Linux Certification sample question paper with answers set 1

Linux Certification sample question paper with answers set 1

  • Which process has the PID of 1?
    • init
    • inittab
    • grub
    • main

    Answer – init

  • You want to reboot your system if a user presses CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys of the keyboard during the boot process. What should you do?
    • Add ca::ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown
    • Write a shell script for that and keep it in root directory
    • Add ca::ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown
    • It cannot be done

    Answer — Add ca::ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown

  • What will happen if runlevel is set to 6?
    • Multiuser mode booting
    • Multiuser with networking mode
    • The system reboots in a loop
    • The system comes to halt

    Answer — The system reboots in a loop

  • Which filesystem is not mounted on disk partition?
    • /etc
    • /home
    • /proc
    • /usr

    Answer — /proc

  • A file is created using the below command dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/demo bs=1000000 count=2.What is the size of the file /home/demo?
    • 20MB
    • 2MB
    • 2GB
    • The command is wrong

    Answer 2MB

  • Which command is used to invoke the Logical Volume Management utility?
    • System-config-lv
    • System-config-lvm
    • System-config-logman
    • There is no such utility

    Answer — System-config-lvm

  • A user ran yum command to install a package. Then he went for a cup of coffee. The install completed before his return. How can user decide whether the install was successful or failure?
    • He can not decide
    • Looking at /etc/yum.conf file
    • Looking at /etc/yum.conf.d directory
    • Looking at /var/log/yum.log

    Answer — Looking at /var/log/yum.log

  • A user Matt have a user id of 400.What is the significance of it?
    • User id 400 is of root user
    • A user cannot have user id 400
    • Matt is an administrative user.
    • Matt is a non administrative user.

    Answer – Matt is an administrative user

  • A user issues the chown user-name-group-name file-name command on a file file-name which belongs to the root user. What will happen?
    • He gets an error
    • The owner of the file will change
    • The group of the file will change
    • Nothing happens

    Answer — He gets an error

  • Which utility is used to view various system information like CPU usage, network information, memory and swap information, process information?
    • System Monitor
    • System Information
    • System Administration
    • System Manager

    Answer — System Monitor

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