Kontera review Is it better than Infolinks?

Kontera Sign Up and Approval

Kontera was founded in year 2003.So it is one of the oldest player in field of online advertising.It is now acquired by Amobee.It belongs to InText advertising network category.In case you are not aware of InText advertising then read this post for more details.Many places I have read about Kontera imposing traffic based requirement.But In my experience there is no traffic requirement to get approved Kontera account.

I have applied for Publisher account for this website long back.The website was pretty new that time and not so popular.But my Kontera account was approved.The account creation and approval process is very smooth and fast.I really liked the sign up and approval process of Kontera.So if you have just started online venture then also you are eligible to use it.

Kontera ads solution

InText ads

Kontera provides two solutions for publishers as per their website.The first one is InText ads on your website.If a visitor hovers mouse over a highlighted keyword by Kontera then ads will be displayed.It pays on cost per click CPC.This is a significant difference from Infolinks.Earlier Infolinks was CPC model but now it has become CPM model.The best part is ads do not occupy any space on your website.

Content Syndication

It also provides content syndication program.But I have not seen impact of this program on this website.I have not used it for long.May be this program takes some time to get started.Content syndication program brings traffic to your website.So above two solutions provide two most important things for a website money and traffic.

Mobile ads

Kontera ads are compatible with mobile devices as well.It serves specialized ads for mobile devices.The performance of ads on mobile devices and desktop devices are separately tracked.One thing is worth mentioning here is that Mobile ads format is not too different then desktop ads format.

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So it is beneficial for new websites.It will gain you traffic as well as money.It does not have any affiliate program.In recent past there were talks of In Image Ads.But there is no progress on that.

Kontera publisher dashboard


Kontera provides simple publisher interface.The reporting section is pretty detailed.It offers Keyword report.Keyword reports list keywords and percentage click each keyword receives.So this gives you idea of more successful keywords of your website.Infolinks does not provide you Keyword report.So this is indeed a very information metrics generated by Kontera.You can also download excel format Keyword report.

Apart from Keyword report it also generates URL reports.URL reports lists URL and clicks each URL receives.You can also download URL report for your reference.So keyword report and URL report gives you fair idea of your most successful content and keywords for monetization purpose.

Not too many advertising networks provide such reports.Infolinks lacks these kind of reports.Apart from above reports it also gives you date wise reporting of Net impressions,Clicks,CTR,Revenue and eCPM.You can also export these reports.It also provides break down between Mobile and Desktop revenue.By default it shows only 30 days data.But you can also request customized reports as well.The best part of Kontera reporting is that you can download all the reports in excel sheet format.

Kontera Setup

The create tag option under Kontera setup lets you create ad code.I would recommend using Website as your platform.You can easily implement this ad code on your website as discussed later in the post.You can also select your link color.It also provides plugin for different content management platforms like WordPress,Joomla,Drupal and Blogger.

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Under Site Settings option there are two options Audience and Content Syndication.You can opt in both the programs.Content Syndication brings more traffic to your website.So it is better to select this program.Audience program lets Kontera gathers some information about your website visitors.This will in turn help them serve more targeted ads.This in turn improves relevancy of your ads and generates more income for you.

Payment Options

Kontera provides three payment options PayPal,Wire transfer and Check.The minimum payment threshold in all the cases is $50.But in case of Wire transfer it deducts wire fees.The wire fees is $30.So you will get $20 if your account balance is $50.But having more than one Payment option definitely helps.You should update your payment details before 15th of the month.This will help you get paid in your chosen payment option.

Kontera vs Infolinks

Kontera and Infolinks are leading InText advertising network.There are many websites comparing these two and making one of them the winner.Recently the nature of them have changed.As mentioned above Infolinks have changed to Cost per view (CPV) or CPM format from CPC format.But Kontera still is CPC.I have written separate post on Infolinks.That post will give you detailed idea of Infolinks.

As you will notice there is not much to chose between these two networks.The main thing is what works for your website.In case you are using WordPress then you can use Udinra Adsense Alternative plugin to make the decision.This plugin will split your website traffic into Infolinks and Kontera.You can run both of them for say couple of months and then select the winner.

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Infolinks does lack Content syndication like feature.So you need to check if this feature is bringing enough traffic to your website.Coupling this with the money you are making should be used to make the decision.

Kontera with Adsense

Many website owners have this question in mind Can I use Kontera along with Google Adsense? Kontera is different in nature then Adsense so you can definitely use it on your website.But using two ad network does not increase your income.As both of them are CPC model you are paid for clicks only.It might be the case that click going to Kontera might have gone to Adsense and you might have made more money.

So I would suggest using both on them on your website.You can monitor your Adsense CTR and revenue along with Kontera revenue to make a decision.


I have used Kontera on this website for few days.But I have discontinued using it after sometime due to reasons mentioned next.The biggest problem according to me is code load time.Kontera loads slowly.Also the earnings are not good for Indian traffic.Since this website have majority of traffic from India Kontera did not work well.

Are you using it on your website? If not then try it and Do share your experience with Kontera?

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  1. Kontera is good if it’s about payment. Infolinks take too long to pay, as it takes 45 days :/. Infolinks must change the payment issue to NET30 days.

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