing or customization.You can first install Quick Cache,configure the plugin and see it work.Then you can install the Db Cache Reloaded plugin and configure it.The process mentioned is what I used in one of the website and received good results.

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