5+ Best Mobile Advertising network list

What is Mobile Advertising ?

Internet surfing using mobile devices is growing at fast rate.This growth have pushed webmasters to create mobile compatible version of websites.Not only webmasters advertising networks have also come up with mobile compatible advertisements.Many existing networks have created mobile compatible ad formats.New advertising networks have also joined the market with mobile dedicated ad formats.

You should use mobile ad format to make money from your mobile traffic.I have prepared detailed list of mobile advertising networks.The list is divided into different groups based on popularity and my experience with them.I have not tested all of them on this site but have heard decent things about them.

I have only listed advertising networks to make money from your mobile compatible version of website (mobile web) not mobile applications.If you are confused between mobile application and mobile website then there is nothing to worry.By mobile web I mean mobile version of your website.

You will have to paste the ad code on your website.If you are using responsive design for your mobile website then you will paste ad code on that.In case you are using separate domain for your mobile website then you need to paste ad code on that domain.Also you need to add that domain URL while applying for these website.So you can just forget about mobile application for the time being and read on the post.

Many of these mobile advertising networks also support mobile app advertisement but I have not covered mobile app advertisement networks here.There are few mobile advertising networks which support only mobile apps .I have not listed those advertising networks here.I am planning to come up with separate post for that purpose.

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Mobile Advertising networks list

Google Adsense

Google Adsense needs no introduction.It is leader in web advertising world as well as mobile advertising world.It has come up with unique ad format for mobile devices.Also some standard web ads format are also compatible with mobile devices.It also has separate ad code for non smart phone browsers.

For Smart phones modern browsers you can use Adsense for Content but for non smart phone browsers Adsense for content does not work.But I would suggest you to use Adsense for Content to make money from your mobile traffic.As smart phones create good share of mobile traffic.It is also easy to place Adsense of Content.Same ad code will work for mobile website as well as desktop website.It is good idea if you are using responsive design.

The Adsense for content ad code with support for mobile ads are

  • 300*50
  • 300*250
  • 250*250
  • 200*200


Chitika is well known name in web advertising network space.But it has also come up with Mobile dedicated ad format.The mobile ad unit hovers at the bottom of your visitors mobile device screen upon visiting your website.The best part is these ads are only displayed to visitors browsing your website from mobile device.

These ads will not be displayed to desktop visitors.So you can add Chitika mobile ad code on your responsive site without any special checking for mobile devices.This is indeed great feature.Since Chitika ads are compatible with Adsense you can use both of them on your site.You can read detailed review of Chitika at this post.

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Inmobi is dedicated mobile advertising network.They claim to be largest independent mobile ad network.You have to submit your website and get approved.This process takes around one week time.Once approved you can place the code on your website.The tracking is good and detailed.The network is good but there were complains of banning the sites without any notifications.Users were unable to log into their account.

They are good option if you have traffic from India.After Google Adsense they work the best for Indian traffic.The minimum payment threshold is $50.Indian publishers are paid with check while international publishers (other than India) are paid with PayPal.


Adfonic is dedicated mobile advertising network.It offers CPC and CPM ads.The ad code implementation is easy and clearly documented on website.According to Adfonic website it reaches 250 million mobile unique users monthly.The minimum payment threshold is $50.PayPal is one of the payment option.It provides wide range of ads format as well.It has offices in North America,Asia and Europe.The terms and conditions are not strict so there should not be an issue getting approved.


According to Adinch website it has 2000+ daily impressions across 230+ countries.It is connected with real time bid ad exchanges like OpenX,Mopub,Rubicon and Smatoo.It is real time bid mobile ad exchange.It offers CPC and CPM ads.The minimum payment threshold is $50.Payment is made through PayPal.There is no minimum traffic criteria.So new websites with less traffic can easily get approved.It is based in USA.


Mojiva claims to reach 224 million devices within USA.It mainly focuses on North America.The requirements seem to be bit strict.The website is reviewed by Quality Control team of Mojiva before getting approved for real ads.The minimum payment threshold is $100.Payment is made through check.They are accepting English language website only.But you can check if they have started accepting non English websites as well.They offer CPM,CPC,Click to call and conversion ads.

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Todacell mobile advertising network accepts adult content,Gambling,Betting and normal content mobile sites.It has offices in North America,Europe and Asia (Israel).It also has office in India.All the mobile advertising networks mentioned above do not accept adult and Gambling sites.So if you have websites with this content type then it can be good option.The sign up process is easy and you need to mention you website content type initially.


Vserv is India based mobile advertising network.It does not have strict terms and conditions in terms of traffic.So new websites can easily get approved.The minimum payment threshold is $20 for Indian publishers and $250 for International publishers (other than India).The payment method is direct transfer to bank.

The sign up process is very easy.You can use your Facebook or Gmail account for sign up process.After sign up Vserv team will review your site and yo will get notified once the site is approved.If you have traffic from India then you might look into this advertising network.


As mentioned above the number of mobile advertising network is growing with time.I will be updating this list with new networks.You can also mention mobile networks that worked for you and enrich this post.

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