Qadabra formerly AdsGadget review

Qadabra was earlier known as AdsGadget.Qadabra (AdsGadget) is newly launched advertising network from Marimedia.I signed up for Qadabra (when it was known as AdsGadget) to test it before writing this post.You can not review an advertising network without trying them.

I tried on this blog of mine to see the ads being delivered and their ecpm.I wanted to check out whether they can display relevant ads to Indian traffic or not.Below is my experience and findings about Qadabra

Signup and Confirmation

Qadabra claims to deliver ads within 15 secs.This means that you can sign up,get approved and see ads live on your website in just 15 seconds.This is also claimed on home page of Qadabra.As per claim of Adsgadget the signup and approval process is pretty cake walk.They do not have any traffic related restrictions.
So new website owners with less traffic can start with them.But they do post limitation of content type.You can not use them on sites with adult and violent content.

AdsGadget Ads

Qadabra ad code is one line JavaScript code.You can create as many ad codes as possible.They provide most of the common ad formats.You need to select categories for your ad codes (at max 5 categories).The benefit is you can create ad codes with different categories and see best performing group for you.The ad code does look simple and gets loaded very fast.There is no issue with the load time so your website will remain fast as it is.

Minimum payout

This is best part of AdsGadget advertising network.The minimum payout is $1 (if you are drawing through Paypal which most of the webmasters do).So there is no need to earn $100 before cashing out ($100 is limit posed by Google Adsense).The payment is net 45 so you will get paid after 45 days.

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Qadabra have recently added Payoneer as well.$20 is minimum payout if you are using prepaid Payoneer mastercard.$500 is minimum payout for wire transfer using Payoneer.So you can choose between Paypal and Payoneer as your payment method.Since the minimum payout is not much it is easily acheived for new website owners with less traffic.

Indian traffic

Do they show relevant ads to Indian traffic? Yes they do show relevant ads.I have seen ads of,Makemy and others displayed to Indian traffic.This is good news for publishers who have Indian traffic.Showing relevant ads to Indian traffic increases chances of getting them clicked (high Click through rate) means high money earning.The eCPM may not be too great (as is the case with most advertising network).

International traffic

There is no need to worry about International traffic also.You will make money out of them as well.US traffic is more profitable than traffic from other countries.This is the case with most of the advertising network.

Do they pay

Samazgor confirmed that AdsGadget network pays (see comments section for details).They are legit advertising network and payment should not be an issue.I applied all the rules mentioned in this post to find out whether they are scam or not.The result was they are not scam and you can use them.They does not seem to be scam advertising network.Marimedia is one of the advertising network used by Smowtion as well as Google Adsense.

How to add Qadabra ads to your website

AdsGadget displays ads where the ad code is placed.The best place for banner ad placement is between content.This increases CTR which in turn increases earnings.You can also place ads in sidebars.In case you are using WordPress content management system then read this post for placing ads between content without plugin.

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The only drawback is that sometimes you will see filler ads like Monetize your website with qadabra.I do not know whether these ads are paid ads or not.I used them few months back and saw these filler ads couple of times.Filler ads may not be present currently.So you need to run them for couple of days and see if it is showing or not.

eCPM rates

eCPM rates depend on many factors.I have placed qadabra ads in footer for couple of days only so it might be different for your website.You can place the ads on your website and see the rates for you.


It is worth a try definitely for small publishers as there is no traffic criteria and after first payment money flows continuously.

13 comments Qadabra formerly AdsGadget review

  1. Great Google Adsense Alternative……! I Use It On My Website : blogmash org/ And I Must Tell I Am Earning Well…!

  2. Qadbra is one of the best Alternative for Google Adsense..
    Dear Friends dont waste your time for searching other ad network, just go for Qadbra..
    really its Magically Simple .
    check out my blog.

  3. Their ecpm rate is quite less then other networks. Their calculation is not perfect . I am using it on entertainment360 in and generating 10000+ impression and earning only $ 0.18 .Isn’t it quite worst.
    And one more thing they are poor in calculation.Because if ecpm is 0.02 and for 10829 impression they paid only $ 0.18 .
    I also have informed them on their contact link but they didn’t respond.
    But they are paying what you earn ( more then $1 )

  4. I dont see this ads on your sites. Looking as you are promoting for your site. I think i should report you as website spam on some directory 🙂

  5. Qadabra is great for Advertising I am using Qadabra from one month I also have Adsense…Both are good in their places..I am displaying Both of this networks Ads on and also on my blogger blog In 10 days my Adsense revenue is 45$ and in 1 Month my qadabra revenue is 10$ here is a big differance but Qadabra is good for Small Website owners…

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