Prosperent affiliate program review Should you use it ?

Prosperent Sign up and Approval

Prosperent is new entrant in online advertising.It can be grouped into InText advertising network.It is similar in nature of Skimlinks and Viglink.I have used Viglink and Skimlinks on this website.I also tried Prosperent as well on this site.The sign up and approval process of it is fast and simple.

It is accepting new websites with low traffic.So if you have just started new website then this is one affiliate program to look for.It does not have traffic requirement but it does have strict quality restrictions.It does not accept websites with religious material,adult content or political material.

In case you meet the content guidelines of Prosperent then you can sign up for it using this affiliate link of mine.

Prosperent Features


ProsperLInks is one of the money making tools from it.Prosperent searches your content and links keyword in your content.This is similar in nature to other two advertising networks SkimLink and Viglink.The merchant network is searched for the keyword and appropriate highest paying product is linked with the keyword.


ProsperAds is much like banner ads.It displays images of products on your website matching with the content of the page.Merchant product image is shown on your website.You can make ProsperAds responsive to gel with your responsive website.

API requests

API requests are tough to implement.So I will not cover them in detail in this post.This is mainly meant for develops.

Above three are the tools offered by Prosperent to make money from your website.ProsperLinks and ProsperAds utilize single ad code.You just need to place extra piece of code the place you want to display ProsperAds.

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Payment Options

Prosperent supports two payment options PayPal and Payoneer.The minimum payment threshold for PayPal is $5.But in case of Payoneer the minimum payment threshold is $20.In both the cases the transaction fees for US is 0.But in case of non US publishers the transaction fees is 2% for PayPal.The maximum transaction fees charged is only $20.But in case of Payoneer the transaction fees is 0 for non US publishers as well.

The transaction fees charged in case of PayPal does not include the PayPal fees.Also Payoneer requires one time activation fees of $9.95.So you can decide which ever payment option is suitable for you.The low minimum payment threshold does make it an attractive affiliate program.The payment term is Net-30.That is you will get paid the next month after reaching payment threshold of $5 in case of PayPal payment.

Referral Program

Prosperent offers referral program.You will be paid 5% of their commissions for life.So for each person you are referring to Prosperent you are eligible for life long commission from Prosperent earning.It is good way to make some additional money on top of your earning from ads.

It also offers referral reporting.You can get an idea about number of referral made,the total earnings from them and total pending earnings.The only thing it lacks is referral banner.Banners do make it easy to promote the service.All it offers is link.But you can share the link on your Facebook account as well as Twitter account right from your publisher dashboard.


Prosperent reporting is at par with leader in this area.It shows you top brands,top domains and top merchants for which you made the money.It also shows you keyword for which you made the money.For each conversion it provides details of keyword,merchant,brand and payment amount.It provides separate reporting for Prosperlinks and ProsperAds.

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For any affiliate program the number of merchants is one criteria to measure its reach and your future success with it.According to its website as of writing there were 4800 merchants.The number of products covered was 50 million.I would like to see search function so that one can search merchant from the list.Though it offers browse functionality.

Implementing Prosperent

Implementing Prosperent on your website is easy.It offers plugin for common content management system like WordPress,Joomla and Blogger.But instead of official plugin I would recommend you using JavaScript code directly.You can place the JavaScript code just above closing head tag of your website.

You can generate the JavaScript tag by selecting Other option on the campaign page.This single JavaScript code is used for Prosperlink and Prosperads.After adding the ad code on your website you will have to configure your campaign.It is good to activate both ProsperLink and ProsperAds on your website.

In case you are using WordPress then you can use my plugin to test between Prosperent and other two major players in this field Skimlinks and Viglink.The plugin takes case of the traffic split and all.

Prosperent with Adsense

Prosperent can not be used as a standalone money making program on your website.It should be used on conjunction with other advertising network.This is the case with almost all affiliate marketing networks.You can use this network along with Google Adsense without any issues.According to Prosperent website both the products Prosperlinks and ProsperAds are compatible with Google Adsense.

You can use both of them on same website.I have used both of them on this website without causing any Adsene policy violation.The ad code load time is also decent without causing any noticeable delay in page load time.You can run both on your website and see if the earning improve or decrease over the time.I have not used them long together to make a conclusion.The reason I am not using it on my website is explained later in this post.

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Prosperent is decent advertising network.But it is behind Skimlink and Viglink.It may work well for sites from Entertainment category.Most of the merchants are from this category.But things might have changed over the period of time.So you can try it on your website and see how things work out for you.

Prosperent is not good option if you have non US traffic.For Indian traffic in particular it does not have merchants.Since majority of this website’s traffic is from India it did not worked well.So I have to remove it from this website.So if you have Indian traffic I will not recommend using this affiliate program.

Do share your experience with with advertising network.Consider sharing this post in case you found this useful.

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