Project Wonderful review

Project Wonderful is bid based advertising network.You need to place their ad code in position where you want to display the ads.Advertisers will bid for that place.Ads from advertiser with highest bid will be displayed on that ad place.I signed up for Project Wonderful recently so that I can do justice with this review post

Signup and Approval

Project Wonderful does have strict guidelines.They do not allow Adult content,Sensitive content,duplicate content,sponsored content and new websites with less content.They reject new websites with less content.They have mentioned clean site design as one parameter for approving a website.

It is better to apply after having decent traffic.You can keep applying them after couple of months in case they have rejected you once.This is best part of them.Whole signup and approval takes around three working days.

Project Wonderful Ads

Project Wonderful is bid based advertising network.The advertiser with highest bid can place ad on your website.You can control whether those ads should be shown to your website or not but this setting is not recommended by Project Wonderful people.

Auto approve is most recommended as it allows max bid ads to go live instantaneously.While creating your ad box code you can also select your ad box type as

  1. C – Safe for everyone, including children.
  2. SFW – Safe for work: nothing too offensive or graphic, nothing that’d get you in trouble with an employer or coworker.
  3. NSFW – Not safe for work. Most nudity belongs below, in ADULT, but this includes things like swearing, graphic violence, or sexually suggestive material
  4. Adult – This site includes adult content but with in Project Wonderful guidelines.

The advertisers will put ads according to above grouping so it is safe to auto approve ads (without worrying about adult type ads getting shown).

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Project Wonderful offers ad boxes of different sizes like 160*600,728*90,300*250,125*125 (most famous),468*60,234*60 and 117*36.

Reporting and Dashboard

Project Wonderful has clean and detailed reporting interface.You get detailed traffic and bid information for your website in graph form.The publisher dashboard is also very easy to navigate and work through.You can easily get familiar with the interface.

Payment terms

Minimum payout limit is $10.They offer payment through PayPal.They deduce $1 amount for each withdrawal.There are many payment proof on internet from Project Wonderful.They do are reliable advertising network.

How to add Project Wonderful ads on your website?

Project Wonderful ad code consists of two parts.One part is JavaScript code (have <script> tag in it) and other part is HTML code (in <div> tag).There are two JavaScript code generated default one and faster one.Default JavaScript ad code displays ads to visitors who have JavaScript disabled on their browsers.Since almost all visitors have JavaScript enabled in their browser there is no need for this default code.

You should select the faster code.This code loads after page on-load and is asynchronous.So your page load time does not get impacted using this advertising network.

You should add JavaScript code just above </body> tag and add the HTML code at place where you want to display the ads.In case you are using WordPress then </body> tag is present in your theme’s footer.php file.You can also use Udinra Adsense Alternatives plugin for adding JavaScript part of the code as well.You can add the HTML code in your sidebars.It is not recommended to add these ads in between your content.

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Referral Program

Project Wonderful offers referral program as well.You get 3% of your referral spending.The amount credited can not be withdrawn.You can use the amount to advertise on Project Wonderful.


Project Wonderful can be termed as BuySellAds alternative as they are bid based ad display advertising network.However they have several advantages over other advertising networks.

  • The best thing about them is you start making money after placing ad codes on your website.But with other advertising networks like BuySellAds you can only earn money if the ad space is sold.This is an important difference between these two networks.
  • No CPC or CPM or CPV based ad performance monitoring.Advertisers pay for the time their ad is displayed on your website as long as they are highest bidder.You will be paid for period ads are on your website.So you do not need to place Project Wonderful ads on high CTR regions of your website (in between content).
  • Lowest Bid can be set by you.However They suggest to keep it a zero.So if there is no bid for your ad space then advertiser can advertise for free.This is lucrative offer to advertisers.This also helps you start making money instantaneously.

Compatibility with Google Adsense

You can use Project Wonderful along with Google Adsense on same web page.This is indeed good idea.CTR is important factor for Adsense but not for Project Wonderful.So there will be no fight for ad placing.

Tips to maximize your income with Project Wonderful

I found below tips useful while using Project Wonderful ads on this website.

  • Stick with the minimum price of 0 initially.This is indeed a way to attract advertisers.Every one likes free advertising.So if the minimum bid is 0 and there is no bid then advertiser can advertise on your website for free.
  • There is no need to go for big size ad boxes.This do not make a huge difference in earning.It is best to stick with smaller ad boxes (the 125*125 ad box) is the best.
  • Most of the advertisers on <strong>Project Wonderful</strong> are small advertisers.They are publisher as well.So you can expect bid amount of .2 to $2 in most cases (for a day).You can get big bids only if US traffic is huge.Looking at this trend it is better to use multiple 125 ad spaces on your website.You can create a single ad box with 2 or 4 ad units (increase number of row to 2 and number of columns to 2 for 4 ad units 2 in column and 2 in row)
  • Do not change the ad box layout of sizes to many times.Fix a layout and stick with it for sometime.You can later create one if needed (5 is the limit of ad boxes you can create).
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Apart from above positive points they do have some negative points as well.They work well for USA traffic.Project Wonderful has 4 traffic zones USA,Canada,Europe and other regions.Most advertisers target USA traffic only.This is not good for publishers with good traffic from other parts.

It is important to place Project Wonderful ads on your home page.If it is not placed then your ad code will be suspended saying it is not placed on your website.


Project Wonderful is best for people having good amount of traffic from USA.It is also good advertising network for comics based website.Websites in other niche can also be successful if they have decent USA traffic.

6 comments Project Wonderful review

  1. So what do you recommend for Ads on blogs? I have a blog which has 3000 hits per day. I want to publish ads and earn money. I have tried google adsense and i didnit like it. Can you tell me some good choices for Indian websites?

  2. I use Project Wonderful on my site to host ads to gain a (little bit) of income – so I am a publisher.

    My experience is that you aren’t going to make an awful lot of money as a publisher because most of the advertisers who use PW are small and don’t have the money top spend. Or, are just after advertising for free. But why should they? Set a minimum ad prices even if it’s very low.

    Additionally I’ve found that despite PW vetting potential publisher sites (like mine) for quality of design etc – they don’t seem to vet advertisers’ ads or sites in the same way (?).

    So as far as ads on that get placed on your site – expect either kitsch, or just poorly-designed ads, that in a lot of cases link to similarly poorly-designed websites. This to the detriment of both the look and reputation of your own site.

    That said – unlike other advertising models, the bidding is fun and at least you will get some kind of income if only a small one.

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