nRelate Make money with related posts and popular posts

What is nRelate ?

nRelate started out as related post plugin for WordPress.But later it was acquired by IAC.IAC is the parent company of can be viewed as a advertising network.But it is different than other advertising network like Adsense but similar to Disqus.Lets understand functioning of it first.You might be displaying related posts and popular posts on your website.

Related posts is important way to increase page views.By showing visitor content related to page being viewed you are increasing chances of page views.Visitor might click on them.The more pages visitors visit on your website.The more familiar visitor becomes with your website.It results in having a regular reader of your website.

Related posts are used by most of the blogs.I am also using related post.It does make difference in page views and time on site.Some blogs also use popular posts.They showcase the best content on the site to visitors.This works well for sites having content from a particular category.I have seen this work with Entertainment sites or off beat sites.Visitors will be interested in popular gossips or movies or articles.

Popular posts also increase time on site and page views.So it is good to have related posts and/or popular posts on your website.Chances are you might be having them on your website.But you will earning no money from them.This is where nRelate comes in to picture.It displays related posts and popular posts from your website.But it also makes sure you are making money while displaying them.

It displays related posts from other websites (advertisers ) on your website along with related posts or popular posts.If visitor clicks on the advertiser link then you make money.Also you can select to display only related posts and popular posts without any ads.In that case you will not be making any money.

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nRelate Features

nRelate offers three products as of now.You can select any one of the product or all of them on your website.

Related Post and Popular Post

nRelate offers related post functionality.You have the option to display related posts along with thumbnail or any list of related post.The posts are stored on nRelate servers.nRelate indexes you site and stores the information.You can chose to display related posts within any specified period of time.


Flyout does not appear initially.It only appears if visitor scrolls down your page.It slides onto the screen with a content related to the page they are viewing.Flyout does catch attraction of visitors.You might have noticed many sites using something similar to this.There will be a rectangular box towards right bottom with an matching article title and description.

Payment Options

nRelate has low minimum payment threshold.It is only $10.Currently it supports only payment through PayPal account.The payment setting page is not displayed initially.The page is displayed to publisher after reaching minimum payment threshold.This is one area they should work into.Almost all advertising network allow you to mention payment settings after getting your account approved.


nRelate provides separate reporting for related posts and popular posts.Flyout performance is included into related posts.It reports Clicks,Click through rate,RPM and impressions.Along with these revenue statistics it displays internal link clicks,partner link clicks and advertisement link clicks.The separate reporting of clicks give you an idea of your internal related content performance.You can see how visitors are behaving towards your related posts.Similar metrics are displayed for popular posts.

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It also reports months wise earning on Earning section of publisher dashboard.Reporting of nRelate is pretty detailed and gives important insight about behavior of visitors.

Blocking Ads

nRelate has good ads blocking feature.You can block individual ads.You can block ads based on category.You can block ads based on advertisers.It also shows the RPM of each ads displayed on your website.The ad blocking feature allows you to show ads matching your website content.It also includes maturity level in ads as well.

Ads Load Time

nRelate JavaScript files are loaded from its server.Along with JavaScript files CSS files are also loaded.These files are minified ones.The minified resources decreases potential slow load time risk.It does not slow down your website performance too much.So you can use it along with other ads network.

Google Adsense Compatibility

nRelate can be used along with Google Adsense.The ads are compatible with Adsense.In fact it can increase your page views.It can in turn increase your Adsense earnings.You can use both of them and see impact of it on your Adsense earning.


You can customize number of posts to be displayed.You can customize number of ads to be displayed along with your posts.You can also customize order in which the ads are displayed.For example in list of related post you can select position of ads.You can select ads to be displayed first,last or mixed position.Also it offers different layout in which you can display your ads.You can also use Widgets to display the posts.These customization features are big advantage for publishers.

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Adding nRelate

nRelate provides official plugin for three major blogging platforms WordPress,Blogger and Tumblr.So implementing it on these platforms is very easy.But you need to use separate plugins for each of the products offered by nRelate.It would be better if it can offer all the three products in a single plugin.The user only have option to select combination of products to use.Adding three different plugins slows down the website a bit.

Also separate JavaScript and CSS files are loaded for each of the plugin increasing the number of resources.This in turn makes the site slow.The ad codes are fast for any one of the product as mentioned before.So if all three products load same resources then performance will be better.

It also provides single JavaScript code for platforms other than the ones mentioned before.I have not used this code.So I am not sure whether it supports all the three products or only one of them.Related posts are the most popular product of nRelate.So chances are that only related post is supported by this JavaScript code.


As said above like Disqus nRelate adds necessary functionality to your blog.Along with it you can make some money.It can not be used as major source of income.But it can work as second revenue source with some value addition to your website.Also all the processing necessary to display related posts or popular posts are carried on nRelate servers.So your server is also low on load.I have used them on this site in past.

Are you using them on your website? Consider sharing the post in case you found this useful.

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