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What are Legal Pages?

Your website is your online identity. There are few legal things to take care of after launching your website. These things are important for all websites. Thankfully the process is not too involved. But it gets difficult for new website owners to create these legal pages.

The problem is content they should add on these pages. Also which legal page to create is other question. This post is written to help you. I will give downloadable copy of mandatory legal pages your website should contain.

You can just make some basic changes as per your website need and publish them. I have been using these pages on my sites for quite sometime without any issues. The page content serves most website types.Lets understand more about the legal pages we are talking about and why they are important.

Why are legal pages important?

You might have seen mails about Google Privacy Policy changes from time to time. You may have noticed Terms and Conditions applied on Insurance policy commercials or policy statements.

Do you know why companies or contracts have them? They are here for a reason. The main reason of having these pages are Legal. In this post I will not cover legal complications. That are beyond scope of this post.

But it is important to mention that Privacy Policy , Terms and Conditions and Refund policy is part of most top brands you see online. For example Amazon has these things in place. Google has it so does other sites. These pages are required for your website as well.

If you do not have these pages then you may face issues in future. Loosely created legal pages may land you in trouble. So even if you have simple educational blog in place make sure to create these pages. Later in the post I will give brief idea of these pages. I will also refer these pages as mandatory pages.

Creating Mandatory Legal pages

I will explain importance of each page while discussing about them.You can create all of them on your site.There will not be an issue if you create all the pages on your site. However you can also choose to create only the ones needed based on description mentioned below.

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In this post we will cover all mandatory pages. Below is brief description of pages and website types they are applicable for. Note there is no harm in creating all the pages as well.


  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions or Terms of Service
  3. Refund Policy

Creating Privacy Policy page

Privacy policy is an important page. It is required for all sites. It describes how your website will use visitor information.It is mandatory to clearly state this. Google Adsense will not approve your application without explicit Privacy Policy page.

So it is better to create one for your website before applying for Google Adsense. Even if you are not going to use Google Adsense or other advertising network having one privacy policy page. It is written disclosure from your website on using visitor data.

For example you may have a cookie (or ads network you are using) to track the visitor and gather some information. This should be clearly stated in Privacy Policy.This informs visitors what information you are gathering about them. Based on that information they can decide if they want to visit your site or not.

Legally FTC or other similar organizations can charge you for not having accurate privacy policy. So if you are starting your online venture it is better to have one from day one. You can download below Privacy Policy and make changes mentioned below. After making those changes you can use it on your site.

  1. Download the privacy policy
  2. Create a new page on your site with title Privacy Policy. In case you are not aware how to create a page or post read this article.
  3. Go to text mode of Visual editor and paste the content of downloaded privacy policy.
  4. Replace my name (Esha Upadhyay) with either your name or company name in the privacy policy
  5. Also replace website name (Udinra) and website URL ( with yours.
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After making above changes you can publish the page. You can link to this page from footer of your website.

Download Privacy Policy

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Creating Terms of Use

Terms of use page is another important page required to protect you from legal issues. It outlines different things users of your site need to follow. For example if some one copies your content and pastes it on their site then it violated your copyright.

If you have not mentioned it then one can copy and distribute your content. But outlining that content is copyrighted to you protects you.You can legally penalize or threaten sites who copied your content. This makes Terms of Use page very important.

Similar to Privacy Policy page we have made it simple for you to create Terms of Use page as well.

  • Download the Terms of Use
  • Create a new page on your site with title Terms of Use.
  • Go to text mode of Visual editor and paste the content of downloaded Terms of Use.
  • Replace my name (Esha Upadhyay) with either your name or company name in the Terms of Use
  • Also replace website name (Udinra) and website URL ( with yours.

Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions

Below download has two files one is Terms of Use for normal website and other is Terms and Conditions for Affiliate Networks. You can use this version of Terms of Use Page if you do not have any Affiliate Networks or other similar programs lie Membership programs active on your site.

In case you are sing Affiliate program or Membership services then I recommend downloading Terms and Conditions.You can also have both on your site if you want.You can explicitly tell members to Accept your terms and conditions.

For other visitors Terms of Use will serve the purpose. Note Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions are same. You can use either of the term. The content of both pages can be merged to create one page which serves all visitors and members.

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But for clarity and simplicity I recommend sing two different files. The terms and conditions is only displayed and agreed upon by Affiliates.

Download Terms of Use

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Creating Refund Policy Page

Refund Policy page is not applicable for all websites. It is only applicable if you are selling any product. The product can be digital good or physical item. A clear Refund Policy helps the Buyer as well as protects you.

Websites with clear Refund policy page instills confidence in Buyer before purchase. They are rest assured that they can exercise the refund policy rules to get their money back.You can skip this page if you want. But it is better to create one for future safety.

For example you may have a blog but in future you may want to sell a product.At that time you may forget to create a refund policy. So it is better to create one now and leave it.

  • Download the Refund Policy
  • Create a new page on your site with title Refund Policy.
  • Paste the content of downloaded Refund Policy.
  • Replace website name (Udinra) and website URL ( with yours
  • The Refund period in download refund policy is 7 days. You can increase it as per your requirement. 30 days is new norm.

Download Refund Policy

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I would like to point out few things about above downloads

  1. All the files are in zip format with text files in them
  2. The text file content are in HTML format. So copy the content as it is. It will display better in browser.
  3. The file content can be used on website created by any technology type (WordPress, Joomla or Drupal or any other technology).
  4. You can make changes in the files as mentioned above.

Note the files serve basic needs of most websites. But in case your website is a special one then you need to read and understand the file content and modify as per your need. For other site owners mere changing the names will serve the purpose

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