PayUMoney PayPal alternative for India

What is PayUMoney ?

PayUMoney is brought by PayU India.PayU India belongs to Naspers group.PayUMoney is emerging as potential PayPal alternative for business situated in India.PayPal is the leader in field of online payment.But it does not support INR.That is you can not make your visitors pay in INR.They can only pay in PayPal supported currencies.

PayPal will convert them in INR and pay you.This makes PayPal costlier for India based business.

Due to this reason many people look for PayPal alternative for India.PayUMoney makes it possible to accept payment in INR.In this post I will discuss about PayUMoney in detail.You can read about other PayPal alternatives in this post.

According to the website it serves major websites like Jabong and SnapDeal.Also it has tie up with top banks of India.So I though to try their service.It is worth mentioning that I have used PayPal for Digital Goods on this website.In case you want to know about PayPal for Digital Goods then read this tutorial.

PayUMoney sign up process

This is the part PayUMoney needs to work upon.I have found it bit confusing.But the support team of PayUMoney guided me through the process.This is the reason I wanted to cover sign up process in this post.The first part of sign up process is very simple.You just need to have a valid Email ID.After initial sign up you are directed to Application page.The application page is divided into five parts

  • Contact Details
  • Business Details
  • Bank Account Details
  • Bank Verification
  • Approval for PayUMoney Tool
  • Approval for Third Party Website

Contact Details and Business Details

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During the sign up process you need to select Business Entity.If you are Individual then select Individual from the drop down.
In Business legal name you can enter any name of your choice or you can enter the Website name.In business land-line number you can enter your mobile number.There is separate option for mobile number so it does not make a problem if you enter the same in this field.

Bank Account Details

You need to enter your Bank account details.PayUMoney deposits some amount in your Bank account.You need to enter that amount on Bank verification page to verify your Bank account.So it is better to enter correct account details.Without Bank account details verification your application will not move to other options.They will also send you a mail after depositing the amount.You need to enter the amount deposited by PayUMoney to get your Bank details verified.

Approval for PayUMoney tool

I really do not understand need for this.I want to use it on my website.I may not need PayUMoney tool at all.So does it matter to have this section approved.But you do need this section approved.PayUMoney support team informed about this and they got it approved for me.I did not have to do a thing.

Yes they asked for my PayUMoney password.I gave them the password and they set it up and after sometime it got approved.But if you have do to it on your own then also it is easy.All you have to do click on any one of the tool and enter all the details.

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Approval for Third Party Website

This is important if you want to use PayUMoney for selling goods on your website.But approval for this part takes bit long at least in my case.I had to follow up with them about the same.They will call you within 24 hours.But this is one area they need to work upon seriously.This part should not take more than couple of days.But I had to wait more than one week to get it approved.Nothing will be said about the delay.

The website does not mention any requirement for website qualification.So I was very confused about the delay.The bank verification process takes couple of days and verification is instant.The approval process is manual that is why it takes long.This is just my opinion about delay reason.

PayUMoney vs PayPal fees

Fees are one of the major deciding factor for online payment platform selection.So lets compare PayPal fees with PayUMoney fees.PayPal fees – (2.9% + .30 cents ) for most PayPal services and (5% + .05 cents) for PayPal for Digital Goods.Lets understand the fees difference with an example.

PayPal Fees for $10 (600 INR) item = (5.0 % of $10 + .05 cents ) = (.05 + .05 ) = .10 cents = 6 INR + the currency conversion charges.PayUMoney fees for $10 (600 INR) item = (2.9 % of 600 ) = 17.4 INR.

So if you take currency conversion rate then PayUMoney will be slight cheap then PayPal for Digital Goods.Also pricing your goods in currency consumers will be billed in is good for Buyer experience.If you are pricing your goods in $ then Buyer might not be able to figure out the exact cost in INR.

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Adding PayUMoney on your site

After getting approved next is to add PayUMoney on your website.In case you are using WordPress then it is easier to use PayUMoney.PayUMoney comes with official plugin for WooCommerce.So you can easily power your WooCommerce store with PayUMoney.But there is no support for other plugins.This is one major drawback.I am not using WooCommerce on this website.

This lack of plugin was one of the main reason of not using it on my website.

It does come with Software development kit for different platforms and programming languages.But many will not prefer to develop a plugin in order to add this on their website.So before considering this service you can have a look into integration options


PayUMoney is the only Indian online payment player accepting Individuals.All other services need Business entity.This is as of now.Things might change in future.I have thought of using PayUMoney but the integration issue is holding me back.May be in near future I might consider writing a plugin for this purpose.But for now I am fine with PayPal for Digital Good solution.

It does cost few INR but that is not a big issue.I will like to see other Indian players in this space supporting Individual accounts.Apart from Integration issue rest is fine with their service.You can try them once and see how it goes for you.

Do share your thoughts on this topic.Consider sharing this post in case you found this useful.

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  1. hello ma’am this is ajeet i really liked your article. its so helpful i sign up last Friday but its still not in my favor. i don’t know what else left to complete payumoney didn’t call me yet to provide me salt and merchant id.
    so i was thinking about to work with you on commition base. i teach online and for this i get paid internationally. i used to have pay-pal but they limited my account i even don’t know what was the reason. so if you help me in this case i will offer you some cash

    reply soon thanks

  2. You can host your cart with them. In that case your products will be on their page and you can receive money per sale. Blogger does not support self hosting PayUMoney

  3. My custom domain blog is hosted on blogspot. Can you tell me how can I add payumoney on blogspot hosted site?

  4. I am not getting third party approval. It shows pending. Why this delay and how many days should i wait.

  5. CS cart ?? not heard of could you please tell the complete name..if cs card is the name then it does not have a plugin for it..

  6. I am not aware of it.You can install WooCommerce and then install official plugin of PayUMoney.WooCommerce will detect the plugin and from WooCommerce configuration panel you can configure it.

    The process is very simple.In case you have any issues do let me know.

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