Luminate review

Luminate formerly known as Pixazza is one of the leading in image advertising network.Luminate offers many in image applications to increase interactivity with images,monetizing with images and making images content rich.


  1. Sharing applications like Facebook,Twitter,Reddit
  2. Monetizing applications like banner ads in images and products in images
  3. Content applications like Blekko image search,bing image search
  4. Affiliate monetizing applications like Amazon MP3

For product in images applications you can tag areas in images and choose products to display if user hovers or click on that area. Luminate offers lot of products in their catalog so finding a product for your application is not tough.You can also give your amazon affiliate id in Amazon MP3 application.Thus the wide variety of application makes it one of the best in image advertising network out there (in this respect). The sharing and content applications do increase interactivity of your images.This allows you to increase visitor time on site.More time a visitor spends on your site more is your chances of retaining the visitor and monetizing the visit.

User Interface

It comes with easy user interface and is very much self explaining.Non techies can also get started very easy.


Payment threshold is only $10 and paypal payment is supported along with other methods.


It offers asynchronous javascript code and default code.The placing of code is simple.The code is fast now.You might find many resources claiming that it does make websites slow but things have improved since then. Put the code on your site and see Google Analytics about the impact (speed and visits for one week ). You should then make your decision.

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There is no harm in using this in image advertising network on your site.It is one of the In Image Advertising network which offers lots of applications and is a must try one.

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