Puxee review Is it BuySellAds alternative?

Puxee is a new start up in advertising market. You can use this advertising network to sell ad spaces on your website. Ad spaces are those places where you will like to display an ad.I signed up for Puxee before writing this post so that I can do justice with the post.

Signup and Approval

This is relatively simple process.You can add your website and get approved almost instantaneously.

How it works?

Puxee lists websites along with its Facebook page likes,Alexa rank,Twitter followers and Feedburner Feed Stats.All the above parameters show popularity of your website.This information is presented along with description written by you for your website and ad space.

Advertisers can see this information and can decide whether they want to place ad on your website.They can buy the ad space on your website.You will get 80% of the amount and rest of it will be with Puxee.

You can select ad space pricing along with its placement ,number of days ad will run and size.Advertisers can only buy ad space already created by you.After specified time (lets assume 1 month) your ad space will again be available for buying.

Payment terms

There is no minimum payout limit.You get paid as soon as buyer buys the ad space.The payment is made through Paypal.


The user interface and publisher dashboard of Puxee is simple.I was bit disappointed to see initial screen and dashboard.It does not look professional.The website has not been updates in terms of layout and design for past few months.I guess they can make it look for elegant and professional.

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Traffic requirements

There is no limitation in terms of traffic and age of website.You can get approved easily.

Referral Program

They do offer referral program.


The major drawback of Puxee is lack of Advertisers.I have browsed few websites listed on Puxee.Most of the website ad space was not sold.This does not present a very good picture.Puxee is almost 2 years old and this situation should have improved but it has not.

You will not make any money until any one buys your ad space.Since the number of site ad space getting sold on Puxee is negligible there is almost no chance to sell your ad space here.So it is virtually wastage of your ad space hosting Puxee ads.

Indian Traffic

I do not think you can make money out of Indian traffic on Puxee.Due to reason mentioned in drawback section it would be tough to make money from Indian traffic (for that matter USA traffic as well).

How to add Puxee ads to your website?

Puxee ad code is html iframe code.You can place it in sidebars.In case you want to place the ad code in between your content (this is not suggested) then read this post.


Puxee came into scene as an alternative of BuySellAds but they have not performed as expected.The growth remained stagnant and most of the website ad space is not sold.I do not recommend using this site to sell ad space on your website.The space will not get sold and it is wastage of time and effort.

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