List of advertising network with no minimum payout

Online advertising has become an important way of making money from your blog or website.It is not easy to make money specially if you are just starting or you have less traffic.The problem magnifies because most of the advertising networks have a minimum payout limit.This means that you have to earn a certain amount before cashing it out for example Google Adsense has limit of $100.So you can not withdraw your money until and unless you have $100 or more in your account.

Google Adsense is best advertising network but it is tough to get approved.So if you are starting your blog or have less traffic now and want some bucks to keep you going (it is good to earn some money to keep you motivated even if it is very less amount) then read the below list of Advertising network with no minimum payout


YllixMedia has some good features which is hard to find in other advertising network.The minimum payment threshold is $1.The payment method is PayPal.It offers weekly payment as well as daily payment.For daily payment you need to have CTR of .20% and more than 500 ads view.YllixMedia can be used by adult websites as well as non adult websites.I have tried this advertising network before writing the review.You can read the detailed review of YllixMedia here.

Based on my experience and payment proof I would recommend you to use this advertising network.It does pay you (I have received payment from Yllix).


Ro2.BIZ is also an excellent advertising network.It matches YllixMedia features of minimum payout as well as fast payment.The minimum payment threshold is $1.Payments are made within 24 hours with most payments within couple of hours.So it is good advertising network to work with for new publishers with less traffic.

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It offers CPC,CPM and CPA ads type.You can sign up with this advertising network here.


I would recommend this advertising network if you have not tried YllixMedia. You should try below ones only if you are not going to use YllixMedia or Qadabra for some reason.Qadabra was known as AdsGadget before.I have tried this one myself so I am able to recommend you.You can read in details about this advertising network here.

It has minimum payout of $1.The payment is made through PayPal and AlertPay.It does have net 45 clause means you will be paid your money after 45 days.So after sometime you will start making money regularly.


They offer banner ads,in image ads and text ads like Infolinks.I have reviewed the in image advertising from them here.I have not tried them exclusively so will not recommend it.You can try them and share your experience with them.I have seen couple of blogs claiming that they have been paid by this advertising network.

I will update the post with new advertising network with no minimum payout.I will also like if you can share your experience with them and also suggest more advertising network with no minimum payout.

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  1. Thank you sir here is my search ends I am searching for this type of network for my blog

  2. This was exactly what I was Looking For.
    Thanks A lot, Sir , It’s Difficult to find such Ad Networks

  3. Esha such a nice post i am happy to see some advertisement networks without minimun payments.Thanks to you for it.
    I will try Qadabra for sure

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