PulsePoint review Should you use this CPM network ?

PulsePoint SignUp and Approval

PulsePoint was known as ContextWeb in past.PulsePoint is considered as one of the leading CPM network.PulsePoint sign up process is simple.The account gets activated almost instantly.So account creation and getting it approved is matter of seconds (but in reality it will take minutes). It does not have any traffic related restriction.The age of website also does not matter.

So new website with low traffic volume can also get approved by them.There is nothing mentioned about content as well.It would have been better if they have mentioned content guidelines in details.But it can be assumed that offensive content will not be approved.

I had applied for PulsePoint account for this website in past.The sign up and approval process was quite good.The website was new at that time.The traffic was less as well.There was no trouble getting approved account.

PulsePoint Features

CPM network

As mentioned above this is a CPM network.That is you are paid even if the visitor does not click on the ads.So having a CPM network along with CPC network does help.So you can use PulsePoint along with Google Adsense.As nature of these two ad networks are different they will not compete with each other.It helps publishers increase their income.

BackUp Ads and Ad Size

PulsePoint allows you to setup minimum CPM price.If it has ads with CPM rate above the minimum CPM price (also known as AskPrice) then it will serve the ad.But if it does not have ads above the AskPrice then it will display BackUp ads.You can mention backup ads while creating the ad code.The best part is you can have more than one backup ad for one ad code.You can also set the rotation frequency.

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You can also use Google Adsense ads as backup codes.This will help you maximize your income.I have used this feature in past with success.The backup code feature also helps you rotate different sized ads and see the performance.It offers different ad sizes like 700*500,300*250 and 300*600.The revenue generation potential of 300*600 ad was maximum at least for my website.I used it in sidebar.Other good CPM rate ad size is 700*500.There are smaller ad sizes but they do not seem to work that well.

Video Tag

Video tag is new feature added by PulsePoint.It lets you create video tag.But this feature is not useful for most of the publishers.To use video tag feature you need to have Adserver like openX,AppNexus or LIveRail.I myself have not tried this feature.You can give this feature a try and see how it works.

Referral Program

It does not offer Referral program.This is kind of drawback.Referral program does help you generate extra income from ad network.


It does have decent reporting.It displays performance of different ad tags created by you.It shows the CPM rate,revenue and clicks as well.It shows good graph comparing income from previous day and current day.But it lacks reports older than 30 days on main dashboard.There is no way you can get the details.

The only way to get idea of previous earning is to see performance of different ad tags.The other problematic section is getting idea of total earning.It does not report total earning of more than 30 days.PulsePoint can work on reporting part of publisher dashboard.This section does make it look weak compared to other advertising network.

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Payment Details

The minimum payment threshold is $50.This is applicable for all payment options.The different payment options are

  • PayPal – If you chose PayPal then it charges 2% transaction fees.
  • eCheck/Local bank transfer – It charges $5 transaction fees.
  • Wire transfer – It charges $20 for USD transfer and $15 for INR transfer
  • Check – It charges $6 transaction fees.

Not too many advertising networks charge on withdrawl of your money.The payment is handled by Tipalti.So this may be the reason behind the transaction fees.But as a publisher I would like to see no transaction fees at least on PayPal.

Ad Blocking

It offers ad blocking feature.You can block ads depending upon Ads type,Domain and Recently served ads.It displays the revenue you earned in past 30 days from the ads type or domain or recently served ads.So before blocking these ads you can see the performance of those ads.After blocking the ads you can also review the blocked ads to reconsider the action.

Adding PulsePoint on your website

PulsePoint does not offer plugin for any content management website.But this does not mean that adding PulsePoint on your website is difficult.PulsePoint is similar to Google Adsense.You need to place the ad code where you want to display the ads.So you can use Google Adsense plugins available in your content management system to add it on your website.

The load time of PulsePoint ad code is on slower side.The reason is that it searches for ad network fitting your website requirement.So this will take some time.But if you are using other advertising network on your website then your website performance will get impacted.

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So the best way to use PulsePoint is to use your current ad network for example Google Adsense as backup ad code of it.So at first it will get loaded and then if ad does not match AskPrice then Google Adsense will get loaded.I have experimented with this setup in past and it worked pretty well.But currently I am not using this setup because PulsePoint does not work well for Indian traffic.

It works well for US traffic.If you have major traffic from other countries then it might not work well.This is one major drawback of this ad network.But for US traffic it gives you CPM more than $2 as well.So if you have got major traffic from US then you can use this network with good effect.


PulsePoint is good advertising network for people having decent percentage of traffic from US.It can act as Google Adsense companion due to difference in nature of them.The backup ad tag feature of them allows you to make most out of Google Adsense as well as PulsePoint.For websites with Indian traffic it is not an option to try.This is the very reason it was not used on this website.

Do share your experience with PulsePoint.Consider sharing this post in case you found this useful.

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