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ISKON temple is one of the best temple architecturally in New Delhi area.It is a must visit place for anyone touring Delhi area.ISKON temple Delhi is situated near Nehru place bus terminal.Nehru place is well-connected with rest of Delhi.

It is among one of the biggest bus terminal in delhi.The temple is nearly 500 m from the bus terminal.So you can walk your way.You can also use metro railways to reach the temple.Kalkaji metro station is also situated at almost same distance as that of the bus terminal.

ISKON temple picture


It is one of the most popular temple in Delhi along with Akshardham temple and Lotus temple.

ISKON temple Delhi has an art gallery of Shri Krishna pictures.Whole life of Shri Krishna is depicted using pictures.Visitors get information about life of Shri Krishna without reading a single word.The pictures explain the life of god in easy way and fills the heart of visitors with happiness and pleasure.

Below is the best picture (last picture in the art gallery) .In below picture Radha is playing flute and Yashodanandan is watching her do the act.Look at the eyes in pictures and you will see the emotions pouring out.

ISKON temple Art gallery


It is one of the best temple architecturally in New Delhi.It is a must visit place for anyone touring Delhi area.The temple has food court (snacks only).You will have lots of options thre.The food quality is good and price is reasonable.Pizza is one of the item served.It is home created and tastes good.You should try the pedas.Peda is a sweet made of milk. It costs 10 INR but is of great taste.The most amazing thing about the place was many number of Tulsi plants all over the place. You will also get Herbal tea with Tulsi flavor.

The temple also has Vedic shows which is also a great attraction for religious as well as people loving historical fact.There are many fountains in the compound which make the scenic very charming.You also have books section (book lovers will love this place). You can get books related to Shri Krishna here.

Shree Krishna Dancing on Kaliya


ISKON temple Delhi has a beautiful statue of Shri Krishna dancing on Kaliya.This is in center of the temple.The blue water gives the impression of river Yamuna. According to Hindu Mythology there was a snake named Kaliya naag (naag is hindi word for snake so Kaliya naag means kaliya named snake).The snake moved to river Yamuna from his original home because of Garuda.

Garuda is a name of a mythological bird.Garuda and snakes were enemies.Garuda was too strong for Kaliya.So he left his original home and moved to Yamuna river. Due to poison of Kaliya naag the water of river Yamuna became poisonous.The cattle and other animals were getting killed by drinking poisonous water of river Yamuna.

One day Shri Krishna was playing with his friends on banks of river Yamuna.While playing the ball fell in river and sank.His friends told him to bring the ball.Shri Krishna went to the river in search of ball.The ball fell near Kaliya naag residence.He went there and asked Kaliya to give the ball.But Kaliya did not behave properly and attacked God Krishna.

He did not recognised the god.God Krishna fought with Kaliya.Kaliya recognized him and told his whole story of moving to Yamuna river.Shri Krishna forgave him and came out of river dancing on head of Kaliya.Above story has been shown using statues inside the ISKON temple.

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